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221 JJ Fernandez
222 Mikael Pietrus
223 James Harden James Harden James Edward Harden, Jr. is an American professional basketball player for the Houston Rockets of the National Basketball Association.

Harden becomes the prototype scoring guard in an offensive scheme. Harden does not consistently preform proficiently as a defensive guard. The versatility for todays games requires the shooting guard to defend one on one, during transition, especially around the rim. Professional Basketball shooting guards failing to proficiently preform defensively as well as offensively represent a liability during opponent match ups that require a defensive stop, take away or tie up for a jump ball. Harden's defensive abilities remain less than adequate therefore his player rating should not move above thirty however should remain above fifty.

He's the type that loves to work together he has the best 3pointers in the game he's an MVP winner

James Harden is 221! Really? He should be top 30 dude.


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224 Christian Laettner V 1 Comment
225 Nikola Peković

Legend, best European center, killer, strong and smart... - MontenegrinLegend

226 James Yap V 2 Comments
227 Marqus Blakely
228 Chris Ellis
229 Robert Jaworski

One of the best player the philippines have produce.

Best there ever was or will be.

Wow robert jaworski! I cannot believe that

Never say die

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230 Andris Biedrins
231 L.A. Tenorio
232 Jervy Cruz
233 Rabeh Al-Hussaini
234 Ranidel de Ocampo
235 Marcus Douthit
236 Japeth Aguilar
237 Katin Reinhardt
238 Chandler Parsons

The floyd mayweather of basketball. True solid pretty boy

I think he should be a little bit higher

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239 Vernon Macklin
240 Donnell Harvey
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Nba top ten
OLajuwon behind who?
Kobe's Not Better Than Magic, J-West, K.A.J, Chamberlain, KG, SHAQ etc
This list has no logic
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