Jaco Pastorius

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John Francis Anthony Pastorius III, professionally known as Jaco Pastorius is a multi-instrumentalist and influential bassist.


This is merely a popularity contest instead of a top bassist list (based on skill and influence). The fact that Jaco is not in the top ten (much less the number one spot) proves that the majority of people are uncultured in the ways of bass.

I love flea, les claypool, geddy lee, and especially victor wooten (who I think is the best living bassist) but all of these players pale in comparison. And mark hoppus should not be on any top 100 list... Ever. And no way is he better than Billy Sheehan. Do your homework and than vote.

My top 10
Jaco Pastorius
Victor Wooten
Billy Sheehan
Ric Fierabracci
Les Claypool
Marcus Miller
Geddy Lee
Stanley Clark

It's incredible how people Rank Jaco so low He's by far the best bass player

jaco pastorius was one of the (if not the most influential bassists in history). must say this whole list is depressing, and it just shows how ignorant people are of real bass playing. Flea and Cliff burton most certainly are not the best bassist to ever live. Jaco was not only a god in his time for his playing but also continues to influence bassists from ever genre of music and he did it playing a fretless bass, which is much harder to master than fretted. Jaco should be number 1 without question.

thank you, some one who knows what their talking about. If you dont know who Jaco Pastorius is, study up, if you dont know who Stanley Clarke is, study up.

its hard to get mad at someone on bass playing but come on, cliff burton, geddy lee, these guys cant even stand next to guys like jaco, stanley or jamerson.

do some research before you vote

Yeah... What happen to people these days... Jaco pastorius ranked 25? While some lame bassist from tokio hotel (i don't even give a damn about his name) ranked 3? You guys should listen to better music even more! Jaco pastorius has been the influence of many of today's modern bassists! How could you not vote for him? I know most of the real bassists would say the same thing as I do!


He's not my favorite bassist (that would be geezer butler) but jaco is the Hendrix of the bass. No one can hold a candle to him. He invented the fretless bass, internalized all styles of playing had perfect form could play insanely fast and clean. Pretty much no one on this list can hold a candle to him. Geddy lee himself basically said that jaco was something else and no one could replicate hum, people could tap into it but no one could replicate it (i don't remember exactly just search it in Google.)

In 1993 Darren Dalton, catcher of Philadelphia Phillies, responded to the question "Who is the greatest player in baseball today? " He said without hesitation "It's Barry Bonds and it's not even close." So too with Jaco, he is the greatest electric bass player of all time and it's not even close. I'm a lifetime bass player, played professionally, etc. Anyone of the players ranked above him would say this. Disturbing so many people are musically illiterate.

This is an outrage... the people rating these bassists clearly know very little about actual music. They are just looking for bassists whom they are familiar with and also happen to be good... however, anyone who has even heard Jaco knows that he is arguably the greatest bassist of all time. The only other bassist on this list that even gives Jaco a run for his money is Claypool.

Jaco Pastorius is definatly better than any other bassist on this list. I listen to almost every style of music and Know a good bass player when I hear one. If you try learning one you will understand how complex and musical his lines are. It took me almost an hour to learn one fill in Birdland. I have had a lot of expirience with playing the bass.

How is he is not 1st or second in this list is crazy. Looks like there is too many young unexperienced players voting on this.
1.Jaco Pastorius
2.Les Claypool
3.Victor Wooten
4.Ryan Martinie
6.John Paul Jones
7.Marcus Miller
8.Justin Chancellor
9.Geezer Butler
10.Dan Briggs

If you're going to vote for "The Best" you should know more than just Rock/Slappin' Bass Players from the past 20-30 years. "If" you actually listen to Jaco compared to Flea, and we're to ask Flea himself about Jaco, even Flea would put him at #1 because Flea was influenced by Jaco. Every great Bass Player was. Because he was a Jazz player, in fact, his work was more disciplined and complex and at times more bizarre & crazy than Flea. Listen to "God must be a boogie man" and you'll get it!

I'm a professional guitar player but I recognize Jack Pastorius as the best bassist of all times. It's a offense to see him under stupid bassists such Mike Dirnt from a mediocre band. I agree with previous comments, these votes are retarded, everyone can play a Green Day bassline.

Jaco left us too early. If he had lived, his place at the top of this list would be carved in granite. As it is, Jaco's recorded legacy places him in a category of play few others have attained. Melody, harmony and groove aligned with a superior technical ability I still find inspiring after 40 years of playing and listening. Groove on.

Its funny that this guy is where he is on this list because every. Pro bassist ever knows jaco has the most unique sound and basically paved the way for modern bass playing. He wrote a whole song exclusively with harmonics, he was the first bassist ever to be a bass virtuoso and not just the bassist in a band. He was the first to have a solo album as a bassist and ontop of all that he has the best groove and rhythmic feel ever. He was the first to write bass melodies.

Portrait of tracy was not only in harmonics, and he was not the first virtuoso

Jaco is definitely the best, there's things he could do nobody else could get close to doing... Ask yourself could jaco do what those higher on the list could do and the answer is undeniably yes, ask if those above could do what he did and the answers likely to be no, especially his harmonic mastery.

Certainly better than a lot that come before, especially Waters. I can't imagine that they could even be compared to each other. Even Gilmour is a better bass player than Waters (go hear the fretless on "Hey you"). Some here seem to mix bass playing and composing. As for Jaco, just listen to "Teen town".

Jaco Pastorius should undeniably be at number 1. I mean did you ever contemplate his extensive use of harmonics? Jaco revolutionized bass playing and was the most talented and acclaimed bass player of the 20th century, if not the most influential. It's a real shame he's placed at 21!

How did jaco not get first place...when you think, this man influenced every single bassist after him, both directly and indirectly. listen to any bassline ever written in the 80s until today, and you will hear a bit of jaco in every single one

joco pastorius is absolutely the best bassist ever, you guys should recognize jazz music as one of the most difficult musics to play. the band weather report didn't need a guitar player because they had jaco on the bass

With songs such as come on come over, his version of the chicken, and many others, not to mention his inspiration on countless bassists, and his ability to play very quick and melodious lines he should be higher on the list, at least top five

How the hell could paul mccartney, geddy lee, flea, and John Paul Jones be ahead of Jaco? I can't even begin to explain how stupid that is, but for me Jaco is number one, followed by Dave holland, and lots more. But I also can't believe I can't even find Dave holland on here.

Jaco was a true genius, amazing composer and Paganini of electric bass. I honestly don't know what all this people thinking, but Jaco deserves number one, if not on this list than I hearts and minds of millions musicians around the world.

It's telling that Burton, Harris and Dint made the top 10. Apparently most of the voters are well under 35, and listen to jazz and fusion about as much as they listen to Italian opera. The fact that Pastorius is this far down on the list is criminal.

The absolute best. Whoever didn't vote for him obviously has never heard his first album(self titled, highly recommend it), either that or they don't listen to jazz. Low talent musicians that somehow always end up near the top are one of the main reason I do not care for any of these kinds of lists... Talent and skill have nothing to do with record sales, get it right.

Haha, just shows that nobody visiting this site is an educated musician. The 2 most virtuostic (electric) bassists ever were Jaco Pastorius and Victor Wooten. Not a SINGLE OTHER PERSON on this list is even physically capable of playing songs like Portrait of Tracy, Donna Lee or Classical Thump. Just listen to Victor's version of Norwegian Wood and try not to be awestruck.