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Victor Lemonte Wooten is an American bass player, composer, author, producer, and recipient of five Grammy Awards.


Let's just be honest. Although the bass players on this list are good, even great, techniquly speaking no one can do what Wooten can. I love all of these bass player and to each of them they lend there minds and personalities to what they create. Wooten my never think to create something that sounds like what claypool or flea would create but anything any of these bass players can think to play Wooten could probably do it better. But there is not a single bass player on this list with the technical skills to play some of wooten's creations. A Show of Hands. Every bass player alive when that album came out has tried to recreate or cover every track and 99.9% of them put there bass down and just say "there is no way"! Victor Laumant Wooten is technically the greatest bass player to this date!

Just check out his clinics. Or his book, "The Music Lesson". He has brilliant insight, and basically you can sum it up with two phrases: Don't be just a bass player (or guitar, or trumpet, etc. ) BE a musician. Fit with the music, don't just be a "master" or "virtuoso", not that that is bad, but it is better to be musical. And also, music theory is ridiculously overrated. And finally, he has so much technical ability, that combined with his musical insight, he is one of the best bassists of all time. Better than Flea.

Stop voting for the bassist of your favorite band in high school. P-nut and Mike Dirnt better than Victor Wooten? Really? Cliff Burton was alright, but face it; he wouldn't be as well regarded if he was alive. I can only guess that the people voting for these people don't know who Victor Wooten is or don't know anything about playing bass. Do yourself a favor, if you have an appreciation for great bass playing, look him up. He's an incredible musician as well as a good guy.

Victor Wooten has unimaginable speed, accuracy and control. Not only was he the creator of the double thumb technique AND the open hammer pluck, he has been voted best bassist of the year by BASS PLAYER MAGAZINE five years in a row. He has mastered every technique on the bass flawlessly, best solo bassist ever for sure and in my view best bassist in the world at this point.

I've been at Geddy Lee fan since I was a kid. But when I got older I started listening to more and more jazz, funk, fusion and other styles. I have seen Victor play live many years ago with Bela Fleck. Since that time I am convinced there is nobody who comes close to the talent of this man on bass. Victor Wooten should be number 1. No question about it. On slap bass this guy puts Flea to shame. In just about every category of music this guy is an absolute monster. The simple fact that he is not number one shows the immatureness of people in society when it comes to music. Don't believe me, listen to this man play Amazing Grace. Enough said.

Dude, this list is pretty lame, the guy from avenged sevenfold should be at like 70th (he only has 3 good songs), Pete Wentz shouldn't be anywhere near this list, yet he's above Bootsy Collins, Marcus Miller, Stanley Clarke, Lemmy, and Geezer Butler. Pete Wentz's bass lines consist of three notes being picked, he sucks. I'm voting Wooten so we can get the Avenged Sevenfold guy off the list - Stangbass16

This man should definitely be higher up on this list. He's been an incredible bassist for so long, and is still, at the top of his game, constantly improving. He exceeds the expectations of all, and then blows his previous performance out of the water, pushing the limits of the bass and the human being. Not only that, but he exceeds the limits of a human being in just being an all around good person.

K... This guys obviously the best.

Like if you don't understand, go mess around on youtube and compare (if you have any sense of music... )

And understand that he's clearly superior to every other bassist in the word on every level. He's capable of anything and he'll do it the best. Simple as that. Go look up n look around you'll hear it for yourself.

Very underrated. I respect Johnny Christ (A7 and Mark Dirnt (Green Day) as a musician but I don't really think they're better than Wooten. Wooten plays with warming melodies and awesome dexterity. He's jazz bassist, so what? He plays better than anyone on the list.

Victor Wooten is way too underrated. Though his style isn't the first thing I choose to listen to, and I have far more favourite bassists, no-one can deny that this guy is a bass god. Him being one of the main influences for many of the top ten including flea, Victor Wooten definitely deserves the number one place.

