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341 Dan Spitz

very underrated bassinst
unfortunately it's outta band :(
the bass in among the living is great
if you heard fade to black with only bass, caught in a mosh bass only is much much greater - marmistrz

342 Charlie Souza

45 plus years of playing rock 'n' roll and still going strong. The Tropics were famous before Tom Petty; Tom picked Charlie to be his first bassist. Charlie is currently playing with Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Famers, The Rascals in the New Rascals band. - smarteepants

343 Nick Crandle
344 Georg Listing Georg Listing

Georg ich liebe dich!
I'm a fan of Spain and for me you are the best bass of the world.
i love the music and I made music too. Kiss for you and for gustav, bill, and tom.
we are the best!

George is a beautiful man, is the best, is a excellent person and He plays the drums and piano as a angel! I LOVE GEORGE! THE BEST...

He's too underrated, but Georg is actually a very talented bassist.

Stupid tokio hotel fans! If you are a man you must be gay! If you are a girl you must be hormone erupted slutty bitch for voting this one. What a joke, this is "greatest bassiest"
list, not "your favourite band" list!

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345 Gary Justin
346 Esperanza Spalding

This list was created simply to piss off real bass players, right? No Esperanza Spalding? I had to add her to the list?
This woman is amazing!

347 Chris Wood

Bassists, if there are any looking at this list... You have to agree... Chris Wood is one of the greatest out there today, and one of the greatest of all time. Of course, I think I saw Gene Simmons above Charles Mingus and Percy Jones? Really?

348 Sumon Sumon Saidus Salehin Khaled (Sumon), is a bass player, singer, songwriter, composer, music producer from Bangladesh and the vocalist and bassist for the rock band Aurthohin. He is known as "Bassbaba" (Father of Bass) among his fans and audiences for his bass guitar playing.

Awesome bassist. He can play his bass holding it behind his neck and even with his teeth like Jimi Hendrix! This guy is really awesome!

HE is the best I think in our country. I think from abroad, all will be amazed. Really!

The bassist from bangladesh well the pint is that people have not heard os this band whish is dominated amazingly by this bass player and his amazing teeth breaking solos.
GOt to GOogle and download the song Guti by Aurthohin to have a look at his skills.

I wish you could enjoy his live performance...
His Rhythms,Solos & slapping are second to none
U should check some of his songs such as "The Guti Series" and U'd find by yourselves why I'm saying this

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349 Tommy Joe Ratliff Tommy Joe Ratliff

He Is The Best. Don't Get Me Wrong, I Love Pete Wentz And Mikey Way, But SHOW TOMMY SOME RESPECT. The Man Is Already A Legend, He Should Be WAY Higher Than This. At Least 12. (Should Be Higher Than That Though. ) Even If Lower He Should Be what WAY WAY Higher Than Gene Simmons. That's Crap. I Love John Deacon And Both Cliff And Robert Are Great, But I Still Love Tommy The Most.

Tommy brought bass playing closer to me. He has a special way to play bass and it's fascinating me every time I see him playing bass (or now guitar) and headbang to it - simply special. That man deserves to be heard and seen.

Undoubtedly Tommy Joe the best bass player in the world! I realized it when the tour Adam Lambert took my mind completely)

This is not right!

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350 Danny Miranda
351 Max Green
352 Ben Shepherd

Just listen to 4th of July and hear how dark and powerful it is at the beginning to set the mood for the rest of the song. That's how you use the bass to set the mood for a song. Then on The Day I Tried To Live Ben shows once again how he can just make the bass make you feel the song right down in to your soul.

I know these lists are mostly about how popular the bands as a whole are, so then the bassist gets picked just for being a part of them.

Ben Shepherd shows on his own how much better Soundgarden became once he joined them. That's why regardless of where he ends up on this list or if people ever will remember him years from now. To me he has shown how the bass was meant to be played and make you feel the pounding vibe deep down inside.

Not only a great bass player, with thunderous bass lines (just see Somewhere, Jesus Christ Pose and Slaves & Bulldozers, to name a few) but also a great singer and, specially songwriter, who added tons of weight to the already heavy Soundgarden. Often overlooked, people ought listen carefully to this bass player in order to know what they are missing.

Ben is one of those bass players whose heavy bass riffs really blow you out of the water and make you wonder what the hell just happened! He adds an element of mystique to the Soundgarden songs that transports you to another realm. He's also a uniquely talented songwriter, who deserves a lot more recognition for his musical contributions.

Awesome guitarist, Rowing is a great riff - Bosco500

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353 Mike Gordon

Uh yeah keep it moving on up the list. You guys are nuts if you think he deserves to be this far down the list. Cactus drops bombs. And PHIL LESH IS TOO FAR DOWN THE LIST AS WELL.

Just listen to his solos compared to some others ranked before him. He may not have the "rock and roll" or metal look but that to me says even more about his bass playing. The bass is not what you see but what you hear.

Bootsy I can understand, but the the guy from guns and roses is right out. I can get down to some Les, Squire and Lee but Mike is a bad ass! Come on, peeps let's get Mike up this list!

Not only an insanely inventive bassist when it comes to melodies and rhythms, but an incredibly gifted spngwriter as well Mike Gordon easily deserves to be in the top 5! I mean, Sid Vicious is like halfway down the list compared to Cactus! What?!

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354 Lee Nadela

He's an awesome Bassist from Slapshock, he can play his bass guitar while jumping on stage in circles, and flipping it behind his shoulders without losing his tone and momentum.

355 Klaus Flouride

With the Dead Kennedys.
He did some great basslines like Holiday in Cambodia. I Am The Owl and many more.

356 Lee Rocker
357 Mick Karn

Everybody would stand around with their jaws on the floor as Chet Atkins walked all over the fretless guitar.. Well, my friends, Mick Karn is the Chet Atkins of bass players, playing a fretless bass to perfection. To call him herein underrated would itself be underrated. Google "Artemis" by Dali's Car and be amazed. He was best known among professional musicians (the likes of Robert Fripp) as the consumate improvisational bassist. He died on January 4, 2011 at the age of 52. RIP.

The most unique bass player - it's obvious from the moment you first hear anything beginning with Japan's three classical albums, through Mick's collaborations and to his nothing-to-compare-with solo works. Many acclaimed progressive musicians admitted his brilliance. No bassist in the world can play like Mick

Coming from an out and out Rocker I shouldn't like him, But I loved Japan. Mick evolved into one of the most influential players of the eighties. Along with Steve Jansen, Mick formed probably the most unique rhythm section the late seventies and the early eighties could offer... A true artist who brought technique and talent to the fore!

Greatest Fretless ever

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358 Marcelo "Corvata" Corvalan
359 Ittoku Kishibe
360 Dino Kourelis

Dino Kourelis of the Lovehammers is a fantastic, hot bassist! Top Chicago rocker!

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