Michael Jordan

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Michael Jeffrey Jordan, also known by his initials, MJ, is an American retired professional basketball player.


Michael Jordan is not just the best basketball player but the athlete ever he was the strongest pound for pound non injury prone because of his fitness. His era was the most competitive era ever every night they played the went up the best back then he was always doubled teamed a lot of times triple team and he still dominated he came to the NBA in his early twenties he retired for two years he rookie year he sat out because of a broken foot but still dominated and still has all the records an 6 championships would of been 8 if he didn't leave the game for two years. Kobe came two the NBA when he was 17 and he's still playing in a league now that has no defense this why he scored 80 points big deal there's no defense now he has been in the league now for about 14 years which years that THE KING has played an still not even broken half of Jordan THE KING's record and someone said Kobe is the best check the stats man stats don't lie. And only have 5 rings because he met Shag and many ...more

When I first saw this guy I just loved to hate him because I was a Celtics fan and I loved Larry bird who was just the best shooter I had ever seen. Then along comes Jordan and no matter how much I wished for the Celtics to win... Jordan made them pay! What a fantastic crunch player he was... If there was someone you wanted to take that final shot, it was him.

i don't know how many times I watched this guy steal the game with a last second shot. He killed fans of opposing teams time and time again with that sort of play and it just lifted his whole team... Magic.

so as much as I loved the Celtics and Larry bird, I became a Michael Jordan fan and a bulls fan. When I first saw Jordan and how he moved he reminded me of Julius Erving and his magic leaps and moves and dunks... But there was one major difference between the two... Michael Jordan could shoot the ball way better. Oh and of course those 6 championships and umpteen MVP's he won... Enough said.

Michael Jordan is truly the greatest of them all.. As PHil Jackson said.. "Michael Jordan would score 50 points a game in today's game"Michael Jordan played better in the playoffs and finals than he did in the regular season against the best that has ever played the game... Enough said... How can Kobe be number to on this list.. The lakers would have beaten Detroit in the final some years back if he just passed the ball to Shaquille and company... Amazing Kobe shoots worse in the playoffs and finals than in the regular season.., and he is number 2 on this list.. I just do not understand this... He will end his career as 40 percent shooter with the most misses in the history of the NBA... As far as his 81 point game against the worst team and defense in the league (Toronto)... I say is that all you have? Pau Gasoline should have been the MVP... He is the reason they won those 2 championships... Everyone know this... They should trade Kobe now and I am sure they win the championship the ...more

He could do that stuff when he was YOUNG, BET. I mean REAL YOUNG. Michael JORDAN is to Basketball, as Michael JACKSON was to the music industry--hands DOWN! He went even further than that and inspired millions of people to follow their passions, their dreams; not only the many young children who aspired to one day be the 'next' MJ. Not to mention, while I cannot say fosho... I do not believe certain shots were as of much use for bball back then if you get my drift. Or maybe better now, who knows! And while nobody's perfect, at least he had a woman and family who backed him up solid and strong, maintaining -- rather promoting the image of a POSITIVE TOGETHERNESS a SENSE OF FAMILY within the African American Community. ADD THAT, my friends, to the list of 'all around abilities/records. ' Put that 1982 shot outta the way and he is still more known around the world than Oprah!

COOL PLAYER WHO HAVE ANY w talent and if one of the few who knew Michael would be as great as he was. He also made Pippen and Rodman the players they are due to his desire to win. Paul Westfall after getting beat by Jordan was asked by reporters did you say you had to stop Michael. Westfall replied, nobody can and we never said we could, the only way stop Michael is rip his heart out. He was red in the face and left the podium. How many great players did he keep from winning a championship: Charles Barkley, Reggie Miller, Karl Malone and basically everyone on the Dream Team unless they played for the Bulls or when Jordan was playing baseball, Hakeem O. Who was picked a head of Jordan in the 84 draft. It was a good pick, with Jordan playing baseball he was able to win 2 championships with the Rockets. Heck I would had picked him over Jordan in 84 not knowing how great his Airness would be. To compare LeBron to Jordan doesn't even make sense. LeBron is a good passer because other ...more

Yeah Michael Jordan is the best and we will never see another like him. I'm not one who really cares to watch basketball especially since the Jordan era. That era was the best and I enjoyed watching basketball then. It's only my opinion but I agree with Abdul-Jabbar that Lebron James is not a top four or five. At least not yet. He has a ways to go for that consideration. This list has put Lebron above a few he should not be above at the moment. Of course I'm no expert but that's my expert opinion. Like football, basketball is easier to play now so how do you really compare old school with new school. All new school stat holders should have asterisks by there names with explanation that rule changes made it easier. New rules every year are screwing up all our sports.