Victor Wooten uses so many different techinques then most bassists. Many people don't like his style, so they won't vote for him. But, you look at a bassist of his techinque and skill with a bass. He should be in the top 5 with Les and Cliff, Flea doesn't compare to any of these bassists.

Vic is a boss. He plays and he doesn't even try. Also he won best bassist of the year three times, more than any other bass. Yes these guys are good, but they are up on the list because many of you know these people, because they are from big name bands. If you listened to Bela more you would agree, that Vic is a bomb.

There's a lot of people who doesn't know the capability of a great Bass player. All the techniques that I heard with so many Bass Player is on Victor Wooten his hands created to play Bass. I understand that many people voted for famous Bassist but then I salute Vic for his flexibility to play different genres and on how to create great sound.

I discovered Victor a few weeks ago and was simply amazed by his talent and surprised by his music. I really like his freedom and creativity. He obviously is beyond just playing bass. I don't even mention the techniques (slap, tapping, bending harmonics... ) which are light years away from what I can play as a bassist. Every time I hear him a smile comes on my face! Like when I hear Jaco, especially with weather report.

Check the "Lesson" by Victor Wooten on YouTube!

its very funny. other people's so called "god on bass" can't even touch the toe of victor wooten and billy sheehan's Talent in bass! I love metallica since grade school. but there is no way I'm gonna ever put cliff burton on best category of bass players. hahaha!

I agree Victor should be much higher on the list and also agree with the agenda choice also. Yes I have seen Yes live with Chris Squire and he belongs higher up the list also. Maybe the list should broken down to music type. I'm a bassist for 20 years and and am not worthy to carry these guys guitar case but I do know what it to play like guys. Thanks for reading.

I love Geddy Lee, and am a die hard Rush fan, but Victor Wooten kicks his ass, as well as the rest of them. He is the best bassist known to this planet. Why? Well he can only play the bass line of the song, mean while tapping out the melody on his 4 string bass. He is the king of slap and pop.

Victor Wooten is not only the most talented bassist today, he is undoubtedly the greatest ever. He may be the greatest single musician I've ever had the pleasure of seeing live on any instrument. The speed, the slaps, the harmonics, unmatched. Watch "sinister minister" on YouTube and be floored. The behind the back swinging the bass around without missing a beat. " Are you fking kidding me! " Live it's mind numbing. He and Jaco are one and two, both way too low on this list. But that's what happens when just any idiot can vote. That's why Taylor Swift and Katy Perry end up as the number one "musicians".

Victor Wooten did something that no other bassist in history did. He has the ability to play the bass as fast and as proficient as a guitar. Burton and Flea have stuck to their guns as bassists and bassists only. Wooten made it more than a normal bass.

yea victor wooten is an amazing bassist but i dont think mike dirn should be on here!! i mean jeesh...his basslines are so bad, it doesnt matter how compilcated they are just so long it keeps the song up, solid with the drums and sounds good....which he barley does,,he a terrible bassist

He has been the only bass player to earn the bass player of the year award more than one time (3 times). He changed the instrument forever. Not only is he one of the best if not the best bass players in the world, he is one of the best musicians in the world.

people vote for people like flea and so on because there so well known and renowned and i would of a long time done the same but in truth you can really tell how much more victor wooten understands the bass in comparison to most others

Victor should be at the top of this list. Unfortunately, this list appears to be more of a popularity contest than an actual hierarchical order. Folks, try comparing the skills of these players rather than voting for the guy you like most.

Look him up on YouTube. He pushes the limits of what a bass guitar can do. His slap is unbelievable, his speed is ridiculous and he is the only person I've ever seen to effectively sweep pick on a bass. He should be top five but his unorthodox sound will hold him back

You all need to stop choosing bassist as the best because their mainstream. Victor Wooten would destroy any of these bassist on this list. He's the real #1. He even won Best bass player in the world award 3 times Some of you shouldn't be qualified for this survey.