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141 J. R. Smith

So many highlights


He's better than Kamba walker.

He can shot 3's

142 Anthony Davis Anthony Davis Anthony Marshon Davis Jr. is an American professional basketball player for the New Orleans Pelicans of the National Basketball Association.

How is Anthony Davis 215th? He is very good, but not the best. He should be maybe 80th of all time.

I am not sure if you have any questions about the 2012 NCAA tournament championship

Davis should be 5th place

As unstoppable as his eyebrows are connected

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143 Seth Curry

He is as good as his brother

Brother of Stephen curry

220th? He just came into the NBA from the D League.

I think it's right because I 💖 Seth Curry

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144 Julius Thomas Julius Thomas Julius Dewayne Thomas is an American football tight end for the Jacksonville Jaguars of the National Football League.

? Nobody by this name ever played for the Pistons, and in fact they never played in the NBA.

He was piston won back to back champion chips

Best nba player period.

Just to tell u
He plays football

145 Ben McLemore V 1 Comment
146 Brandon Roy Brandon Roy Brandon Dawayne Roy is an American retired professional basketball player who played for the Portland Trail Blazers and Minnesota Timberwolves in the National Basketball Association.

What a player this kid is going to be, has lead portland for a couple a years and undoubtly will be one of the players to play the game

Got hurt but was really good
Now retiredould shoot twos and 3's
Could steal anda allstar

147 Connie Hawkins

"The Hawk", hands down one of the best players of all time. Totally smooth. In a league in which all players have big hands, he made it look like he was playing with a volleyball not a basketball. At 6' 8" he moved more like a point guard than the power forward/center that he played. With the right coach, he would have been Magic Johnson 20 years before Magic arrived on the seen. Hawkins was totally screwed by the NBA, he was blackballed because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time on a point shaving deal that was pure bunk. On top of that he was slowed down by injuries and played in the NBA well past his prime. A real shame. One of my top five players of all time. definitely the single most underrated player of all time.

He should be on the top 20


Certainly one of the most entertaining players to ever play the game. Connie Hawkins was Dr. J years before and better...
watch an old highlight reel, you'll be amazed.

148 Kawme Brown

He averaged an amazing 48minutes on the bench per game this year. He was drafted by one of the best mj. He can also give water

I hear he makes a good chicken pot pie

Why Is Even In Here


149 Steve Novak

He is a great three pointer shooter if you leave him open he will allwais make it

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150 Joe Johnson Joe Johnson Joe Johnson is an English snooker legend from the 80s who won the World championship in 1986. He currently commentates on Eurosport.. V 1 Comment
151 Michael Redd

This is the worst picks ever what about Sam Jones Nate the great Archinald Michal Copper Kevin Garnnet Drazen Petrovic Carmelo Anthony! This could be the worst players ever. This is so ridiculous you put Steve Novak over Bill Walton. You put Kobe over LeBron

152 Rik Smits

Best Dutch player ever!

153 Dell Curry

Stephen curry wanted to be just like his dad now he's even better than his dad.

Father of Stephen Curry

Dell curry is better than Steve Nash losers

Dell is better than his son

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154 Popeye Jones Popeye Jones V 2 Comments
155 Gary David

He is currently player of Powerade tigers in PBA, and he scores of an average of 29 points in 1 conference.

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156 Walt Frazier Walt Frazier Walter "Clyde" Frazier is an American former basketball player in the National Basketball Association.

Clyde is cool as a cucumber. My favorite of all time.

He should be in front of Jason collins

Why is he back here he should be top 100

He's 40

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157 Denzel Bowles
158 Danilo Gallinari Danilo Gallinari Danilo Gallinari is an Italian professional basketball player for the Denver Nuggets of the National Basketball Association.

Best player ever and even beets Michael Jordan! Vote for him!

Crushed his oppnet put him on top ten

159 Radivoj Korac
160 Oliver Miller

Greatest fat man ever to play. Could school a big Vin Baker or big Shawn Kemp any day.

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Nba top ten
OLajuwon behind who?
Kobe's Not Better Than Magic, J-West, K.A.J, Chamberlain, KG, SHAQ etc
This list has no logic
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