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461 Necrobutcher Necrobutcher Jørn Stubberud, AKA Necrobutcher, is a Norwegian bassist known as a founding member of the black metal band Mayhem .

Entry level bassist on you tube have more talent than necro.why is necro here

462 Jesse F. Keeler

One of the most unique and amazing bassists out there. Death from above 1979's mastermind.

463 Wojtek Pilichowski
464 Stephan Weidner
465 Deon Estus
466 Karl Alvarez
467 Peter Cetera Peter Cetera Peter Paul Cetera is an American singer, songwriter, and bassist best known for being an original member of the rock band Chicago, before launching a successful solo career.

Cetera, of Chicago fame, has some pretty good basslines, especially in the older stuff, like I'm a Man, In the Country, Mother, Lowdown, Dialogue, and Just You and Me.

468 Jay Bentley Jay Bentley Jay Bentley is an American musician, composer, co-founder, and the lead bassist of the punk band Bad Religion.

He only plays 1 note lol

469 Matt Wendt
470 Dameon Ash
471 Vanessa YT

Vanessa is the completely underestimated mastermind behind some of the most iconic basslines of Mindless Self Indulgence. Although I love Lyn-z to bits, it's a shame the Vanessa had to leave to become an astronaut, as she was such a big, creative personality who's talent for the instrument was undeniable. - mallgothica

472 Joe Bouchard
473 Amos Heller
474 Takahiro Yamada
475 Dickie Peterson

Blue Cheer is so underrated. Dickie Peterson is should be here. There can still be Blue Cheer without Leigh Stephens and Dickie Peterson kept Blue Cheer together. if Blue Cheer is great and should be on lists than so should Dickie Peterson be on lists too sense Dickie Peterson made music. Dickie Peterson plays Rock how Rock is made to be. If you need to know why Blue Cheer is great look at my account. Than you would know why I thin Blue Cheer is so great. - BlueFuse

476 Scott LaFaro

Bass player who played with pianist Bill Evans first great trio. Evans could play some single note runs and LaFaro could answer back. I saw a bass player who had never heard him and was a Mingus fan. This man was a band director who played in a jazz group in Houston when he could and he broke down and cried saying, "That's impossible! " while listening to LaFaro on that monster acoustic bass run off eighth notes, trill, strum and go beyond anything anything any bass player had done at that time. Unfortunately Scott died in an automobile accident at a young age. Ornette Coleman's Free Jazz is a basic for any jazz fan's collection but it's so strident and cacaphonous it irritates me except for the bass duet with LaFaro and Charlie Haden playing the most astounding notes and phrases I've ever experienced in my 60 years plus of listening to all kinds of music. LaFaro put the bass out as a lead or equal instrument in improvised soloing. On the Evans albums for example instead of laying ...more - gemtea

477 Lee Dorman
478 Kurt Danielson
479 Teddy Cook

Why is he not included? Listen to Wild One by Dio and Hey Angel by Dio. So good! - metalwillneverdie

480 Anna Sentina
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