John Myung

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John Ro Myung is a Korean-American bassist and a founding member of the progressive metal group Dream Theater. He is one of the two longest-serving members of Dream Theater along with John Petrucci.


That is insane that Myung is not number 1! Not too many people can compete with his technical skills! I would say his closest competition would be from Les Claypool, Geddy Lee, Ryan Martinie (another one that surprised was so low on the list). I mean, most of the people voting for this, don't even understand what goes into playing bass. I have been a bassist for over 25 years, and NOBODY can compare to Myung.

Finesse and coolness...this guys bass is connected to his blood stream. Everything comes naturally and without error, even at top speeds while improvising. You can't measure good bass players by popularity and you definitely can't improve on this guys harmonics - check his youtube videos, perhaps also the non dream theater related ones

He is the all time Grandmaster Bass Jedi. The silent man has 6 strings of thunderous bass power and and the speed and technique of an arpeggio ninja. Even chuck norris can't defeat him. He's the top of the bass food chain. Its that simple.

I try it this way...I guess JM can play everything, 'cause he has the background in theory and a lifetime of practice (still to this day he practice a couple of hours a day! )...and, of course, the technical skills to do it...besides's not the point, that he has to prove it, 'cause he surely can it, but he could do it, if he want's to...and I think that others just can' that's it...He has so much more to offer to the's not his flawless technique itself...the note's he doesn't play, are as important as the notes he play...and that makes the difference! I hope you know what I mean, 'cause my english is not the best:)...enjoy music!

I'm surprising to rush member at top of the list.. The old like fool playing of all rush member.. Myung is just perfect.. Instrumental is all about technical playing.. Thus myung should be top position of the list.. The list is just about fan or listeners biased made..

John Ro Myung is an extremely talented bassist. I watched a Dream Theater dvd the other day and saw first hand how amazing he is. He should be in the top 10. He is not the most musically talented out of all the Dream Theater musicians. Mike Portnoy and John Patruschi are amazing. They are a band made of amazing musicians.

John Myung is probably one of the biggest inspirations to me when it comes to playing bass. He plays with such technical proficiency at such high tempos and yet still manages to maintain clarity from each note. His basslines are incredible and his solos are such amazing feats of bass playing that it really surprises me he is not at the top of this list. Not many come close to his skill. - l09andc

The only reason why he isn't number one is because less people know him. If he was as famous as cliff burton, he would be at the top spot for sure.

He can play Bass Faster than those above him in the list. He Can play and also Tap really fast and keep up With Petrucci, Jordan Rudess and Mike Portnoy of his Band Dream Theater. Vote For Him.

John Myung has got the greatest speed and picking techniques a bass player can ask for. Plus, he's got the spark to come up with those melodic basslines and arrangements in every song.

Well the name says it all co founders of one of the best bands of the world Dream Theater, John Myung John Petrucci and Portnoy do what others can't...
Their music starts from where the music of other bands end. Myungs technique is just awesome infact GOd like, the speed od slaps riffs is just awesome shocking not to see him in this list he is among top 5 of the world...
No doubt

The fact that he isn't in the top 10 is ridiculous. John Myung is one of the greatest bassists ever. His techniques are amazing and fit so perfectly with the rest of the band. His hands are like quick and elegant tarantulas. - naFrovivuS

He's under johnny christ?
Has the world gone mad
MYUNG deserves better position
Top 5 at least
He's silent but deadly
Don't take my word, JUST LISTEN HIM PLAY

Flea over Myung? Are you kidding me?! Myung is an amazing bassist in many aspects, he mainly does the "Base Guitar" for DT with a bass! Very fast fingers and a very good style. Those who say Flea is better than Myung have to listen to Metropolis Part 1 and Dance of Eternity bass solos. The best technical bassist over there, the God of Bass

John Myung is the man, he has either mastered or is technically proficient in all bass styles. He is absolutely increadible, he's the backbone of dream theater. And who the hell thinks Cliff is #1? He is good, but Jesus, just because he made a bass solo with a bunch of distortion does not put him up in the ranks with: Steve Harris, John Myung, Geddy Lee, Chris Squire, etc. Come on people!

Technically no one comes anywhere near him. All and all he alongside Geddy Lee, John Entwistle, John Paul Jones and Cliff Burton are by far the greatest bassists of all time.

Myung's precision, speed and skill are a constant reminder of how bassist perfection should look, while not falling into a cliched musicallity like so many other bassisits on this list

I'm surprised to see Myung this far down in the list, he is an amazing bass player. The suggestions so far are reasonable but there is no way this bass player should be anywhere away from the top 5.

jon myung is the GREATEST bassist that has ever ever lived i would like to see anyone play what he plays as easily as he plays it. the man had to have made a deal with satan hes sooooo good!

25th? He is a virtuoso. He can play John Petrucci's electric riff's, portnoy's drum line's, Rudess' keyboard solos and make LaBrie's vocals on his bass. Any other words necessary?


Listen to glass prison and his solo song called solar groove. He is the god of bass, he sould be top 3 at least,No on can play a 6 string like Myung

This guy is absolutely brilliant! He's amazing in Metropolis Part 1, and what's that other one called? Oh right, every single other Dream Theater song. - Songsta41

Beats Me how anyone with quality like myung not be in the top 10! Listen to Metropolis part 1 to clear your doubts about his technicality!

GOD, simply a piece of musical history. He clearly lives for playing bass... very few bassists can be considered at his level.