John Paul Jones

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John Baldwin, better known by his stage name John Paul Jones, is an English multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, composer, arranger and record producer.


First of all His licks were tastefully done to compliment the song he was playing on, virtuosity among other things was a major bonus with John Paul Jones how many other bass could achieve his virtuosity Not to mention being well versed on the keyboards, Mandolin, acoustic guitar, basically in a band where every song they ever made was great or creative,every player must be great that would be Led Zeppelin always changing styles thing a front runner creative, it's not all about speed,Jimi Hendrix wasn't really that fast but everybody thinks he is one of the greatest guitar players of all time, it's about the melody in coordination with the song are not the speed and so John Paul Jones, always Played just what was needed not a penny more or less that's what bass playing is about accommodating the song. Now if you're talking about bass solos that's a whole different story that has nothing to do with this conversation.

I don't know why he is in number 5 bellow John Entwistle! I mean come on! John Entwistle is really good but he cannot compare to John Paul Jones' bass lines in songs like Achilles Last Stand. His style and symmetry with his other band members in Led Zeppelin is simply unmatched by any other bassists. However, there are a couple others who I believe just slightly beat him out. Here is my top 10:

10. Roger Waters

9. Chris Squire

8. Geezer Butler

7. Steve Harris

6. John Entwistle

5. Les Claypool

4. John Paul Jones

3. Flea

2. Cliff Burton

1. Geddy Lee

Tokio hotel? Emo pathetic band and rush come on man.. John paul jones and john entwistle should be the top 5! I do agree on cliff burton on 1 he was extremely talented but this.. THIS IS RIDICULOUS not only the best bassist but also most underrated musician ever organ, madolin, guitar, drums he could play it all and skilled too!

John Paul Jones is the bass god, enough said. Led Zeppelin rocked the nation and is was because of fantastic singing by Mr. Robert Plant, Mind-Blowing Guitar by Mr. Jimmy Page, AMAZING BASS RIFFS BY MR. John Paul Johns, and thunder drums by John Bonham. John Paul Jones is FIRST!

He should definitely be in the top five, at the very least. John Paul Jones is incredibly underrated. Without him, Led Zeppelin wouldn't have been nearly as good... The steady bass wall he kept going was always a huge part of the band's sound.

John Paul Jones is definitely better than some of these other guys above, but it's what you're looking at. John Paul Jones was more than a bassist. He did so much more than just bass. He played almost every other instrument in Stairway to Heaven and he was the centerpiece and the mastermind behind most of Zeppelins music. But it depends on what you're looking at.

Rhythm and groove for the greatest rock band of all time. Led Zeppelin is the only band to ever exceed the Beatles' attendance records at their shows. That says something right there. JPJ is still making hit songs and getting called upon to work with great musicians almost 50 years after Led Zeppelin first started. Hit songs then, hit songs now, and the groove is a large part of what made them great. Hands down greatest bassist of all time!

Led Zeppelin's secret weapon & arguably the most gifted musician in a band of visionary, game changing music icons. Every major rock band in the world would have killed to have Jones in their band and yet there he remained, amidst an embarrassment of talent riches, with Zeppelin. Thank God he stayed. JPJ was just as vital to the unique Zeppelin chemistry as Jimmy Page, Robert Plant & John Bonham. His bass playing in The Lemon Song alone should cement legacy.

Absolutely amazing. He's my general idol and overlooked well too much. He can play about fifteen instruments as well mind: Koto, Lap Steel, Bass, Keyboard, Banjo, Violin and Mandolin to name a few... And he doesn't just play them, he's a master of them all. Listen to The Lemon Song or Trampled Under Foot for some of his best bass / clarinet playing.
Without him, there'd be no Black Dog, No Quarter, Battle For Evermore / Going To California or Trampled Under Foot to name a few without this genius...

Flea is over John Paul Jones?... I don't know what the world has come too. Half of the guys in front of JPJ are bassists he has influenced. Not only did he play bass he played keyboards, piano, mandolin, guitar, lap steel guitar and a lot more. One of the top musicians of all time in my opinion.

Brilliant and extremely influential bassist. Ask Flea who his hero is and he always mentions John Paul Jones. All around superb musician and arranger, and most importantly one quarter of rocks greatest band. - bobby

Jones was a solid bassist who had a few impressive performances but that doesn't mean he should be near the top 20 bassists of all time. There are so many more skilled bassists who are better composers and players all around. All of his stuff is really simple with the exception of The Lemon Song. The comment a few below this one says that if bassists chose this, jones would be in the top 5. That is completely wrong, most real bassists wouldn't have him in their top 10 because there are so many bassists better than him. One thing about him that is extraordinary is his ability to play a multitude of instruments. Other than that, he's just a good bassist, not great

What! People deaf or something? How the hell can JPJ ever be 14th on a best bassists list? People have gotta be reasonable..! There wasn't a band like Led Zeppelin.. And there never will be a bassist like PJ.. The lemon song? Did everyone forget? - parthsalvi.1

John paul Jones was and still is an amazing bass player between dazed and confused, black dog, the lemon song, good times bad times, and ramble on, he should be in the top five. He has many and many other great songs, I'm shocked he is rated this low.

JPJ, like John Entwistle, facilitates a lead guitar as Zep and Who had no rythem to fall upon. Paige could play off of a Jones' rythem styled bass with ease only cause Jones played it well enough

The Greatest bassist of all time, next to John Entwisle. But I can't believe that the bassists from A7X, Tokio Hotel and some Japanese band I never heard of, is above both of them.

Whoa! Stop it right now! This is wrong for so many reasons... Dazed and Confused (studio or live), The Lemon Song, What is and What Should Never Be...and on and on. Top 10 fo sho!

Yes, Jones is a leader in this field for many of the new guys and he is my favorite. Ramble On is a timeless creation by Jones and it is my favorite bass song.

Okay, for those who did not vote him as #1, just listen to the mighty Zep and see how skilled, as well as versatile, he is with his bass. This man plays the damn thing like a god (which I am pretty sure he is) and hello! His versatility as a musician?! This man plays like 30 instruments. And I mean he plays them damn well.

To be heard over Jimmy Page, listen to the lemon song He is a great bassist and all around musician The Greatest band, hey why not the greatest bassist

John Paul Jones is the man, he was the best talent of led, he make things that a whole orchestra can't make, he is the best

he should be number 1 greatest bassist in my book the man is a genius groovy basslines and is in the greatest band of all time

By far the most creative bass guitarist ever and the way he blended with Jimmy Page you would almost that that Jimmy was playing bass. Brilliant.

The greatest music thaumaturge and a master of so may instruments! Led Zeppelin without him wouldn't have been the same. - apouroiselle

John Paul Jones is an awesome bassist, He doesnt use just a few notes in his music. he switches it up and does it better than any bassist ever.