Pistol Pete Maravich


There will never be a ballplayer with the god given talent of pistol pete! Someone did the math an estimated, that if there was a three point line when he played, he would of averaged 56 points a game. Mind you that's average! Just go back and watch the commentaries, the coaches, the players who had to play against him have to say. One black author put it this way, its as if they melted down the harlem globe trotters and put the whole team in that white skinny body, and then some! Where do you think Michael Jordan learned his moves from?

Pistol pete was probably the best ball handler ever to play the game and one of the best shots

Without question the greatest basketball player of all time. One on one, a game of horse, he was never beaten and ask his peers who was the best. If Pistol Pete Maravich is not the number one best basketball player ever on any list you are either brain dead or do not know anything about basketball.

His socks would flop a lot. He would take the ball, put it on his back, take it from the other hand, and go for a basket. It's sad he passed away so suddenly in 1988 due to heart failure. He was only 40 years old. Plus, right before he died, he was playing a pickup basketball game.

Anyone who knows what an athlete is knows Pete was the greatest ever, and I was not a Maravich fan. Pro's couldn't keep up with his talent or mind. Ask Bird... and I watched Bird in high school on. Bird is #2. Mind counts.

Sorry... Maravich could easily be number one... Look at his numbers with NO THREE POINT SHOTS at that time. Records would be unbroken today if the 3 pt. Shot was there when he was playing.

Think about it; all the points he scored without a 3 pt shot! No one before him or after him has his ball handling skills and court awareness. Pure genius. He would destroy MJ one on one.

Pistol Pete is the greatest. He could dribble better than Michael Jordan, pass better than magic Johnson, and shoot better than Larry Bird.

When he was a kid he would go around in the car with his dad driving at 20 mph dribbling while the car was moving and was the only one to score 100 points for him self to me that shows skill

Total game changer. The only other players to literally change how people play the game are DR. J and MJ. The rest are just playing a came someone else took to a whole other level.

The Original Showtime!

He was Showtime before there was Showtime!

Amazing to watch! Should be:
1. Michael Jordan
2. Pistol Pete Maravich
3. Bill Russel
4. Larry Bird
5. Dr. J - 3anegroes

No one was more talented, but not accepted as a star by teammates and originally disliked. Then injuries took their toll and the immense promise was not fully realized.

Can shoot so well just he shoots it he makes it and he had so much style in his game he is the best player ever

He looked like he was playing in an And-1 exhibition except that he was being guarded by the world's best players in games that mattered.

He is not the best, others have much greater athleticism to help them, but he is without a doubt the most skilled player.

he's the best person I've ever know that played basketball

Simply. The. Best. Most. Electrifying. Player. Ever.

Definitely the best college career of all time. Probably, best we will ever see.

He was a 5 time NBA Allstar. Not only that he owns 11 NCAA record. And he was a Showmen

DEDICATION. Took the game to heights that wouldn't catch up for 30 years or more.

By far one of the most innovative players that ever played the game.

Yes I know he only played like 83 games but he is the best NCAA player ever and was in the NBA

Pistol pete could handle the ball better th anybody ever showed &a precision shooter that would call his shots, if a had the teammates some others have had he would be at the top'thrilling to watch'

How is he not the best he scored the most points anyone ever has