Paul McCartney

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Sir James Paul McCartney is an English singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and composer . With John Lennon, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr, he gained worldwide fame with the rock band the Beatles, one of the most popular and influential groups in the history of pop and rock music .


I laugh when people rate guys like Cliff Burton and Flea above Mccartney. Americans especially are guilty of always picking guys with awesome mind blowing speed technique over a guy like Paul who is an innovator. Pauls' bass playing with the Beatles in the 60s has revolutionized the bass in popular music. Guys in bands even today are still mimicking one of his styles. The Beatles bassically invented Heavy Metal with Paul's song Helter Skelter. I guarantee that Flea and Cliff great players that they are technically, could never in a million years come up with a better bass for songs like Something, Lucy In The Sky with Diamonds, Nowhere man or Rain... but to name a few. Any layman can train like mad to play slap bass, or run a fret board like a madman. But no one can be taught how to instinctively add a bass line like Mccartney did for a song like Something or Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, Mccartney's bass sometimes is played like a counter melody to what Lennon is singing as well, ...more

What is funny is that people are quick to call the Beatles the Greatest Band Ever, but on one will say that any of them are the best in their fields. John seems to get the most recognition, with Rolling Stone ranking him in the top 10 of all time Best Singers (Paul is 11, I know it's so wrong), and he's ranked on the Best Guitarist list too. George is only listed as the 11th Best Guitarist ever, a total rip off. What's worse is that Ringo doesn't rank on anyone's list of best drummers, and that really is a shame. The Beatles as individuals deserve recognition, because if they didn't have prodigious and top tier skill on their own, how could they be the Greatest Band ever?

Paul, in my opinion, is the greatest bassist ever. Just listen to the bass in "Come Together" and "Taxman" that shows his skilled work on the bass completely. He HAS TO BE IN THE TOP TEN.

Paul McCartney moves his fingers a lot in the fingerboard of his Bass guitar while he is Singing songs at the highest and lowest of its pitch and still hits the note. He is a Bass-Guitar Genius. Imagine yourself Playing a bass guitar while singing, while making a melodic rhythm on the bass, Probably the 1st one to ever done that in the History. He should be @ number 1 place. PS. I don't know that guy in #1 rank.

Spend an evening listening to McCartney's bass lines... REALLY LOCK IN!
Something, Come Together, With A Little Help From My Friends, Silly Love Songs are obvious... Better yet... Listen to ANY McCartney bass track and you will clearly hear the contributions. SIMPLY UNREAL! TONS OF FANTASTICALLY IMPORTANT STUDIO SESSION OUT OF THIS MAN! He truly changed the way bass was utilized, arranged, written and recorded. An amazingly important player of BASS! Paul McCartney is a rare legend because he actually IS AS GOOD as the HYPE! This CAT RUNS DEEP FOR REAL! VIVA SIR PAUL AND THANK YOU! - frank

To be able to play the most complex of bass lines E.G. "Lovely Rita" and to still be able to maintain the most amazing of voices makes him THE most talented bass player of all time. No one has come close to his ability since, take a listen to the isolated bass versions of "Hey Bulldog" and "Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite" you will be blown away within seconds. Now at 72 his talent for bass playing still remains strong, Paul McCartney; a genius, a legend and an inspiration, Paul McCartney IS the best bassist in the world and always will be, I feel honoured to be living at the same time as Sir Paul McCartney...

It's funny because I don't know half of these artists (I'm not kidding, though I do know some big names on this list), but Mccartney is definitely the best. He may not be the most skilled or the fastest, but his basslines are the most soothing and lush I've heard. Another thing is he was one of the best songwriters of all time, and he is probably more successful than any of these bassists combined. GO PAUL!

Paul is not only the greatest bassist of all time but this man is a one man band and plays almost every instrument invented as makes not just music bit hits. This guy is the undisputable greatest musician since Mozart and we should feel privileged to have shared the planet at the same time as Sir Paul McCartney. Keep rocking' Paul, I love ya!