Michael Jordan has the most scoring titles ever. Before he retired in 1993 he won 7 straight scoring titles that were over 30 points a game. When he came back into the nba he won 3 more scoring titles to have a total of 10. Michael Jordan is the greatest scorer ever to play. I think if he had not retire twice before 2003 he would have more than 6 nba titles, could have been the all-time leader in scoring, steals, field goals made, and more mvp's

Yes I agree Michael is the greatest ever to play basketball and I have seen a lot of players but most of all what sets him apart from the rest is his behavior off the court his was always very humble, it bothers me now how many people like to compare other players to him now and I laugh becasue the level of play now compared to the competition and level of play in Michaels era is nothing like it was back then all these guys now even kobe look good because they play against what would of been third string players back in Michaels day. I feel very honored and humbled that I had the opportunity to watch Michael play the game of basketball the way he did. Thank you Michael you will always be the greatest that ever played the game of basketball.

This will be the last time I discuss who is the GBOAT! MICHAEL JORDAN. But if there is someone else that has the following then please let me know.

6 Rings without a Dominant Center
5 League MVP awards
14 All Star game appearances
3 All Star MPV Trophies
7 Consecutive scoring titles
and then taking a quick break to smash out 2 Slam dunk titles. and not being selfish by not coming back and fighting for the dunk title giving the fans they wanted.

Keep in mind that this is just a short list of all his greatest feats.

So until a player accomplishes what Jordan has accomplished then this discussion is OVER!


EPIC awesomeness! Michael Jordan was THE BEST player in NBA history. Even with newer players getting more points in a game of whatnot Michael Jordan is obviously the number 1 player of ALL TIME! Michael's basketball and marketing legacy is clear: Everyone wants to be like MIke but there's never been anyone like him. THis is one of the MANY QUOTES that show HOW GREAT he was. He was so epic and DOMINATED every game in the NBA. My dream team's MAIN player would be OF COURSE MIKE! Then I'd add Bird, Magic Johnson, K0be Bryant, Lebron, and some other EPIC players. Maybe SHaq. But the point is clear. MIKE is my 1st choice. "HE WAS SIMPLY THE BEST NBA PLAYER OF ALL TIME AND CREATION. IT DOESN'T MATTER IF YOU GET AN UNDEFEATABLE ALIEN OR BASKETBALL #11 MACHINE! Mike will think of a way to beat it.

Michael Jordan is the best player ever. He was so dominant, so good, so amazing; nobody has reached his level. There is no question who is the best but who is the second best player, even Magic Johnson said there is Michael and the others players. And he is so better than for example Kobe Bryant, absolutely overrated; just look some game from MJ and some game from Kobe, there is no question of who is clearly the best (Kobe can be in the top ten in the end of his carrier). And the 63 points from MJ against Boston (the best team) is more impressive than 81 point against a weak team like Toronto. MJ THE BEST FOREVER THERE IS NO DEBATE ABOUT THIS.

I didn't start watching the NBA much until the 21st century, and unfortunately I missed the Chicago Bulls golden age. I wasn't old enough yet to watch the MJ phenomenon unfold, however I've gathered enough information from statistics, tape, stories that I know. Michael Jordan did it all. He was lethal scorer, who somehow elevated his shooting even more when it mattered most. We'll never understand fully how Jordan was able to do almost every aspect of basketball at such an elite level. Few players in NBA history can even rival Jordan in shooting, passing, ball-handling, defense, and leadership.

Jordan, to state simply, had the "Whole Package".. There was not anything he couldn't do. Add to that the excitement he brought to the NBA. Jordan exemplified a man that knew his sport, his skills, & charisma- yet Never took it for granted. Every drop of sweat.. Every calorie burned.. Was for the love of the sport & his team. I'd love to see a program made to simulate- frame by frame the movement of each (Jordan.. LeBron) In Their Prime. Then activate the program of players in one on one- Without a doubt Jordan will win. Who knows what the end of LeBron's career will dictate- but he will never be a Jordan.

MJ is and will always be the greatest basketball player ever lived, aside from achievements, charisma, artistry and love of the game, it is what he did for the game of basketball, popularity of this sport worldwide and the NBA is what it is today because of this one man Michael Jordan... Lebron, Kobe, Dwayne, Kevin d are what they are today because of what MJ did for the game of basketball. Anyone of these guys can surpass his achievement but no one can change the fact that basketball is what it is today because of Michael Jordan, the LIVING LEGEND and the SYMBOL of basketball..

Hands down the best player there will in the history of the game. When Jordan was playing the game was played a different way; I've watched all-star games from back in the 90's and these guys are just incredible athletes. The difference between then and now is huge. The stars of the 90's kick the stars of todays asses which is somthing you can't say for most other sports. If you ever had the chance to actually watch Jordan in action you would know why people like Lebron and Kobe will never surpass him as the greatest player ever, regardless of stats.

