Best Bass Amp Brands

As well as my other list for the actual amps, we're just going to look at the brands here.

(Put in no specific order)

The Top Ten

1 Gallien-Krueger

It's the first

WORK HORSE with great sound and balls...

It's the best

It's the best for me

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2 Ampeg

Awesome amp

Got a Ampeg BA115 and its brilliant. Always got good tone control and a diverse tone range. It has guts to it.

After owning 5 bass heads I finally found the match for me.
Had my SVT for three years. I play through it daily. Perfect so far.

The SVT is the best bass amp I have ever played through.

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3 Hartke

Love my Hartke's! Very customizable eq and enough power for me. Thank Larry!


LF1000 is a workhorse and easy to dial end. Couple w HyDrive 4x10 cabs and the sky is the limit.

Great sound at a great price. Over 20 years with Hartke without a hitch. Must add that Ampeg runs neck and neck.

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4 Peavey

Peavey make fantastic bass amps.

5 Trace Elliot

Trace Elliot V8 Bass Head... the holy grail 👍

6 Orange
7 Fender

Fender mashes my potatoes

Use a bssmn 800 with 2 cabs for large venues, fender rumble 200 for smaller venues.

8 Laney


9 Ashdown

Old school but good stuff (ABM series)

Biffy Clyro, Foo Fighters, System of a Down... says it all really. Real amps for real bands.


10 TC Electronic

Great piece of kit.

John Paul Jones plays TC Electronic bass rig. He's the man!

The Contenders

11 MarkBass

Just the best compact bass combos, at any price.

Nicer than other brand
i prefer on every heads

Just exceptional in every way to be honest.

The CMD102P. You try finding another 300w bass combo that weighs 17Kg and that delivers a clean punchy sound.

12 Eden

Like butter

The most satisfying tone I have ever had the pleasure of using.

Love the rich, tube/preamp tone.
Great power. I liked it much better than my Ampeg, although Ampeg had more power.

13 Mesa Boogie


14 Aguilar

One of the best. Made by bass players for bass players.

15 Behringer

Cost-effective, great complete-neck-response for Rics, Steinbergers and Hofners. And, they're LOUD!

16 Acoustic
17 Warwick
18 Phil Jones
19 Marshall

Why is Ibanez on here twice?

20 Line 6
21 SWR
22 Randall

This guitar amps n speaker very great sound which is use by Dimebag Darrell PANTERA and Kirk Hammet Metalicca...

23 Carvin
24 Roland

Don't know how they are now to be honest, but I've got a Supercube Bass 100 from the 80s with a 15" woofer that kicks some serious butt, particularly for its size...

25 Ibanez
26 Krank

Krank Amp n speaker also the heavy n great sound, use by Dimebag Darrell PANTERA N DAMAGE PLAN...

27 Genz Benz
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