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361 Rob "Master General" Jones

Rob Jones (Rob Master General) - is the Bassist from Missing Andy.
Two top 40 hits so far but much more to come from this band!
Debut Album generation due in stores March 2012 - and what an album it is!
Probably the best thing since Definitely Maybe!

362 Robbie Shakespeare

This duo was sampled in over 200.000 songs. He worked with A.O. peter Tosh.

363 Desmond Tolhurst

Played in Malignancy, Malignancy, Head Trauma. He composes metallic, classical, jazz, and he is sought to engineer music. He should be discovered for such diversified talent in his extreme dedication to music and his absolute talent with his bass and guitar.

364 Mickey Madden

How is he not on the list?!? You have to love Mickey Madden, 1994-present. Playing brilliant bass parts for Kara's Flowers and Maroon 5... Vote him up!

365 Yu-To
366 Ryan Cook

Ryan Cook is the best bassist in this championship, defeating mikey way and gerard way and adam young, you are the best of all, let's grab the spirit and all are for the future of you

367 John Moyer
368 Eberhard Weber
369 Jerry Scheff

Now Elvis and The Doors? THAT is what Jerry will be remembered for

#296?! Seriously? The bass riff for Suspicious Minds? Come on...

370 Jason "Jay" James

Why is he not in the list...
he is really a good bassist... Hand of blood, tears don't fall... How can we forget him guys...! :(

371 Anissa Rodriguez
372 "Evil" Jared Hasselhoff
373 Chris Hillman
374 Thomas Risell
375 Piet Nkabinde

Wow! One crazy bassist who can play bass like he is the designer of the bass itself, I tell you, you should look at the man play and see who crazy he is behind the instrument, born and bret in Mamelodi

376 Frédéric Leclercq

I was surprised that the bassist of Dragonforce, one of the most famous power metal bands, was not on this list. This man has talent, and he's not only a bassist, but a guitarist, keyboardist, and a singer. A man like him comes probably once a decade.

377 Benjamin Orr Benjamin Orr Benjamin Orzechowski, known as Benjamin Orr, was an American musician best known as a singer, bassist and co-founder of the rock band the Cars.

The man had a golden voice and could play multiple instruments. It wasn't his talent that impresses me most though. It was his genuine appreciation of fans and humbleness.

Not high enough on the list. Great voice, great bass all without the " I'm all that" attitude. Rare in this biz. Miss you Ben!

RIP, Ben Orr. You served The Cars well with your fluid method of what a bass should sound like

Deserves more recognition, great voice as well as bassist.

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378 Anthony Crawford
379 Sami Hinkka Sami Hinkka
380 Nathan Newell
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