Stephen Curry

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Wardell Stephen Curry II is an American professional basketball player for the Golden State Warriors of the National Basketball Association. Many players and analysts have called him the greatest shooter in NBA history. He is one of the most beloved, as well as hated, stars in the NBA today.


Stephen Curry in my opinion is one if the best 3- point shooters ever. His shooting form is just perfect. Never seen a better 3-point shooters besides Ray Allen, now wouldn't it be nice to see them in a 3-point shooting contest together?

His story is amazing. Indeed an 'underdog' through high school and college because he was probably just as good as the next guy, but just always a bit on the short side when it comes to the standard of size for basketball players so most people thought he was not going to make it to the NBA. A true star that is one of the prize role models in the game today. His dedication and hard work to always improve is second to none to anyone in the league at the moment. Some believe he is the best shooter in NBA history. And to be honest, I'm writing this in 2016. The man just came of his first Championship season with the Dubs and he is surely still going places. Get him higher up this list people!

Stephen Curry is not only one of the nicest basketball player on the court he also takes care of his family goes to church and sometimes when he is not playing basketball or with his family he is doing charity work so now every time he makes a shot he is raising money for the people with Malaria and most of his shots go in so that is a lot of money he is making for the people with Malaria so every shot of his that goes in he is saving lives so that means he is saving lots of lives.

Besides Lebron, Stephen curry is the best NBA player right now. He has the best shot of all time. He can drive to the hoop better then almost anyone. He has great handles and for a guy his size he is very tough and gutsy. The that stands out is his passing skills. He is very flashy passer and one of the most consistent passers in the game today. Isn't a lock down defender but unlike a lot of stars he plays hard defense. If he gets a few more titles he can be a top 5 NBA player of all time but right now I think he desveres top 3 after 3 amazing years that no one will every top.

For one of the best out of range shooters to ever launch shoots from way beyond the three point mark if not the best half court shooters just for him they should create a new score range like making 4 pointers or even five pointers in the NBA I also think he should be the best if not at least in the top three.

Stephen Curry is the best shooter in the NBA that ever lived. He can literally pull up anywhere he wants. Those shots that people say are bad shot selections, are goo selections for him. He has an amazing release that others hate. He's fast on the court and in mind. He's unstoppable. Best shooter I've ever seen.

Why is he not number one? I know that people hate him but that's only because he is so good. He donates to charity and he is funny and nice. His wife is amazing and he daughter is so cute. Without him, the Warriors wouldn't have even made it to the finals the last few years. He almost always nails his threes and he is a really good ball handler.

I don't know why he is not #1 He beat Michael Jordan's record. And his team have won 66 games the whole season and only lost 7. He has is a MVP and is a great father to Riley and Ryan he also a very good husband to wife Ayesha. He broke a record for most 3 pointers. On his game against OKC February 27th, 2016 the score was tied 118-118 but at the end when the buzzer was about to go off and they would have another round he shot a three pointer and made the game 121-118 and the Warriors won. Oh and the Golden State Warriors won the NBA Finals in 2015 and I think they might win it this year depending on the other team. Now give me one reason why Stephen Curry shouldn't be #1 on the list.

I think that Stephen Curry is the best basketball player ever because his shooting form is fantastic! To me he is very good at dribbling I think that Stephen Curry is ranked #1 in basketball

- Shannon Glen

He's great but not in top 5. he could get injuries or get worst, but that probably wont happen and him and Lebron are the 2 best right now. But he will never be as good as wilt, magic Johnson, and Michael Jordan. But he could get there very soon. He is one of the best shooters of all time

While I'm a Chicago boy, and I love the Bulls, Curry is one of the best players I've ever seen. He is one game away from beating the 95'96 Bulls with Jordan! The Warriors record is 72-9, if they beat the Grizzlies, then the record belongs to the Warriors. But I don't want to see that happen.

Curry is not just the greatest player in the NBA currently, but is also a great person. He respects everyone on the court, unlike most others such as LeBron, Larry, & Jordan. He also has made some clutch shots, and he can make near perfect 3 point shots. He also made the Golden State Warriors better!

Tied in with Durant for best player in the NBA right now. He brought his team to the finals three years in a row. He is by far the best shooter in the NBA. He is definitely better than some of the people ahead of him. Not all thought because no one beats Magic and Jordan. He should be around number 6 or 7 in my opinion. Not 22?! what

Why is Stephen Curry ranked # 20. I have looked it up before on an actual website and it ranked him # 2. So what I am pretty much saying is, this is rigged! And when I grow up, I will carry his legacy and be ranked # 2 right beside him! Long live Stephen Curry!

Who puts Stephen Curry in 43 place he should be the first I have a friend in class who loves Stephen Curry a lot and asked the teacher for a rubber band and the teacher told him that to get a rubber band he has to say that he is not a good player but he refused and he never got his rubber band.

Steph Curry should be in the top ten. He's the greatest shooter in league history as is evident by his record 402 threes in a single year. No one in the top ten of the list has a better handle. He was the best player on a team that just broke the 95-96 Bulls single season record for most wins in a season. He's about to win his second straight MVP and his second consecutive Championship.

Stephen Curry is the best overall shooter ever. He can create space with his ball handling and shoot off the dribble. He is the heart and soul of the Golden State Warriors

He is so good at three's why wouldn't vote for him

He never gets mad he should be the ten because Lebron James is not better then the guy who is better than him. And he gets so lucky of hitting the three point shots how does he do that he got skills big fan

His the best basketball player in my opinion he cares for his family. And he shoots threes like no one else and his just funny and a very good athlete. And he should at least be in the top ten.

Sharpshooter. Floor general. Defender. Ball handler. Overcomer. Amidst a slew of doubters and non-believers whom he silenced with an MVP nod and a championship trophy. Need I say more?

Why not put Stephen on the top ten he is probably the best player in the NBA and he is respectful and an awesome player to look up to and he is also the best free throw shooter in the NBA

Stephen Curry deserves to on the top three spot. He broke his own record for the most three pointers INA single season and is considered to be the greatest shooter in NBA history.

He inspired me to play on the court and because of his inspiration I never give up on my team. I always help my team try to win. Curry inspired me to have GRIT. He should be top three

The best of our generation the best player I've ever seen no one this electrifying and exciting to watch with pure amazement since Michael Jordan. If he stays on his current trajectory he will be the greatest if all time.