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161 Calum Hood Calum Hood

He's from the Australian band 5 Seconds Of Summer. He's so funny and cute and know how to play bass really good :-) by the way he's in a relationship with his dog Ketchup :-)

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162 Zach Longhi

This guy blends an incredibly technical style and makes the most passionate, beautiful melodies I have ever heard. This guy is the best bassist I have heard.

So much beauty in this bassists music. I wish he was in my band. Our band has the worst bassist, and this guy could just boost the talent tenfold.

He so god! I like when he is soar after show becuase he rocks too hard! And the berst part is when he is the guy in seventh wonder and digivolves into batman becuase he sleeps a lot

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163 Michael Manring

I've seen Michael several times play live. Hands down the best bassist I've ever listened to. Unlike the majority of guys on this list, he plays fretless bass and isn't constrained to any one genre of music. He's truly a virtuoso and master of this instrument.

i've seen him live, and he should be easily in the top 10. he's absolutely AMAZING. he even toured with jaco. this guy brings bass to a new level.

manring is the only man alive who can retune his instrument midsong. as far as i'm concerned, he's #1.

He should be in the top ten. The other voters vote by popularly, not by capability.

164 Nathan East

HAs played with Clapton on several projects and tours. One of the finest, most focussed bassist on the face of the planet. A very flexible, adjusting musician, trained in many genres. Listen to some Clapton tunes, and you will experience the groove East pushes through his rig.

If there's such a thing as THE epitome of studio bassist, Nate East is it! Second to none! Besides Clapton, he played with Whitney, Randy Newman, among an A-list of many clients. No one can master a bass the way East can, which is why I believe he should be at the top of the list, as well as the mount Olympus of bassists

So skilled, has worked with the absolute best in the business, Eric Clapton, Michael Jackson and many others. He is truly special regardless of what anyone says...

The best bassist, he knows when to play and not. Clapton said that Nathan is the best he ever worked with.

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165 Billy Gould Billy Gould

I can't believe Billy Gould isn't on this list. He's the reason I play bass. The man can seemingly do anything on the bass while managing not to overplay. He's eclectic, innovative, and has his own completely unique sound. His bass lines with Faith No More should be enough to put him in the top 25. Truly, the most underated bassist in rock. - Jawshco

Legend, another bassist who became the face of his band. Billy is the reason that faith no more sound like faith no more no matter who the singer is. The reason I am a bassist too, no one else on the list understands the instrument like Billy.

Why isn't he in the top 50 bassists of all time... Listen to woodpecker from mars, faith no more without Billy Gould wouldn't be faith no more I am appalled very very appalled.

Yeah, I agree he's the most underrated bassist in rock, but this world is unfair as the r&r hall fame. With FNM on his shoulders rock music gain another direction, Gould and Bordin are one of the most brilliants dream teams. Being his level around of Flea and Less Claypool, no need to take this ranking seriously.

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166 Mike Kerr

His sound is so good that they don't need a guitarist. Royal blood is one of the best bands of the 2010s

He's great

They’re awesome musicians sound is amazing but the new album cover is gross and awful

167 Shavo Odadjian Shavo Odadjian Shavo Odajian is an Armenian-American bassist, musician, and composer for the Armenian-American band System of a Down.
168 Haruomi Hosono

One of the most varied and interesting bassists to ever come out of Japan. His work with Yellow Magic Orchestra and Sketch Show is just a fraction of his library of work.

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169 Sean Malone

Just to say, if this list is the 50 greatest bassists of all time then I seriously think that people have not taken into account the huge range of musical genres, from what I have seen mainly rock and jazz bassists are predominant. If anyone has ever heard of the musical genre Technical Metal, technical music not being confined to metal but also present in classical music and even rock. A bassist in particular who should have been included in this list and frankly should have been first, is Sean Malone. He has played in various Technical metal/rock/jazz bands like Aghora, Gordian Knot and Cynic. Not only playing a fretlass bass, he also plays various other instruments like the chapman stick and keyboards. He is flexible also playing in bands ranging from Brazilian jazz to English pop, therefore having a wide knowledge of many genres of music, and incorporating many of these studied genres into his own band Gordian Knot. His bass style is unique, reflecting techniques from rock, metal ...more

170 Dan Briggs

He is the the best modern bass player

171 Alex James

listen to blur stuff, his basslines are great and really hard to play, great technique, and he is perfect in the gigs!