My favorite is John Entwistle, but this man is the first true rock bassist, real bass playing started after his magnificent work in bass playing. He is always my favorite, his band the Beatles produce magnificent rock music on the history of popular music. He and Entwistle proved that bass playing become great without slapping. Entwistle is my favourite 'cause he produces more Cathy tunes. He followed the idea of Sir Paul and produced magnificent tunes

Paul is definitely an extremely skilled bassist, although it is arguable whether he is the best bassist of all time or not. Aside from just Bass Guitar, Paul is an amazing overall musician, and he possesses great skill with Piano, Guitar, and even Drums, which he played for a few Beatles tracks. But when considering Bass, the reason he is so good is because he is able to play extremely complex Bass lines with great skill. Overall, Paul McCartney is an extremely talented musician.

I may be wrong, but I think he was one of the first to really do melodic playing. His influence is certainly still felt today and I do feel that his instrumental talents have been swept under the carpet (along with the other Beatles) because the band wasn't heavy enough for some people. That being said, they stayed far more consistent and innovative than Zeppelin did in a shorter period of time.

None of these other guys would even be bassists if it weren't for Paul McCartney. Until him "the bassist was always the fat guy in the corner."

But in all seriousness, check out Rain, Come Together, Something, Paperback Writer, taxman (that's his guitar solo too! ), Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkey, and early songs too like Michelle and All My Loving. YouTube has a lot of isolated bass tracks to check out. All this, and he didn't even want to be the bassist. That quote above, about the fat guy? That's Paul's quote. ~MOB

He helped bring a melodic bass to a band that gave permission to every rock and roller to do what ever you want. Not my favorite solo artist, but with the Beatles (he reluctantly took up the bass) he took an instrument that is easy to learn and mastered it. Heck, he even made that violin bass sound good and it was a horrible instrument. - mgenet

paul mccartney and james jamerson made bass. if it werent for paul most of your favorite bass players would be in the shadows right next to there amp. if it werent for paul bass would be like wht mikey way makes it... crap. paul should be number one. most inspiring, most melodic, best bassist ever. - paulisbassguru

The bass playing on Abbey Road is far beyond incredible, especially if you listen to Something and She's So Heavy. Paperback Writer is another song where the bass playing is just unbelievable. If you add the all around musicianship (Paul can pretty much play anything) and the songwriting ability, Paul should probably be battling for number one.

Sir Paul McCartney is the one person we can thank for giving the bass player a big role in rock bands. Before him they would just play basic notes following the chord progression. Paul did something else. He made the bass almost the main instrument of the song. He widdled with the notes and created something that pretty much no-one had done before. He is so innovative and trying to play them is not impossible, but when you do you realize how truly amazing he is.

the thing obout paul is, he was the bassist of the greatest band ever, but not only does he play bass, hes amazing at every instrument u give him, piano, guitar drums, he can do it all, he might not be the greatest bass player in the world, but he sure is one of the greatest musicians along with noel gallagher

Wow, this is sad... Not even in the top ten? I completely disagree. Paul's so underrated for his bass playing. He's an amazing singer, songwriter, AND bass player. Never forget that people. Long live Sir Paul McCartney! - MrsFabRecords

Paul should be number 1: he's a forward thinking bass player. There's so many bassist who have called McCartney an influence. Just listen to "She's a Woman", "The Word", "Rain", "Something", "Come Together" and "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds". He has such uniques ways on playing the bass, Geddy Lee called McCartney's bass playing an influence, so McCartney should be Number #1!

Cliff Burton Absolutely does not deserve the top spot over McCartney, sure Burton could play solo well, but when making grooves with Metallica, for the most part he hid behind the guitarist. What makes bass difficult to play is learning how to play for the music, which is something McCartney perfected.

Paul is severely underrated as a bassist. Even when listening to his early bass work on the "Please Please Me" album, you can hear that even back then, he was playing melodic bass lines.

The very best ever. He played, and still plays, a bass that's near impossible to keep in tune and yet he manages to on the go. Innovated the 'lead bass' style. Jimi Hendrix called Paul his "favorite bassist of all time". That means something to me right there.

Listen to Paul's bass rifts on any Beatles songs. You don't hear anyone play like that. They're amazing. I've been listening to Paul's bass playing since 1964 and there's no one like him. He is hands down the Best.

McCartney set the bar for bass playing. His melodies are the most memorable. Tell me one person that can't sing the bass line to something? Everyone was influenced by the Beatles. You can't write the bass line for "Silly Love Songs" and not be in at least the top 3 if not 1st.

I understand why McCartney isn't number one, since his bass playing abilities were not above and beyond like Flea or Entwistle, but he is hands down and without a doubt the greatest musician to ever pick up and play the bass.