Listening to his playing, and seeing how he plays is just amazing, don't got much else to say except that he has a unique playing style and should be higher on the list.

Toshiya is definitely an amazing bassist. Almost all of the songs from Dir en Grey's older albums have incredible lines performed by an incredible artist.

Toshiya-san rocks! He's for sure one of the best bassists ever. Just listen to Dir en grey's old songs, and you will appreciate the distinct bass sound.

I agree. Toshiya is definitely the best bassist. Cage was a great hit! But I personally love THE FINAL - especially the live! their lives are awesome!!

The greatest bassist who I know. I really support him. He inspired me to my life. I am very love him so much. He is my idol!

Toshiya is a really amazing bassist! On lives he shows a lot of energy. He's definetly the best bassist 4 ever!!!

Toshiya is indeed one of the best bassists ever. Just listen to Cage... Or Yokan... Then you'll know it's true.

Toshiya-sama... My idol!
Inspired me to pick up the bass and rock it like him.

Best bassist!

Toshiya is an amazing bassist! He's talented, energetic, and wonderful to see during live shows!

Toshiya is the best bassist forever and ever. Nobody can be better than him. Listen to Cage!

Amazing bassist, with much emotion poured into each song performed. Fantastic!

One of the worlds best rock bassist from the genre crossing band, Dir en grey.


Totchi is the best of the best! He's the God of bao! - Niikura_Akonya

Love his music, wish I could have his bass heh.

He should be on the top ten list
Whoever did'nt vote him just never hear him playing his bass