Alex DEFINITELY needs to be in the top 25. He created a sound within Blur which inspired a generation.

He's just amazing. He adds so much style to the music, but is never loud or overpowering. Listen to beetlebum or girls and boys and you'll hear what I mean. He should be top 25 at least.

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172 Mike Watt

In my top ten! I can't believe he isn't even on the list. These voters might as well have put Sid Vicious #1. (I agree with Cliff Burton as a #1)

Mike Watt should be at least top 5, in most bands you cannot ever hear the bass, but Mike Watt brought out the bass in the Minutemens music in songs like Viet Nam, Corona, #1 hit song, and many others, he is defiantly one of the best bassists of all time

No contest - the very best - Mike Watt

This list is garbage without mike watt near at least top twenty and Jaco pastorius and victor Wooten under Green Day bassist is a disgrace

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173 Emma Anzai Emma Anzai

I listen to sick puppies all the time. Every time I listen to their songs I am amazed at how good emma play the bass. If I had to choose a bassist to look up to, I would honestly have to say that emma would be it.

She has amazing bass skills! She plays for Sick Puppies and knows how to rock out! Her skills are beyond amazing and she should be number 1!

174 Dallon Weekes

This guy is amazingly talented. Listen to any track he plays bass on and you'll know he deserves to be on this list.

Dallon Weekes is the person that inspired me to play bass. He is extremely talented and should be way further up on this list

Dallon is amazing and he has made panic and the brobecks grow as groups. He deserves to be so much higher in the list

175 Jennifer Maidman

One of the most versatile and evocative bassists on the planet.

Wonderous sounds, just think of Sylvian's Taking the Veil. Currently working on a solo album in Woodstock with David Torn and others, Jennifer is in great demand in the studio and touring all over the globe. She is next in France with Murray Head and band. Jennifer always has time for her fans is a great inspiration to other musicians. She plays many instruments and I'm lucky to have seen her live back in 88 with Sylvian, Torn, Jansen, Barbieri and Isham. One of the most beautiful, warm and moving fretless sounds you will ever hear.
Penelope, Chester

Love Jennifers bass playing guitar playing drumming keyboarding singing..saw her pick up a trumpet once and it ended up on the recording! A joy to work with..Px

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176 Ian Hill

The founder of Judas Priest and a true Metal God

177 John Wetton

Bassist for King Crimson during Lark's Tongues in Aspic, Starless and Bible Black, and RED! How can he not be on this list!? Has anyone listened to this incredible 70's band, blows PINK FLOYD OUT OF THE WATER, WETTON BLOWS ANY BASSIST OUT OF THE WATER. Songs were written in time signatures that are incomprehensible, but somehow attainable to the ear. - dasilvan2000

John Wetton is a bassist's bassist. A virtuoso. And, as Geddy Lee, he sings while playing. His technical skill alone should place him in the top 10. Listen to King Crimson from the earlier years with Fripp: try to play Wetton... Make up your own mind.

Titan behind King Crimson in 73-74, carrying force, nobody could play bass like him in his glory days

He sure is no Greg Lake clone--the dude is fantastic and is to Asia what Greg Lake was to E.L. & P

178 Eric Avery

Eric Avery is an absolute genious, he invented his own style of bass guitar that characterizes the sound of Janes Addiction. I was inspired by his style of hitting notes that are far away from each other to create a beautiful melodic effect.

This guy's so versatile. He can slap with No One's Leaving, play quiet, beautiful lines with Summertime Rolls, play faster in songs like Ain't No Right, etc... Best song = Standing In The Shower, Thinking... - Johannes9

Same opinion.
Thanks to him that played in a such different style, jane's addiction started the new metal era.
Bassist like Flea were influenced by him.

179 Stuart Zender

This low? I'm pretty sure none of the above voters have ever heard Jamiroquai before. - rainhabeatriz

Oh My God, 255 on Stuart Zender THE Jamiroquai's bassist. Man.. This list is pretty frustrating for bassist like me...
Listen to Jamiroquai's first 3 albums and you'll understand what I'm talking about. Don't forget, Grammy winner as well.

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180 Tetsuo Sakurai
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