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Michael Peter Balzary (born October 16, 1962), better known by his stage name Flea, is an Australian-born American musician, best known as the bassist, a co-founding member, and one of the composers of the rock band Red Hot Chili Peppers with whom he was inducted in 2012 into the Rock and Roll Hall ...read more.


Are you kidding me? I just saw the tokio hotel bassist at number 2 while flea is at number 3 and I would very much like to ask you people.. WHAT? First of all flea has been around for more than 20 years and has provided so much to the musical industry with his unique talent(s). Secondly his live performances are all so eargasmic and wonderful to listen to provided you have at least some musical taste.

He's also a superfun guy to hang out with from what I have seen on some youtube videos. But the main reason I'm here is to tell you fanboys you jog off outta here since most of the comments I've seen talk about how beautiful a bassist is or how great his offstage life is when that has nothing to do with how great a bassist or some other musician is! The end..

I'm gonna go watch some flea videos.

I think given the fact he is an entertainer and a complete bassist in almost every major style of music proves that he may not be the greatest in terms of ability, but his complete treatment and mastery of the bass places him the greatest as such, much like Hendrix on guitar. Burton is a wonderful bassist yes, but he never showed elements of funk or jazz, genres that are important to be a complete bassist. Same goes for Wooten.. He is probably the greatest in terms of ability, but that does not warrant any kind of greatness in terms of band musicmanship and showmanship, as essentially music is a form of entertainment, and flea probably embodies more of a complete entertainer than anyone else on the list. Tetsuya Ogawa is brilliant yes but lacks the influence that western world bassists have over the next generation, how many bassists can say they were influenced by flea and/or the chili peppers.

Therefore Flea deserves the top spot for those reasons..

Love the fact that Trevor Dunn (Mr. Bungle) never made this list. The world seems to have become so obsessed with mediocrity that it seems the more popular you become, the less talented you're considered to be. Flea made the conscious decision that instead of being a show pony he would slow down his playing. You have to admire a musician who cares more about making a song meaningful and affective than about people telling him how awesome he is. It's such a common misconception that if you're unpopular you're more talented.

Hey Metallica fans. Playing with speed is something anyone can do with practice. I mean look how many metal guitarists there are who just shred. The real talent comes when a person can create a feel and atmosphere with their ability. Flea projects life, beauty, and rhythm with his incredibly talented playing. You want fast? "Nobody weird like me. " "Stone Cold Bush. " basically any song off mother's milk is quick by flea, but look at the stuff he does on Californication. That's actual talent. He's got a feel and rhythm in his playing that will never be matched or replicated. SexFunk forever. Flea will never die.

For some reason, Sting isn't here, but I voted for this one because he along with Sting are my favorite bassists. Seriously, listen to the bass in 21st Century or Death of a Martian or even Hump De Bump. Seriously, he even helped make the theme song for Bruno. There is no way Cliff Burton beats him. - geekgangstaguy

Flea is an honest musician. What do I mean by that? He is not trying to brag with this ability. whatever he's playing comes from his heart. you've gotta listen to some interviews and you will realize how inspiring his attitude towards music is!

His Slapping is insane! No-one can get to his level! He was one of the first to use the slappingtechnique.. Most bassists today imitate his style an than say it isn't that hard.. that's bullcrap! He had to come up with the style, everybody imitates him and than call it 'not hard'.. try playing songs like naked in the rain, good times boys and coffee shop.. we'll see what's hard then! ;D

Without Flea, the bass guitar would have been just another ordinary not-so-fascinating instrument. His style of playing the bass is amazing. I just can't stop listening to the basslines of "Aeroplane", "Soul to Squeeze" and to be honest almost all the Chili Peppers song. Well I'm sure of one thing: He should be at #1

He should be at the first place. No one knows Burton from metallica. When you hear metallica the first thing comes to your mind is James Hetfield only (and master of puppets ). But when you hear Red Hot Chili peppers it comes to your mind at the same time the names of all the band. The thing I want to say IS THAT FLEA IS AT THE TOP

