John Entwistle

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John Alec Entwistle, was an English singer, songwriter, composer, musician, film and music producer. He is mostly known as the lead bassist for the rock band The Who.


First of all, just because Rolling Stone readers think "The Ox" is the greatest bassist of all time means nothing. All it proves is that a lot of people like The Who and have heard time and time again about how great "Thunderfingers" is.

The thing is, he's just not all that great when compared to the players who came after him (who he no doubt influenced). Don't get me wrong, back in 1965 he practically revolutionized bass-playing, and for that he deserves great respect. He's probably influenced more bassists than everyone else on this list combined. However, compared to someone like Geddy Lee or Cliff Burton, he feels outdated. Yes, he can play very fast pentatonic licks, and generally speaking, his bass lines are better-than-average, if a bit busy. But better than Geddy or Cliff? No (in either category). I've already stated that I believe Geddy to be the greatest, even if he's not my favorite, and Cliff Burton...just wow. Technique like you cannot believe coupled with ...more - shredmaniac

The absolute best. Look at the ox bass solo. If anything it should put him at number one for sure.

People (particularly younger ones, like myself) need to realise that this is not a 'My favorite bassist' list, it's a 'Greatest bassist of all time' list. Burton, Harris, Flea etc are all good bassists, but it was Entwistle's ability to play within the maddest rock quartet in history that made him great; he was a fantastic musician on top of being so technically brilliant. Also, he has influenced every other bassist on this list either directly or indirectly because he was the first (with the exception of Jamerson) to really push the bass and explore what can be done on it within rock (I know Jamerson wasn't rock but hey). And he even got to let his hair down on certain solos, just search them on YouTube; some older ones may be a little outdated, but the way he played (particularly on my generation and the real me among others) was miles ahead of the time. He was Cliff Burton, Steve Harris and Billy Sheehan rolled into one while these guys were still wetting themselves (Sheehan was ...more

Rating anything #1 is usually a very hard thing to do, but in this case, it is quite effortless. Also being ranked the best bassist in the world by Rolling Stone Magazine and voted the Bassist of the Millennium, I fail to comprehend how another bassist is seen as better. It is simply impossible. What is truly amazing is that he can play the most amazing solos without seeming to put in any effort. No bassist can replicate him, let alone come up with the solos he came up with. When it comes to sheer contribution to the instrument, John also ranks #1. He taught himself how to play an instrument (that was relatively new at the time) better than anyone can play it today.

I'm not an expert about musical experts, but I hear a lot of rock music and I think John Entwistle is one of the best bassists I've ever heard, just listen to songs from The Who like "My Generation". I think he deserves more recognition. And I'm starting to be tired of seeing members and songs of Tokio Hotel in the top ten lists about rock. I'm sure Toko Hotel is more popular than talented. Many girls love them because they think they're cute, not because they think they're real musicians, or they just don't know what is the good rock music. I want Tokio Hotel out of these lists!

Clearly those who place John Entwistle so low on this list are still laboring under the delusion that Rush's possesses the best of the best, which is clearly inaccurate. Just listen to "Won't Get Fooled Again. " Amazing chord progression played by the best bassist in the world.

This man influenced most of the people on this page. He started from scratch with little people who inspired him and was the first bassist in rock history to write a bass solo. He was also played with THREE fingers. Billy Sheehan, Geezer Butler, Victor Wooten, Kris Novosellic, and TONS of other bassists wouldn't have set their standards so high if it wasn't for him. All I'm saying is if you had any of these bassists came into fame before John than practically everyone would be as slow as a rock UNDERGROUND. He is and always will be the greatest bassist of the world or as Guitar magazine calls him "The Bassist Of The Millennium".

Georg Listing is severely underrated, sure; after all, he's part of Tokio Hotel, who, while being a really good band, are very unsophisticated in terms of the complexity of their music. This basically causes Georg to take a backseat to a lot of bassists, since you wouldn't be able to tell that he actually is the most talented member of the band relative to his instrument unless you really listened to what he was playing.

But should he be #2? No way. I would say top 30, MAYBE. John Entwistle is way too low on this list, he's absolutely my number one and should be a lot of people's.

Like I say anytime I comment on here I say the same thing this website is misleading. I think Cliff Burtion be number one but you can't tell me that some guy from Tokio whatever is better than the gods of bass Chris Squire(Yes) Les Claypool Geddy Lee and John entwistle. John being the best of those. Sigh why don't people listen to real music these days? Hell, I'm only 15 and I'm a better musician and music listener than anyone hear probably. - IknowAlotAboutMusic

John Entwistle is the greatest bassist ever. Period. He literally re-invented the instrument! The influence he made in the 60's and 70's, hardly any other bassist has matched. His bass solo in My Generation is the greatest bass solo ever, and imagine hearing that in the mid 60's! From hi style to his character, everything is top notch. This lad from London should be number one on the list (just like he is on Rolling Stone magazine's list). People who are voting.. have some knowledge please! RIP John.

