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141 Dirk Lance

So underrated. Such an amazing bassist. Incubus hasn't been the same without him. Insanely versatile player and his slap technique is insane!

he is amazing because incubus is the best ever. should be on the top - EnterSandman_1990

Amazing, versatile player! Can slap, tap and everything. He is the heart of incubus

142 Richard Bona

Beautiful tone, innovative melodies. He sings and plays at the same time, and both sound amazing by themselves. An absolute artist and his facility on the bass is near inhuman

A complete artist and probably the most skillful around these days.

Awesome sound! Tight playing... He sings while he plays yet still tight as you know what!

You People are not serious at all! I saw the Kings of SMV are very low but y? Stanley Clarke, Marcus Miller and Victor Wooten are the Best in anytime... Then you leave Richard Bona alone because he just a True Image of Jaco.

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143 Bassbaba Sumon Bassbaba Sumon

A great musician from Bangladesh... He plays excellent bass and does such a good work with bass... He is the former member of "aurthohin" it is one of the greatest band of bd... Sumon must should have at top 50 list...

Really a amazing bass player.. From Bangladesh. He is a business man also. Worked and working with 2 bands plus other social activities. He raised up the underground volume to Bangladesh.

He's just speechless... His bass solo is not only best in Bangladesh, but also in the Indian subcontinent. He's just outstanding!

Bass king forever

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144 Steve Fuzz Kmak

This guy is pretty awesome. Listen to Fear, Barracooda, Welcome to the Jungle, Aqualung, Cross-eyed Mary, Dani California, Around The World, The End is Here, Better Man, Even Flow, Oops, I did it Again, Tommy The Cat, Jerry Was A Racecar Driver, Highway Star, The National Anthem; of Russia, Holy Diver, My Curse, Stricken, If a Potato Had a Heart, Wasted, Wasted Wasted, Heart Shaped Box, Enter Sandman, One, King Nothing, King of The Jews, Louie Louie, Crazy Train, Iron Man, and Hold On. Okay, he only played the first song, but you don't know he didn't play those other songs at his house, or in a park. - Geddyrush

YEAH! Fuzz played better bass intros than John, ANY DAY! Except if it's raining, then he kinda gets down. The man puts a spell on him, messes with his head. Musical block man, it sucks. John Moyer doesn't even play the little opening part to Down With The Sickness like Fuzz does. He has that STUPID pick in his hands all the time! - Geddyrush

I vote for Fuzz because I have to admit that he is a great musician. But, as far as Disturbed goes, I much prefer Moyer.

I miss Fuzz, John Moyer is ok but He won't remplace him. - klausmeine

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145 Jack Casady

A true original... and shame on all of you for not having in the Top Ten. Listen to him on Sunrise (with Grace Slick); with Grace again on Rejoyce (these two should have made a duet album!... they work so well together); Mann's Fate off the first Hot Tuna album; Star Track on Crown of Creation... well, just listen to the Airplane from Takes Off to Volunteers and then the first 5 or 6 Hot Tuna albums.

A profoundly intense bass player. All of Hot Tuna's America's Choice and the session with Jimi and Steve Winwood Voodoo Child jam alone should be enough to carry Jack into the top 10 let alone the full body of his work. What an injustice at 141.

The greatest bass player ever. #1. Jefferson Airplane, Starship, Hot Tuna, also played with Hendrix. Listen to him drive the Airplane on 'Bless its little pointed head'. Astounding sound and astounding playing.

Not top ten? you are joking of course. Top 2 or 3

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146 Oliver Riedel

He adds a new perspective with his bass to Rammstein.

He's perfect



147 Roger Manganelli

He had the best ska bass sound ever, and knew best out of anyone how to switch between slow and laid back and fast, agressive, hard lines. If anyone deserves to be in the top three, it's this guy, Jaco, and Claypool.

Manganelli may not be in a famous band but he is the best bassist around. For any doubters go listen to "History of a Boring Town". Prepare to be impressed.

Remains one of the best living bassists today, he can play very lively and complex parts as well as more chilled parts with what appears to be complete and utter ease.

this guy is awesome and has a playing style and sound like no other.

148 Greg Kriesel Greg Kriesel

one of the founding members of the band and one off the main riff makers, Offspring wouldn't be what it is today without him. Although his basslines were not too complicated he created a firm grounding for songs to be created, i. e - Self Esteem, She's Got Issues etc

149 Matt Rubano

He is fantastic, possibly the most underrated bassist on this list, whether you like the band or not, he rocks.

150 Hunter Burgan

Your Name Here, The Boy Who Destroyed the World, or anything else before "Sing the Sorrow" and before MTV; Hunter is all that remains of the AFI we once loved.

Man he should be way higher than 103 come on he's an awesome bassist for afi he has awesome skill and is energetic. Hunter is also a great funny guy as well.

