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461 Phil Lesh

A utterly gifted bassist who held the dead together delivering phil bombs across the large expanse of crowds. This is a bass player ever who is clearly noticeable throughout any given song delivering beautiful and critical combinations of notes to complement the genius of garcia.

Melody, lead, harmony, improv, rock, blues, jazz, funk, bluegrass, Phil does it all with great chops and style and always very tasty. More than just a bass player... A true musician. Phil is definitely a great and most obviously overlooked on this list.

If you've never heard his sonic boom in a Dead (or any other band he's played in) you've never actually had goose bumps from a bass player.

My favorite bass player EVER! - so fun, so unique and original and so unencumbered by preconceived notions of what a bass player is supposed to do. A dancer's dream.

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462 Oteil Burbridge

Oteil is one of the top two greatest, current bassists. Victor Wooten says he's the best. His work with Aquarium Rescue Unit is way ridiculous! I'd invite anyone on the list to try and do what he does on some of those songs and in some of those jams. Free form Jazz isn't for everyone taste-wise, but that is extremely complicated stuff. What's more, his lines compliment everything he plays on. Like any good bassist he definitely knows his place in a group. He can do some ridiculous things during a bass solo, but during a verse you might not notice him at all because he knows just what to play to support the overall melody. Favorite bassist by far!

Obviously people know too little about Oteil and the Brothers. He is so good on so many levels. Definitely a top 25 guy. - mdp1970

Listen to the bass guitar on Tedeschi Trucks Band's live album and then you'll know why he should be up at the top.

463 Tetsuya Ogawa Tetsuya Ogawa

Yes, Finnaly, a site that realize the true godlike genius skil of TETSU

He is bass, his skin are made of bass, his brain are made from bass, his heart are definitely BASS




Tetsu is the most awesome bassist,

He is skilled, the most skilled,

There's no one who dares stand before him,

He plays full of skill and harmony. he is a bass monster that can play a counter melody bass. he is the best bassist that I ever know. he is a god of bass, can anyone beat him now? I guess not.

The most influential bass player in japanese rock music. I think that's clear enough for the explanation.

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464 Heath (X Japan)

Heath - San is great bassist with an awesome style. His solos are amazing and not only, that he is a great bassist, also he's a fantastic singer. For me Heath - San is one of the best bass - player in the world. He's really the best to replace Taiji - San and I'm very glad, that he's with X now but also hope, to hear some more solo - works from him.

He's good.. Watch their videos and notice how his bass sound, very skilled and awesome..

While I think Taiji is a much better bassist, Heath does have his own flair in the mix. Just my thoughts, though I may be a bi bias.

I think he's good, he is the best bass player! He make me I want to learn bass as him. He is my study goal!

465 Steve Fossen

Listen to "Crazy on You"... great bass line! - wildchild

466 Ryan Martinie

How in the world is Shavo sitting at 30 and Ryan Martini at 42. That's pathetic! Yet again, another poll becomes a popularity contest. Shavo couldn't change Ryan's strings, much less be a considered a better bass player. I like System, but Shavo is a mediocre bass player at best. I've never struggled for even a minute to play one of his bass lines for a cover in my band and when they play live, his timing is awful. Ryan, on the other hand, is a beast live and it's an achievement to be able to play his basslines.

Seriously, Ryan is most definitely number one, turn on any Mudvayne song (ANY! ) and listen to the bass. It blows minds. I've been playing bass for about 12 years now and I still find it difficult to nail some of his lines. Only other bassists I'd even consider being better then him are Les Claypool and Fieldy and that's a pretty big stretch even to consider them.

dude u just cant beat ryan martinie, awsum bassist, great riffs, not to mention hes incredibly fast, listen to this guy live, probably one of the best there is, the only 2 guys i will say are a little better are les claypool and victor wooten, other than that im done - Vayne90

What,this guy inspired me,out of all other bassiss I've heard

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467 Dickie Peterson

Blue Cheer is so underrated. Dickie Peterson is should be here. There can still be Blue Cheer without Leigh Stephens and Dickie Peterson kept Blue Cheer together. if Blue Cheer is great and should be on lists than so should Dickie Peterson be on lists too sense Dickie Peterson made music. Dickie Peterson plays Rock how Rock is made to be. If you need to know why Blue Cheer is great look at my account. Than you would know why I thin Blue Cheer is so great. - BlueFuse

468 Shavo Odajian Shavo Odajian

Excuse me, but why is he at 28 while that dude from Tokio Hotel is at 3? Shavo's a whole lot better. And he's got a kick-ass beard. System is without a doubt, the best!

Come on. Listen to some SOAD. I've never seen any guy playing bass with a plectrum. He plays slowly to
give a space to Daron's guitar. He
is music video director, occasionally he can sing too. This guy is awesome man! Listen to the small solo at the starting
of "psycho" - arpanhmr

Mikey, Pete, Duff is never better than Shavo. Someone voted Pete because he is hot. You should vote for playing. Shavo is very fast & he has a good sense of music! He deserves top 20 - arpanhmr

He is great in the beginning of Psycho Look it up!