I don't understand how John Entwistle can be placed anywhere but 1st. If this a ranking of how technically proficient bassists are, John wins hands down, and I don't really think anyone could argue against that. He is also one of the most influential bassists, he completely changed what the bass guitar is. Type in Fanfare for the Common Man and watch him perform that with his supergroup "The Best" where he has a solo 4 minutes in. He plays clusters of notes and complex basslines that boggle the mind. He has many other good examples of solos as well. Victor Wooten should be number 2, he may not be able to play bass quite at the level that John Entwistle did, but he is certainly the most technically proficient bassist alive today. Stuart Hamm is also pretty impressive.

This man was nicknamed Thunderfingers. Such a nickname was well earned. In a band that held the likes of Keith Moon and Roger Daltry, the sum of the parts were truly greater than the whole. With a man who could play so fast that it defies human expectations of feasibility, it's an utter travesty to see him ranked so low on this list, just because children think Metallica is the "greatest band ever. "

Bass players are known for one simple task: keeping the rhythm. John Entwistle took bass to a Whole entire new level. In songs like "My Generation," he had complete bass solos where the lead guitarist would usually take over, but not now. John had so much talent with his bass, and occasionally wrote and sang his own songs with the who, such as "Boris the spider, my wife, and the quiet one." Entwistle, we miss you more than you will ever know, rest in peace.

#5? WHAT? I'm dead serious when I say he deserves to be #1. Have you seen him play bass?! He's a god! Have you even heard the who before? Those sick licks aren't the guitar, it's the bass! Everything about Entwistle is perfect, HE DID FOR THE BASS WHAT HENDRIX DID FOR THE GUITAR OK? PLAIN AND SIMPLE, THAT'S WHAT IT IS. Best bassist to exist, R.I.P.

If John isn't #1 then the list is flawed. He was and still is the greatest bass player to ever walk the face of this earth. Listen my generation, wont get fooled again, going mobile, you, another tricky day, 5:15, call me lightning, and so many more. He revolutionized bass playing. No other player can honestly say that

HOW IS HE NOT NUMBER 1! Everyone who isn't voting for him listen to the bass line of the real me, wont get fooled again, heaven and hell, the my generation bass solo, tattoo, leaving here, fortune teller, however much I booze and much more. I heard most of these bassists on this list but without a doubt John Entwistle is absolutely the best bassist of all time but Paul McCartney is great too.

Entwhistle IS the best bassist of all time cliff burton should not even be in the top ten, who ever did this needs to actually listen to the bass rather than just writing anything down! I'm sorry but just saying it how it is.

Entwistle won Bassist of the Millennium, so I'm not too worried about this silly list. He's tops. I HAD TO COMMENT however in response to the suggestion that Flea "basically founded" the slap-bass technique! Sheer ignorance. Slap started with Larry Graham and Louis Johnson back in the 1970s. They are the godfathers, and they're still the best!

PEOPLE! vote for a good bassist not for your favourite band dammit!

john is the one who invented bass solos, he is the most influenced bassist in all time.

He is also an amazing bassist - pf

Argueably the greatest bassist of all time. Without Entwistle the very notion of a lead bassist wouldn't exist. Sure Jaco may have more chops and Les may be more innovative, but they wouldn't exist without Entwistle.

Entwistle number one damnit!

The most ungodly god of the bass guitar, but beyond that, John Entwistle fit the Who perfectly by complementing Townshend's amazing songwriting. He also played the brass section heard in "5:15", and has a ridiculous bass solo in the live version. Look it up.

John Entwistle was probably the only person to ever have been born on this planet who could successfully pull off a bass solo without boring his audience to tears. If he doesn't get number 1, then he will rise up from his grave and murder everyone who didn't vote for him by smashing said persons over the head with his bass.

john inspired thousands to pick up a bass guitar he should be 1! cliff burton is terribly overated, john 'thunderfingers' entwistle revolutionised bass, the who never had a bassist they had two lead guitarists

John Entwistle is the best bassist ever! I'm ten years old and I can't understand how all you grownups can be so stupid as to think that all these people that I've never even heard of can outrank Entwistle! (Especially Flea, I know him and he stinks! )

Okay, my favorite band is Led Zeppelin and under most circumstances I'd say that John Paul Jones is the best, but John Entwistle is really incredible, he isn't just the foundation of their music, he's the rhythm guitar, it's incredible what he does, no other bassist will ever be as good as The Ox, he just dominates that bass guitar.