Best Bassists list sucks

Being a bassist, I was overjoyed to see a best bassists list on this website. All that joy was gone as soon as I saw the list. The only good choices I can think of is Flea, Geddy Lee, Les Claypool and John Entwistle being in the top ten. Everything else sucks.

First, let's see the top ten; 1) Cliff Burton 2) Flea 3) Georg Listing 4) Tetsuya Ogawa 5) Steve Harris 6) Geddy Lee 7) Johnny Christ 8) Les Claypool 9) John Entwistle 10) Mike Dirnt. WHAT!? Let's go through them... Cliff Burton, I'm not denying that he's a good bassist, but the best bassist ever? I don't think so. I wouldn't even say he's top ten material. Possibly top 20. WHO THE HELL ARE GEORG LISTING AND TETSUYA OGAWA?! I had to search their bands on youtube and, honestly, I couldn't hear the bass when I tried. Plus the bands sucked. John Entwistle number 9... What has the world become. Mr Entwistle is the single most talented and influencial bassist of all time! Remember that.

And now old Mike gets himself a whole paragraph. Number ten? This guy doesn't deserve to be in the top 100! I'm gonna quote a few of the comments on him. "impossible solos that last for twenty minutes". You sir, clearly don't know what being a bassist is about. Solos are good, listen to Entwistle's solo on My Generation if you haven't already, but that's not what makes a good bassist. A good bassist is someone who can keep time, and make a great rhythm for the band, and holds a song together. Not someone who just plays notes all over the fretboard as fast as possible and calls it a solo. "he is the genius that from those three notes, gets something fabulous and catchy" Three notes? Wow, that's creative. And you make it sound like he plays the same three notes for all Green Day songs. That definitely secures his place on the list :/

Now for James Jamerson (57) and Larry Graham (79). James Jamerson has played on more records then any other bassist on this list. He has influenced countless bassists, and (unlike three note Mike Dirnt) has played a song with no two bars alike. Larry Graham... 79... He invented slap bass! Flea sure as hell wouldn't be on this list if it wasn't for Larry! Half these bassist wouldn't be! He is the best bassist after Entwistle! How can he be so low! How can Jamerson be so low as well!

Anyway, the highlight of this article is that the list sucks, and all good bassists, and what makes a good bassist has been forgotten. In case your wondering here's my top ten: 1) John Entwistle 2) Larry Graham 3) James Jamerson 4) Flea 5) Geddy Lee 6) John Paul Jones 7) Les Clapool 8) Paul McCartney 9) John Deacon 10) Bill Wyman. Peace out.


my top ten would be 1)Jaco Pastorious 2)Victor Wooten 3)James Jamerson 4)Marcus Miller 5)Cliff Burton 6)Les Clapool 7)John Paul Jones 8)Aston Barret 9)Flea 10)Geddy Lee - visitor

1. Chris Squire 2. John Paul Jones. 3. Jaco Pastorious 4. Marcus Miller 5. Flea 6. Guy Pratt 7. Roger Waters 8. Greg Lake 9. Paul McCartney 10. John Deacon - visitor

JOHN DEACON - visitor


Well, anyone can vote anyone or anything they want too. - visitor

1 Cliff Burton is not the best, but he does rank in the top ten at least. His solo anesthesia has influenced millions of people to play bass, let alone all the other brilliant ideas he packed into the first 3 Metallica albums. I do, however, think its annoying how people treat him as another Kurt Cobin, because the two replacements really weren't much lower of a ranking than Cliff.
2 Mike Dirnt doesn't just do three chords or play random notes, he actually is really good. He is underrated by people that know about bass but very overrated by fans of him. He really does have some original ideas and is instrumentally the most talented musician in Green Day. He should probably be in the top 60 or something.
3 Flea may have learned slap bass from others, but he perfected it and certainly belongs in the top ten. Just because a bass player is loved by people that know nothing about bass guitar doesn't make thanes any worse.
4 Christopher Wolstenholme from Muse has a great tone, originality, and good ideas. He deserves top 20.
5 I think a really good bass player can connect with fans in an emotional way and show that they can think outside the box. All the bass players that I have defended are very talented musicians and are part of some of my favorite bands. I agree with you though that John Entwistle is the best. By the way green day covered My Generation. - visitor

Your list is pretty good. - dudesterravensfan

This is a great blog post, and your list is solid. I commend you for fighting the good fight, sir. - JerryAndrews

I agree with you :) most of these bassists are overrated :) my top 10:-
1-Cliff Burton 2-John Muyng (Dream Theater) 3-John Campbell (Lamb Of God)
4-Steve Harris 5-Paul Gray (Slipknot) 6-David Elefson (Megadeth) 7-Geezer Butler (Black Sabbath)8-Tom Araya (Slayer) 9-Shavo Odaijan (System of a Down) 10-Rex Brown (Pantera) - nooreldeen

Silly. - visitor