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469 Marcus Miller

Wow, I cannot believe Marcus was not in the top 10. He is simply amazing... what is more amazing I have yet to see Stanley Clark listed. There are many great bassist listed... that are part of a band... listed here, but as far as being a creative musician. One who can live without another guitarist well there are many bassists not mentioned. And Stanley Clark, Jaco and Marcus are all top 10 material.

simply the greatest bassist in these moment playing, with a lot of groove to give to the others bassist!
A mester!

Cliff Burton No 2 and Marcus Miller and Mark King 53 & 49 come on guys WAKE UP and listen more music its a non-sense

I don't understand why he is low on the list, that's nonsense. Sid Vicious could barely play and he is way higher!

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470 Tommy Joe Ratliff Tommy Joe Ratliff

He Is The Best. Don't Get Me Wrong, I Love Pete Wentz And Mikey Way, But SHOW TOMMY SOME RESPECT. The Man Is Already A Legend, He Should Be WAY Higher Than This. At Least 12. (Should Be Higher Than That Though. ) Even If Lower He Should Be what WAY WAY Higher Than Gene Simmons. That's Crap. I Love John Deacon And Both Cliff And Robert Are Great, But I Still Love Tommy The Most.

Tommy brought bass playing closer to me. He has a special way to play bass and it's fascinating me every time I see him playing bass (or now guitar) and headbang to it - simply special. That man deserves to be heard and seen.

Undoubtedly Tommy Joe the best bass player in the world! I realized it when the tour Adam Lambert took my mind completely)

This is not right!

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471 Toshiya

Everyone should learn from this man. Reita of the Gazette is great too but Toshiya is amazing. he has such a unique style and the whole of dir en grey just keep getting better

The best bassist in the list, even though, I would say Jun Onose, from Luna Sea, would beat everyone in the list. So yeah, J is missing

Toshiya is just wonderful!... His playing is awesome... He is the best bassist to ever walk on earth... And to crown it all he's from the best band in the world DIR EN GREY... Why is Cliff Burton 1st?... Why does Metallica get 1st preference all the time?... Toshiya is the best... He beats everyone in this list

He should be on the top ten list
Whoever did'nt vote him just never hear him playing his bass

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472 Mikey Way

Mikey Way is the best bassist ever! Best bass players go 2 the best Bands... If you don't get it it's My Chemical Romance.. Best Band EVER!

Woo go Mikey! Best bassist in the world for the best band in the world! Everyone vote him up for Mikey's sake he needs a confidence boost! He's got such a sexy speaking voice he should use it more often!
Proud Member Of the MCRmy Xxx

Mikey is definitely one of the best bass players in the world. One of my inspirations to pick up a bass actually. He should be rated higher!

This should be 'WAY' higher...geddit

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473 P-nut

wow he is so underrated. He can lay down some slap bass, a hard rock riff, a relaxing reggae bass line, and he brings the FUNK! P-Nut can lay down any style, just like 311 can lay down any style of music. Pick up any 311 song and you'll see why

P-nut is nasty. Even if you don't like 311 you have to at least respect his skills. Maybe he shouldn't be in the top 20, but seriously, hes behind Pete Wentz who absolutely sucks at bass and pisses me off hes even in the top 100.

"Coda" gets me every time. His slap bass fill in "Come Original" is downright sick as well. "What Was I Thinking, " and "Don't Dwell" intros are dope; I could go on. Underrated.

See this dude in concert,then tell me he's not nasty!

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474 Mick Karn

Everybody would stand around with their jaws on the floor as Chet Atkins walked all over the fretless guitar.. Well, my friends, Mick Karn is the Chet Atkins of bass players, playing a fretless bass to perfection. To call him herein underrated would itself be underrated. Google "Artemis" by Dali's Car and be amazed. He was best known among professional musicians (the likes of Robert Fripp) as the consumate improvisational bassist. He died on January 4, 2011 at the age of 52. RIP.

The most unique bass player - it's obvious from the moment you first hear anything beginning with Japan's three classical albums, through Mick's collaborations and to his nothing-to-compare-with solo works. Many acclaimed progressive musicians admitted his brilliance. No bassist in the world can play like Mick

Coming from an out and out Rocker I shouldn't like him, But I loved Japan. Mick evolved into one of the most influential players of the eighties. Along with Steve Jansen, Mick formed probably the most unique rhythm section the late seventies and the early eighties could offer... A true artist who brought technique and talent to the fore!

Greatest Fretless ever

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475 Reita

Come on reita just come through to the top and be the best Japanese bassist first and then best bassist of the world!

The best bassist in the world?
It's Reita alright.
You'll regret for not voting him.
So click that "VOTE"

He's one of the best there is out there. He in a band that is very dear to me. His abilities are outstanding. There's no doubt that he's one of the best out there ^-^

Um guys, there's a problem. This has nothing to do with reita though. There are only 12, out of 465 female bassists. And one double bassist.


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476 Georg Listing Georg Listing

Georg ich liebe dich!
I'm a fan of Spain and for me you are the best bass of the world.
i love the music and I made music too. Kiss for you and for gustav, bill, and tom.
we are the best!

George is a beautiful man, is the best, is a excellent person and He plays the drums and piano as a angel! I LOVE GEORGE! THE BEST...

He's too underrated, but Georg is actually a very talented bassist.

Stupid tokio hotel fans! If you are a man you must be gay! If you are a girl you must be hormone erupted slutty bitch for voting this one. What a joke, this is "greatest bassiest"
list, not "your favourite band" list!

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