Best Bass Amps

This list is about the best bass amps you can get. Price, power, sound, efficiency and much more is key to the amps on the list. I will add some random amps myself in a random order. You can add some yourself.

This list will hopefully help a lot of bass players in choosing the right amps for gigging with.

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1 Peavey Tour TKO 115 - Combo

Combo amp with 400 watts RMS - average price £250 (Ebay new). 7 graphic equalization. Features bright switch, contour switch, active/ passive switch, kick back design, sturdy amp with great tonal sound.
Class D power.

Can be around £350 in shops (for profit reasons) - Gasmaskboi19371945

2 Ashdown MAG C115-300 EVO III - Combo

Small amp kicking a lot of power. 300 watts RMS. Fairly good sound in my opinion. Not had much use of this amp but what I can say is, it's quite sensitive and can easily break in some standards. Not as sturdy as the Peavey Tour TKO 115.

PRICES: £420 - £490. - Gasmaskboi19371945

3 Laney Richter RB4 160w - Combo V 1 Comment
4 Trace Elliot AH600-12 - Head V 1 Comment
5 Gallien-Krueger MB800 - Head V 1 Comment
6 Ampeg SVT-450H - Head V 2 Comments
7 Gallien Krueger RB Series
8 Fender Rumble v3
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1. Peavey Tour TKO 115 - Combo
2. Ashdown MAG C115-300 EVO III - Combo
3. Laney Richter RB4 160w - Combo



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