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201 Evan Brewer

Best bassist ever. He totally destroys all competition with his mind-blowing technical riffs and unique, experimental style. Check out his album called "alone. " EVERY sound on the album comes from a bass. Your mouth will stay open when you hear its entirety, guaranteed.

202 Joe Dart

Why is this guy not in the top 50 at least?! Listen to any Vulfpeck song and you'll agree with me. You can thank me later x

203 Jeroen Paul Thesseling

Fretless bass player. He has played for several metal bands (ex., Obscura). - Metal_Treasure

204 The Dro

Me and Dro go wayyy back!!

205 Traa Daniels

may not be the best, but has very quick fingers like in "BOOM" he's awesome and recomend him definetly

one of the best I have ever seen!!!!! and craziest ever too!!! top ten material!!! man!!

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206 Paul Romanko
207 Tim Foreman

My inspiration.. wish to play like him.. no one can create basslines like him.. actually in his band SWITCHFOOT the guitarist follows him instead of follow the guitar.. best bassist ever I've seen... go on timmy

208 Steve Priest

It's fitting he was in a band called Sweet, which is just what his bass playing is

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209 Jayen Varma

plays amazing Indian new genre slap bass - eastwestnotes

210 Mel Schacher

This guy is no doubt a top 5 if not top 2. I will say THE most under rated bassist ever. Grab your bass and keep up with him. Played along side THE most under rated guitarist ever.

All you have to do is listen to I'm you're captain. 'Nough said.

211 Timi Grabber Hansen
212 Bob Babbitt

The backbone of almost every great song that came out of Motown. His basslines are indelibly etched in most of America's memorieswithout them ever knowing who he was!

RIP, Robert will always be remembered for two things: your work with The Funk Brothers and your bass solo on Dennis Coffey's Scorpio

213 Wolfram Abt

He was one of the best in the world and the best Austrian bassist ever!

My Father was the best there ever was and he should be in the top 10

214 Chi Cheng

Great bassist with tons of energy! This whole band is so underrated it hurts.



215 John Vesely John Vesely
216 David Desrosiers

Well, I'm guessing creativity is counted on this list, as it is on most ensemble and talent lists (it represents how the bassists use their talent).. And David is VERY creative, also one of the most talented bassists, and also has an amazing voice too.. David should be more up in my opinion. He is just so great

217 Holger Czukay

Underrated! He plays hypnotic, repetitive beats that are so damn psychadelic!

His playing is hypnotizing, and is the perfect pairing to Jaki Liebezeit's primal beats. Repetition has never been so interesting as it is with Can, and Czukay plays as big a part in that as the other members.

218 Tom Wolk

RIP, Tom T Bone Wolk--you were a fantastic sideman to Hall & Oates

219 Rinus Gerritsen V 1 Comment
220 Josy John

An Indian bassist, not that famous but his skills sometimes makes us say "oh yeah he's the best" go and type josy john in YouTube

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