Best Bass Amp Brands

As well as my other list for the actual amps, we're just going to look at the brands here.

(Put in no specific order)

The Top Ten

1 Gallien-Krueger

Flea uses this brand, enough said

Why RANDALL Amp not in this list, that guitar amps very great sound which is use by Dimebag Darrell PANTERA and Kirk Hammet Metalicca...

2 Ampeg

Ampeg is the steak and potatoes of bass amplification. Or better still the Cadillac of bass amps. The SVT will rock the walls with ball busting bass. I have played Carvin... Hartke... Peavey... SWR... gentz Benz... Fender... And Warwick. I want my bass to have balls! The biggest balls on the block belong to the pitbull of amplification... Ampeg! '

3 Hartke

Great sound at a great price. Over 20 years with Hartke without a hitch. Must add that Ampeg runs neck and neck.

The XL and VX models are great and the Hydrive flagship amps are even better! Best amp brand by far is Hartke!

4 Peavey

Peavey make fantastic bass amps.

5 Trace Elliot
6 Fender
7 Orange
8 Laney
9 Ashdown V 1 Comment
10 MarkBass

Just exceptional in every way to be honest.

The CMD102P. You try finding another 300w bass combo that weighs 17Kg and that delivers a clean punchy sound.

The Contenders

11 TC Electronic

John Paul Jones plays TC Electronic bass rig. He's the man!

12 Behringer
13 Carvin
14 Marshall

Why is Ibanez on here twice?

15 Mesa Boogie
16 Randall

This guitar amps n speaker very great sound which is use by Dimebag Darrell PANTERA and Kirk Hammet Metalicca...

17 Krank
18 Line 6
19 Warwick
20 Eden
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1. Gallien-Krueger
2. Hartke
3. Peavey



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