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Christopher Tony "Chris" Wolstenholme is an English musician. He is the bassist and backing vocalist for the alternative rock band Muse.


Wolstenholme's sheer skill and dexterity at his instrument makes him at least a top contender as one of the best bassists. People are quick to bring up Hysteria or Futurism but forget the slick grooves of Unnatural Selection or the HK Jam. Not only his skill with bass but the effects he uses to fully bring out the potential of the bass -- his fuzzy lines are some of the best in modern music.

Has got to be the best bassist of our generation, the sound he produces is out of this word, one of the main reasons why Muse are constantly voted the best live band in the WORLD is because they have such a massive sound for three members and Chris Wolstenholme really holds it together with his awesome bass-lines.

This man is insanely amazing at playing bass! Some of the things he plays is impossible to try to learn! His awesome distorted bass goes right through you, This man is amazing, I'm pretty sure the "Hysteria" bass line is one of his best, his fingers move insanely fast.

I really don't disagree but everybody's only mentionning the typical ones (Hysteria, Futurism,...) but City of Delusion, Easily, New Born don't forget about them...and I'll tell you guys a story. Chris Wolstenholme never used a pick to play bass before he someday broke his wrist and had to use a pick for a while. Since then he started to introduce picking in studio's recording. Then Knights of Cydonia happens. You have to have a mammoth right arm to play a palm-mute picking part like that. It's out of this world. Chris Wolstenholme in the top 10 easily for me.

Chris deserves to be further up the top, In so many bands the bass is hidden underneath all of the other instruments and this has caused people to think that bass guitar is a boring and dull instrument. But chris has changed this the amazing bass in Hysteria has inspired countless people to start playing bass and he has shown the world that the power of the bass gitar is a force to be reckoned with!

Chris Wolstenholme, seemingly effortlessly, both in how and what he plays, brings MUSE songs their solid sound. His harmonizing vocals in a usual tenor voice, with that low baseline grind 'square off' the music MUSE creates making it incredibly easy to follow and enjoy.

Chris Wolstenholme is a pioneer of effectively using bass effects in a live situation. Most bands struggle to create a full sound with several guitarists added to the fray but Wolstenholmes signature whole bass tone fills a song so well that Matt Bellamy's unique guitar skill is only an added deity.

He must be in the top 10. (Okay, for me he's the first. But I'm a Muser, I don't deny it&) Just listen once Hysteria or Time Is Running Out. And than you"ll now why he's the best bassist in the world. Come on, Chris, you rock for the Musers!

Literally every one of his basslines is amazing, his riffs are incredible, but he knows when to play simple melodies as well, he's not afraid to play chords, or even to play chromatically. He also knows when its right to imitate the guitar or when its right to deviate from it.

As many others have said, Hysteria, Futurism, The Groove... None of those songs would sound remotely as incredible if Wolstenholme wasn't the bassist. He's even a great vocalist, just listen to Liquid State! You can never replace any member of Muse and make it sound the same, Chris is no exception.

One of the best bassist out there. From a technical perspective and a stylistic standpoint. The infusion of classical licks and solid theory to play along with Matt in a nearly orchestral harmony. The Muse sound is bigger than a trio because of the way Chris plays.

The guy should at least in top 5 in my opinion, he is not only a great bassist but a great musician the way he takes a more lead role in hysteria at the same time as allowing the band to build around him in the song is genius

This man has inspired a generation of bassist to see the full potential of playing bass as an instrument that leads while simultaneously fulfilling its support role. I have learned a lot just by trying to cover Muses songs on bass.

Listen to the bass in some of the Muse songs and I'm sure you'll agree that Chris deserves to win, or at least come in the top ten... Such as Hysteria or Futurism. He really knows how to bring these bass lines to life. If you've seen Muse live, you'll know what I mean.

Chris Wolstenholme has arguably the best bass tone of all time. Also one of the most creative bass players ever. I'd at least put him at the top five of all time. From the 90s on, the only bass player in modern music that has ever been better than him is probably Les Claypool.

Futurism and Hysteria are true testaments to the quality of his playing! He is truly an amazing player and has helped Muse to grow into the spectacular band that they have become. For this, he is the ONLY choice for the 1 spot on this list!

I'm a bass player. Been playing for 20 years and I have never come across any bassist with harder lines than Chris wolstenholme. Not John Entwistle, not geddy Lee, not cliff Burton not Steve Harris no one. This man is THE greatest bassist of all time.

May not be the most technically advanced bassist, but sure as hell the coolest and most influential. The way he helps making Muse the band they are today with all the power in their sound, it's just fantastic!

The Hysteria bass riff says it all. This man can put together the most complex and amazing basslines, nothing is too much for this man! It's very rare to spot Chis Wolstenholme playing bass WITH a pick, just to add.

He should at least be in the top 10! He's amazing and he learned and evolved so fast! He used to be a drummer and learned bass to play for Muse.

Hysteria has the best base riff ever, which in my opinion should put him higher up already. Also, if you listen properly to all of the muse songs, you can always hear him. It wouldn't be the same without him.

Chris is a brilliant bassist with magic fingers that work wonders. I love the way he plays these incredible basslines. Matt gets too much attention.

This is probably the best rock bassist of the last decade. Any muse song will show you this man's skills. Listen to hysteria, time is running out, uprising, starlight and undisclosed desires, you'll thank me later

Chirs isn't in the top 10? It's a shame, dear Musers and everyone! Have you ever heard Muse's songs Time Is Running Out or Hysteria? Yes? So, who's the best bassist? Of course it's Chris Wolstenbeast!

Go and listen to Hysteria, Helsinki Jam, Futurism, Resistance... all of Muse's basslines are unforgettable thanks to Chris. Not to mention he's an excellent singer, too!