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421 Diego Arnedo
422 Paul Arntz

Who said Country artists don't have good back up musicians. Paul not only plays for Lee Greenwood but also a heavy metal band called War Within, showing his versatility as well as talent.

423 Dave LaRue
424 Jia "Pie" O'Connor
425 Patrick Badger
426 Niels-Henning ├śrsted Pedersen

One of the best

427 Jaime Preciado Jaime Preciado V 1 Comment
428 Chester Hansen
429 Gerrado "Lalo" Carrillo
430 Dave Alexander
431 Chris Joannou

Silverchair you can't go wrong this guy is a lumberjack beast he is the greatest Australian bass player of all time

432 David Hood

He was boffo on Paul Simon's There Goes Rhymin' Simon (and Kodachrome)

433 D.D. Verni
434 Robby Takac
435 Colin Edwin

Only because people don't know him he's here.
Awesome bassit better than such a lot in this list.

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436 Robert Wilson

Something wrong with this list if he is not on the top of this list/ if you like the music or not

437 Charles Trippy
438 Brent Kutzle

Bassist of OneRepublic. He writes and produces songs, and plays bass guitar and cello.

439 Pepe Bao
440 Dan Lilker Dan Lilker Dan Lilker is an American metal bassist. He co-founded the influential thrash metal band Anthrax with Scott Ian. Lilker was fired after the first album, and founded Nuclear Assault, as he was interested in faster, more aggressive style of music. He then reunited with Scott Ian and Charlie Benante and more.
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