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361 Fernando Saunders
362 Christian Giesler

Please listen Kreator's Voices Of The Dead. He is very good bassist.

363 Jonathan Kogan
364 Ted Dwane

Mumford and Sons bassist! Amazing guy who's also a great bassist.

365 Cameron Hanlon
366 Stephan Ellis

The first bassist of the hard rock band survivor, but is now retired but is one of my favourite bassists when I started playing bass apart from roger waters from pink floyd or John leven from europe

367 Bale Promise

I rate him number five good bassist in Africa because he has wonderful licks on bass and his wonderful anticipation in his approach towards jazz, funk, blues and mostly African music, he his one person that have this principle of playing every lines or notes on bass the they should be played and how every note was played. He his from Nigeria, delta state warri. A bass player with a difference. I love him. His contact is 08127540704 for any tutorials on bass and personal gigs.

368 Jimmy Haslip
369 Baba Elephante
370 Sam Romo
371 Ricky Boyer
372 Thomas Miller
373 David J
374 Matt Snell

Matt was and still is the number one in my book. No matter where he goes, He's still my favorite. - Celmore

375 Gerald Johnson

Please check his credits out namely Steve Miller, Dave Masson, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, The Pointer Sisters from 1972- 2013 present day and many more thanks (:-)#

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376 Bruce Phant

His bass riffs in the holy spirits first album

377 Jenny Lee Lindberg V 1 Comment
378 Will Reed
379 Pedro Aznar V 1 Comment
380 Guillermo Vadalá
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