This is just my opinion. There is no doubt that his playing style is one of a kind, some might say even revolutionary. The way he puts effort in creating baselines that are smooth at the same time funky like in 'The Adventures Of Rain Dance Maggie' and the hit wherever necessary like in 'Higher Ground' is the symbolic proof that he is the best and the most versatile bassist ever

Lets be honest, I'm pretty sure if there was a bassist and who would be going up on stage playing by himself, flea would be the best choice, his riffs are funky and anchor the peppers, I am not a bassist but I know that most bassists are incredibly influenced by him, he is the best slap bassist out there and without him guys like fieldy from korn would not be the same - MichaellScott

He is simply amazing time and time again, I never tire of the awesome sound this great bassist produces. He is the soul reason I am learning bass myself. His great technical ability and creativity astound me to no end, truly he is the most skilled and talented bassist alive today.

people might say les claypools tabs are more complex,or someone else might play heavyier,but the chlis are where they are for a reason,and it has to do alot with flea.his imrovistaion is second to none,his antics will never be matched by any one.none of the bassits on this list are as entertaining

Flea and cliff should be joint first because there both amazing in there own ways. Cliff used his fingers like a pick and flea slapped that good. All respect to both of them. Also think about the flea bass guitars? There beautiful and sound great? (Model 32). Love mike Dirnt as well, though he's very underrated. Anyways, respect flea.

Flea is the first bassist that comes to mind when I hear somebody ask who is the greatest bassist of all time, this is because all of his bass lines are just flat out amazing. Flea cannot be copied he is just amazing at what he does is the greatest of my time and of all time. Flea is the best rock bassist out there!

Flea was my child hood hero when was growing up it was the movie Tenacious D that made me want to be in a rock band but flea made me be the proud bass player I am today. Flea may seem little bit crazy well in all honesty he's ape crazy but that craziness makes him the gifted bass player he is know and for ever

He's simply the best. He brought bass playing to another level and he made people recognize the bass more and made it a principal instrument in music. And c'mon there's no denying he onws the bass slap. He is a funk master!!!!

Flea has that very distinctive sound-you can tell wether or not a song is by RHCP, just by listening to the bass. He practically invented the slapping technique and is the bassist everyone wants to be, and there's no denying he changed the way we play bass forever. He is a pioneer and its truly amazing what he can do with a bass-he really knows his way around a bass, just as if it were part of his anatomy. He is truly the greatest bassist of all-time... Ever!

Today, when somebody says the word "Flea", I no longer think of the insect, but rather the bassist. I have never heard a more impressive bassist since I heard Flea. The only one to come close was Victor Wooten. You can play Bass your entire life but its nearly impossible to come close to the talent you will find in Flea.

There may be better bassist than flea in matters of technique, but flea is way more than that. Listen to him improvise and you'll see this guy is genius. More than playing lightning fast or powerful slapping, it's the quality of his melodies that makes him superior.

THE best bassist ever. I can always learn something from him, even though I play bass for 6 years now. Sometimes I grab my bass in the middle of the night and play some of Red Hot Chili Peppers songs just to remember myself that I have a long way ahead of me to come even close to Michael.

Flea is a god among men I'm not even that huge of a fan of red hot chili peppers because its not really my style but man can that guy kill the bass. Been watching him on you him on youtube and being a bassist myself I'm not quite sure how he moves his hands so fast while retaining such an awesome sound truly amazing

Flea is the best bassist living. He has great technical abilities, especially the pop-and-slap thing he does, but I'd put him over anyone else just based on how well he can hear/anticipate/write a great bass-line, great chords, great music in general

Flea is an extraordinary bassist who inspired me to play the bass. Me and my friend Alex both look up to him as our bass inspirado. With most bands, the guitar drowns out the bass, but Flea in the RHCP blasts the bass so hard it keeps up to par with the guitar.

Flea is effing GOD! He has done it all! From the ass-ripping funky beats of Freaky Styley and Mother's Milk to the subtle harmonies of Californication, he has never been defined by a genre, but has defined new genres himself. And a groovy trumpet player to boot