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181 Donuts About You

One of my favorite but my favorite is love and sunshine

Way to sickly sweet

182 Cool Coconut Colada

I bought this on Ebay because I waited too long to buy the products during the summer.

Love this in the foaming hand soap.

Hellooo hello hello there. Yes it me the colada oh yeah... A night with me and gur... Very magnetizing guys like it

Smells amazing like summer coconuts and pineapples. So fresh and perfect for summer­čî×

183 Autumn
184 Midnight (Men's)

Midnight for men is absolutelyMidnight for men is incredible! I've worn fragrances costing a ton of money, however never have I had more compliments on how great I smell than with this line. It's fresh, modern and sexy! I love it. It's affordable as well. I layer it and it powers me through the longest days. The shower gel is a pleasure to use as is the lotion. My skin feels awesome after the lotion is applied. I've bought several sets of these amazing products. They are my favorite! Thank you B&BW!

185 Berry Vanilla

Love love love this scent! The combination of vanilla and the berry is so inviting and fresh. Please bring back.

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