Top Ten Bassist of Bangladesh

Top ten bass guitarist in the country of Bangladesh.

The Top Ten

1 Sumon A.K.A. Bassbaba - Aurthohin

No one in Asia can outdo him for sure. And his bass solos! THE BEST. Steve Harris of Bangladesh!

Don't need to say a word. Funky moves, excellent grooves. He is the best bassist to be born on BD

He is one of best bass guitar player I ever seen or know. I have no word to say about him. He is just aw sum. I love him & feel proud him.

Simply love his grooves n solos.. Love his solo in aanmona-1.. Kono kotha hobena! He's simply awesome.. No other bassists uses such melody in bass solos..

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2 Czeeanne - Artcell

In one word awesome in Bangladesh also I guess good one in the world

He is awesome and the way he plays bass is also awesome

The way he plays his bass its awesome...

I wish he would come back in Artcell once again!

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3 Roger - Warfaze

I Think He Is Not Good But He Is Best... Bro Wish You All The Best...

Roger vai is the best...

If you wonder why he is in the list, then listen warfazes Omanush.. then you will know it.

Roger's good. But I don't think he is better than Babna. - zxm

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4 Swapan - LRB

This guy is a really talented bassist alright. - Undistinguished

Must be one of the best bassist

Another legend

One Of The Great Legendary Bassist... He is the david Elfson of Bangladesh...

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5 Babna - Warfaze

Babna, the best member warfaze ever had. He has talent both in bass and composing songs like steve haris (iron maiden). His note selection can be comparable to cliff burton (Metallica). Bose asi is one of the his best compositions.

Those who understand the bass, must go for babna, most skilled bassist in Bangladesh, warfaze is the brain child of babna. Thanks babna boss for your great support to Bangladeshi band music

Boss of the all boss bassists

Best class of Bangladesh...

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6 Zaid Ibn Mahmud - Deadlock

He play awesome

7 Michael Gomez - Shunno

He is the best

He is really awesome when it comes to bass.. His bass slapping is epic (copies Johnny Depp appeareance) :P

Simply awesome bassist, and makes some melodious solos that touches souul

The most vibrant guy I have ever seen.. (Y)

8 Shafin Ahmed - Miles

Shafin sir is the best.

One of the legend of Bangladeshi band.

9 Zia Rahman - Shironamhin

There is no talk.

Best of all time

also best

10 Shakib Chowdhury - Cryptic Fate

Rock man

The Contenders

11 Ratul - Nemesis

A real talent! You gotta see his tempo first..

Should be on the top 10

12 Anabil Sen - De-illumination
13 Ibrahim Ahmed Komol - Warfaze, Aurthohin

Nothing to say about Kamal Vai. He is the true legend and iconic name in the music world

Yes, he can play bass guitar. But he is officially not a bassist. Because he didn't feature bass in any song in his career - zxm

Plus its Kamal. Not Komol. - zxm

Kamal vai? I have no talk!

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14 Didar Hasan

He is totally outstanding... Just after bassbaba I think he is the topmost bassist of Bangladesh... Wish him all the best...

Amaizing funk player in be"

He is the bassist some one can follow... He has his own style of playing..

He is bass power house

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15 Jon Kobir - Black

Neither he is female nor he is a bassist. He is a vocalist, rhythm guitarist - zxm

JOn is totally stage Firer...

He is the boss

He is a great rocker of bangladesh. He play guiter awesome as her voice

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16 Sanjoy - Terondaz

He is totally outstanding... I think he is the topmost bassist of Bangladesh... Wish him all the best...

May god bless him

Great bassist

Best guitarist of ctg

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17 Roni - Sparsho

Love you

Nothing to say about Bass Roni. He is the best one... Best of luck.

He is the best one

Nothing to say about roni vai. He is the best one... best of luck.

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18 Ashiq - Choturvuz
19 Titu - Black

Titu vai is awesome guy with his hand of bass.. Just a great player...

20 Shah Md. Nur-A Alam Ovi - Bayanno'52

A fastest bassist In BD

21 Tanim

I like his play

The most heard bassist in Bangladesh. done over 2000 studio songs. Played with 100's of singers and bands in stage shows. what else you need

22 Mong Sai

A bass player from chittagong.

23 Rifat Amanat - Power of Ground

No doubt! This guy is one of the best bass player in chittagong.

24 Buno - Bangla

When it comes to something very deep, Buno's bass lines simply blow the mind. Specially he presents the Bangla folk songs in a completely overwhelming manner.


25 Faruque A Ferdows - Moruvumi
26 Aldanne - Stentorin
27 Galib - Shotodol

He is Most youngest guitarist. But his performance is very good.

28 Apu - Thousand Dias

Stage a unar weird move gula valoi lage dekhte

29 Yeaminul Islam
30 Mugdho
31 Fahim Hossain - Drack Ness
32 Saddu - CurseD
33 Buddhijibi - Shawon Shahnewaz
34 Raajue Sheikh - Obscure
35 Zubaeer - Hammer On
36 Hasan Mohammad Maheyan - MinUs+2/Halo
37 Shahriar Imtiaz Saikat - Self Portrait
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1. Sumon A.K.A. Bassbaba - Aurthohin
2. Czeeanne - Artcell
3. Roger - Warfaze
1. Zaid Ibn Mahmud - Deadlock
2. Sumon A.K.A. Bassbaba - Aurthohin
3. Roger - Warfaze


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