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261 Melissa Auf der Maur

If anything, she's the hottest looking bass player of them all.

262 Jeff Schmidt

U gotta listen to this guy!!

263 Tony Stevens
264 Buckethead Buckethead Brian Patrick Carroll, known professionally as Buckethead, is an American guitarist and multi-instrumentalist who has worked within many genres of music.

Yes, he is a bassist too. He plays slap bass. His solos are better than Mike Dirnt's solos. - zxm

I know he's a guitarist but he deserves to be #2 on this list. listen to his bass solos on youtube

265 Damien Gonzelez

he is amazing when he plays, he might now be in a famous band but he is really good

266 Tom Squarepusher Jenkinson
267 Aram Bedrosian

Just listen to any of his songs. He is the best bassist ever but doesn't get recognition cause he isn't very well known. Plain and simple, he is #1.

268 Guy Pratt Guy Pratt

He's played with many great bands, and is an amazing bao player.

269 Crazy Cool Joe
270 Yves Huts
271 Paz Lenchantin

Paz lenchantin's bass lines are heavy yet melodic... she needs to be on the list!!
See her playing ''ozzy's cure'', or ''the hollow'' -

272 Mark Sandman

He isn't the best bassist ever but he is certainly the most creative bassist on this list. He has his own sound because of how he plays the bass with only two strings with a slide to create a sound that drifts around freely and beautifully, plus Les Claypool likes him. RIP Mark

I can't believe it took so long to even get this guy on the list. - dumbasilook

RIP... A creative bassist that needs to be higher than 249.
Anybody ever hear of Morphine? Give it a listen, moody dark and mellow.

273 Randy Armstrong
274 Stu Cook
275 Phil Soussan
276 Mikko Paananen

Yeah most of you might not know him, haven't diversed enough in your music knowledge but many many HIM fans will tell you this guy rocks his bass, and with his sidekick lead guitarist Mikko "Linde" Lindström AKA Daniel Lioneye Band he provides the depth and strong sound we HIM lovers have come to know. He may not be the best, but to us HE IS THE BEST BASSIST!

277 Alec John Such

Bon Jovi would be a lot poorer without Alec, no lie

278 Jasmine You
279 Victor Bailey
280 Mark Wilson
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