151 Rick Danko Rick Danko Richard Clare "Rick" Danko was a Canadian musician, bassist, songwriter and singer, best known as a member of The Band.

Almost never dominates a song, but just adds the perfect drive every time. Does better than anybody what the bass guitar was actually invented for. If, however, a tune is in need of some flashy play, listen to the notes pop out.

152 Louis Johnson

This is outrageous! Louis Johnson was a true innovator! No one could ever slap a bass guitar with his fluidity and ferocity! This list is doing a grave injustice to a truly great bassist. His body of work as one half of The Brothers Johnson as well as his collaborations with Quincy Jones, Michael Jackson, Diana Ross and many other prominent musical artists puts Louis Johnson at least in the top 5 on this list. How the hell any true fan of bass players could put 3 other bassists above him is a stretch, but to put 169 others over him is delusional!

louis johnson is pretty good I just listened to him he's awesome

lois johnson is pretty good i just listened to him hes awsome

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153 Juan Alderete

AMAZING...I had the privilage of seeing them in concert. It was spectacular to say the least. Listen to the bass lines in L'via L' Vasquez or something its unbelievable!

Listen to Day of the Baphomets, then kick Pete Wentz's butt out of this list

Ok, WHY is JUAN ALDERETE only at 27!? Man, Look him up BOI!

Holy goats vote 'fo this guy man!

154 Ue-Chan

Ue-Chan might not be one of the most famous bassists, not known to many outside Japan, but he is very skilled nonetheless. The way he is able to use slapping in metal music is pretty damn Awesome. He is very fast as well, and alternates between slapping and using his fingers instead of using a pick, like many modern bassists do. Pretty Awesome

He is the Japanese Flea... He deserves the top 3 AT LEAST! If you don't believe me go listen to Rinkinpo Goroshi or Buikikeasu or heck ANY song from Maximum The Hormone!

He's not high on the list cause he's not known outside Japan. I guarantee you will put Futoshi Uehara higher if you just listened to him...

Just go listen to some Maximum the Hormone material, you won't regret it. A very technical bassist, often called the "Japanese Flea".

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155 Nathan Hughes

I first saw his "glove" youtube video about a year ago and it has stuck with me since. I have never seen a bass player play this way before, I think it is totally original and very refreshing to my ears. And, to me, his singing is even better than the playing! A great juxtaposition of polyrhythmic bass playing and emotion filled vocal melodies that together create a sound that needs no backing band! I only wish there was more songs to listen to but if his playing is this good then I'd imagine he may be a perfectionist and I understand if he just wants to wait so he can make the artistic statement he wants. I just hope one day he makes an album because I'd pay triple the amount for it that I would any other! Here's to this true artist!

Nathan is a pure and unique talent the likes most have never seen before. Not only does he play like no other but he's also a songwriter and vocalist. Check him out!

Nathan is a one man performance, just is'nt ready to go National. Find him on youtube, or at myspace

Nathan Hughes is the Best unknown Bassist and once known the Best their is

156 Carol Kaye

Carol and the Wrecking crew are some of the most influential musicians of the rock and roll era. The fact that she is so low is not surprising with the current crop of people voting. I would like to see where she would be if only the people on this list were allowed to vote.

Carol Kaye is the most versatile player on this list. How many others could say they played on The Brady Bunch theme? She booked over 10,000 recordings as LA's #1 call bassist in the 70's. She played on 3 of Rolling Stones Top 100 Rock Songs in history.

Agreed. Carol Kaye puts male bass players to shame. Just listen to those songs she did on Pet Sounds and of course "River Deep - Mountain High"

A legend that prove that the bass is no stereotyped male instrument. You Rock, carol

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157 Colin Greenwood Colin Greenwood Colin Charles Greenwood, is an English musician best known as the bassist for the alternative rock band Radiohead. He also plays keyboards and synthesisers and works on sampling on the electronic side of Radiohead.

Style of music as a quiet melody and artistic

Colin taught us that less is more.

A class, understated player

158 Murdoc Niccals

.. No one remember Gorillaz. It's sad and it's shame. Murdoc is awesome

I find it amazing how he's on this list. Not gonna lie although his fictional. On every gorillaz song the bass is amazing

Listen to feel good inc, and then vote


He's a fictional character but he's still in a real band, that's pretty much the whole point of gorillaz my dude - mikan

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159 Calum Hood Calum Hood

He's from the Australian band 5 Seconds Of Summer. He's so funny and cute and know how to play bass really good :-) by the way he's in a relationship with his dog Ketchup :-)

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160 Zach Longhi

This guy blends an incredibly technical style and makes the most passionate, beautiful melodies I have ever heard. This guy is the best bassist I have heard.

So much beauty in this bassists music. I wish he was in my band. Our band has the worst bassist, and this guy could just boost the talent tenfold.

He so god! I like when he is soar after show becuase he rocks too hard! And the berst part is when he is the guy in seventh wonder and digivolves into batman becuase he sleeps a lot

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