Michael Jordan is best player in basket ball. He hadn't gotten 100 points like Wilt Chamberlain did because he always pass to his team mates so they can have a chance to score and get a points. Jordan's layups, dunks and shooting are impossible to block. Its amazing! Kobe Bryant is selfish he doesn't pass to his teams well sometimes but most of the time when he gets the ball he shoots like a hog. Well he is pretty cool I like him to I'm his fan but he is the 4th best. 2nd best is Wilt Chamberlain I'm not his fan and the 3rd best is LeBron James I'm his fan. - Renzostrife

There is no doubt that Michael Jordan was and still is the God of basketball. Why God of basketball? If you have ever noticed the "EL" in his name, you will find out that it represents GOD in that name. That's why it is not a mistake to say that he was and still is the GOD of that game. Any baga that imagines the opposite or disputes his credentials or achievements must be rushed to the emergency department of any close by hospital for a serious and proper brain examination. THANKS

MJ has to be one of the greatest scorer ever in the game of basketball. Having 6 championships and 6 golden rings shows that he has hall of famer quality and skill(not like Lebron James). He is capable of taking over a game and score unbelievable and unlimited amount of points. He is capable of shooting, dunking, blocking, stealing and rebounding at a high level of performance and skill. He will always be one of the greatest legends of the NBA.

Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time. He won 6 nba championships is a 6 time finals mvp,10 time scoring champion, and has the best career scoring average ever. If Michael Jordan had not retired twice before 2003 he would have won more awards. Jordan would have had more than 6 nba championships/finals mvp, and would have more than 5 mvp's. He would have been the all time scoring leader, steals, field goals made, and more than 10 scoring titles.

Jordan may not have taken statistics to the extreme, but his seemingly unending list of accolades such as multiple Slam Dunk Competition wins, five straight NBA Finals wins, and countless MVP awards put him head and shoulders above the rest. One of the things I loved most about Jordan is that despite being the best, he never let it get to him. He was a team player, and former teammates such as Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman have Jordan to thank for allowing them to reach the heights they did in their own careers.

Anybody can say allen iverson didn't have help, larry bird had bast three's, kobe scored 81, lebron is having better records than anybody all that don't matter the fact of the matter is Michael Jordan had three's, block's, rebound's, and 1's, defense and offense always helped his team mates like no other player not to mention scored over thirty points with very high fever he was good all over extremly and uniquely well rounded! In the 1990's the NBA game was more physical and technical than now in 2000's compare you'll see what I mean he had it all and still can whoop sorry ass players today match him up against any spurs player or boston celtics and you'll see your self NBA God HE'S THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME! - laredo1loco13

Michael Jordan is the best basketball player that ever stepped foot on to the court and always will be. Six championships. And he lead the team he was a coach. Six championships. Michael Jordan is awesome, he inspires people to play basketball. Six championships. He was just born with the talent to play basketball. Six championships!

Do I really have to say why? Scoring Champ how many years? Averaged almost 30 a game for his entire career. Defense hound. solid rebounder and assists from a 2-guard. There is nobody better.

Kobe was given 3 rings by shaq in a watered-down league. the other two are legit... but I mean, come on. Jordan went up against people like Magic, Drexler, Barkley, Payton/Kemp, and Stockton/Malone for his rings. And that's not even including all the hall of famers he had to get through just to reach the finals.

Lebron.. well, I can't say anything bad about him. his numbers and play are amazing. we'll have to wait and see how he ends his career.

I love him I have his clothes, hats, everyone doudt's that he not the best and when people ask me who's my favorite basketball player I show them my clothes and they say cool, me and my cousins family are filled with bull stuff me and my cousin have 40 pairs of shoes and I listen to his songs I'm coming home my one and only team is the Bulls, I new that team since is was 6 and I'm now 11, no matter what he's the best basketball player and just watching him inspires you to become a basketball player, and ever day after school I play basketball in my backyard because he inspired me and I want to be just like him in the NBA and be just as good HE'S THE BEST B-BALLER IN THE WORLD, AND WILL BE no day will come that a person is better.

Jordan's the best ever. Period. Lebron's overrated by his fans. He won back-to-back MVP's. So what? That's impressive, but nine other players have already done that, including Jordan. Lebron hasn't been able to three-peat, but Jordan did TWICE. Lebron just bullies his way to the rim and finished with either a dunk or an easy layup, while Jordan used skill and footwork to get his shots. Lebron is an amazing player, and he will go down as a top ten player all time, but he's not better than Jordan.