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21 Bali Mango

Bali mango is so amazing I have it as a lotion it smells fantastic I love it makes me feel like I'm in Hawaii

! Mango is the best whether your eating it or smelling like it!

Smells amazing like a juicy mango!

Love this scent in the lotion.

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22 Sexy Dahlia Rush

AMAZINGLY SEXY, SEDUCTIVE, HYPNOTIC! Fall in love with the rich notes for new season! Everything you need to pamper body, hair and lips!

One of the only stronger "perfume" type scents that I liked even after wearing all day & very sexy!

I get more complements on though fragrance than any other I've ever worn. Please bring it back

Please bring back the Sexy Dahlia Rush! :((

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23 French Lavender and Honey

If you like Japanese Cherry Blossom, you will absolutely love this.

Fresh and fruity. Perfect for any day, all 4 seasons.

Love this one! People comment on it every time I wear the lotion and spray and ask me where to get it. Everyone should try it if they haven't already.

Best mist ever!

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24 Fresh Market Apple

It smells so fresh and smells just like a juicy apple!

25 A Thousand Wishes

I discovered this on my first ever visit to bath and bodyworks last Thanksgiving in New York. I was told it was their new holiday fragrance. I fell in love and have the set. Every time I smell it it reminds me of my trip to the Big Apple. Its gorgeous, so fragrant, sweet, warm, subtle, gorgeous.

I was at a friends house for a sleepover and she had a body spray in A Thousand Wishes. When she used it, I immediately new I needed it. When I went to the store, it was one of the first things I looked for. I got it, and I love it!

This scent is a favorite, but, just lightly apply or spritz this scent if you want a more light scent. I really recommend. Perfect for the holidays!

The best!

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26 Cookie Dough

Love the smell of cookie dough!

I love the smell of any cookie things in bath and body works

I love this scent so much! , it's very sweet!

I love the smell of cookie dough sadly bath and body works only sells cookie dough in hand sanitisers! :(

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27 Lemon Vanilla

This was my all-time favourite - none of the others have compared. I used to get compliments from friends, colleagues, strangers -- even my dentist -- on how great it smelled. Wish they'd bring it back.

Bring it back! This was my favorite ever!

I love and miss it please bring it back

Best scent ever lite and refreshing when you live in a hot climite like Florida!

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28 Deep Aqua

Before this scent was cropped out of the picture I bought tons of "Deep Aqua" products, I still have them to this day and absolutely love this admirable fragrance.

Please bring this back! Lovely clean fragrance, nice that you made a fragrance that didn't smell like a tossed salad.

Please bring it back

PLEEAASSEEE bath and body Works, please bring this scent back!

29 Country Chic

It smells so clean, like an open field. It also has a slight (very slight) flower smell it it. I always call it "country chick" though. I LOVE this sent.

My favorite! Not too sweet, not too musky, just the right blend, it's so fresh, like fresh out of a shower, or fresh laundry, which I love!

My favorites are this one and pink chiffon! Country chic just smells so clean and fresh, it's a touch flowery and I love that.

It has a light scent.not so fruity and not so vanilla like it

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30 Rainkissed Leaves

It smells clean and fresh almost like fresh cut grass with a hint of flowers. The lotion scent lasts for hours and doesn't fade like other fragrances.

I grew up in Hawaii and have tried many different scents that claim to be "Hawaiian". Honestly, Rainkissed Leaves really remind me of home. I adore the scent combination of clean wet leaves with a delicate floral note. The smell of late afternoon, walking my dog in Kahaluu.

This scent is my favorite! It's a soft scent. My girlfriend got me a hotel room & that hotel had this scent just in shampoo & conditioner & body lotion & hand soap. I fell in love, so every Valentine's, Bday, or Christmas she buys me the sets online cause u can't find it in stores. The smells brings me back to that weekend! Smells so good! Just ABSOLUTELY love it! Almost 4 yrs later...

I have been searching for this scent since forever! I forgot the name after I lost the bottle and FINALLY! This was my first BBW mist and I will never forget the clean, earthy, and magical smell of it. This scent evokes an indestinguishable good feeling/memory that you never had. Which is why I have never forgotten its scent.

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31 Forever Red

First smelled it on my sis found it in her room and never gave it back so good I'm about to buy it now for myself because the first one was way over used by all my sisters we love it one of the best

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Forever Red. It's my signature fragrance and the only fragrance I have been wearing for the past 2 years. I use the entire line.

I haven't actually bought this scent yet, but when I smelled it in the store I completely fell in LOVE

�️ My all time favorite!

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32 White Mango Chill

This is the best scent ever! It takes you to a tropical paradise I bought a full size lotion and I use it everyday and it is January, love bath and body so much for this scent

33 Beautiful Day

Beautiful Day, I voted for it, because it deserves to be higher in the list! I love the scent the spring scent like sour apples and it makes me feel like jumping into I pile of flowers. It almost feels like I'm in the most beautiful garden in the world. It feels like it's called; it feels like it's a beautiful spring day!

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This scent is so refreshing and fragrant! I love the way it works with the chemistry of my skin. It reminds me of a "beautiful day" for sure!

Best scent ever

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34 Be Enchanted

I just can't tell you how much I love this scent! They FINALLY had it back for a limited time, and I just had to restock! It's fresh, playful, and light, and I always get compliments when I wear it. I'm forever addicted

I just love it. I smelled it on someone else once and asked what it was. It's been in my rotation every since. The hand lotion is really sweet and strong, lasts awhile. Always get compliments on this one.

Inspired by the wonder of a shimmering fantasy, Be Enchanted is a charming mix of frosted florals sweetened with sparkling sugared pomegranate

As it says it has an enchanting aroma

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35 Aqua Blossom

I wish wish wish I could find this smell in a body spray! So fantastic. Absolutely refreshing, clean, and relaxing. Really a great smell! :D

Next to classic Plumeria, Aqua Blossom is my favorite scent ~ it reminds me of being with my then fiance, now my husband, in his home on Molokai, looking out the kitchen window toward Lanai island, with the tradewinds caressing me, feeling so calm and happy. I brought a bottle over there and loved washing my hands at that sink with this addictive scent. It is so a clean & refreshing! I bought a nice supply of bottles of the pump soap last summer as it was being discontinued.

36 Dark Kiss

I love this sent. It's soft and can be worn day or night but I would prefer night. I normally prefer tropical smells but this is perfect because it's gentle and has a sweet floral smell. I cried when I broke my perfume of this, this and sensual amber are my two favorites I can't pick between the two. Honestly though if you want to smell lovely, beautiful and feminine wear this perfume. I think it's a great perfume that reflect my personality.

Dark kiss is to die for! It is so sexy and feminine, with scrumptious, but slightly musky amber tones that help it not to overpower. It brings out the dark seductiveness, that is mature and luscious. I definitely recommend dark kiss, especially for someone on a night out with their "main squeeze"

The fragrance is out of this world

Amazing I got 10 to 5 compliments on it so much.Everyones chaseimg me for it

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37 Mint Chocolate

I always use the mint chocolate candle in the winter but I like it's the season better!

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38 Mango Mandarin

Love this sweet scent. Smells just like mandarins. Sweet fresh fruit. Wish they would keep this one around or at least offer it in the semi annual sale. Good for anyone.

Miss this. So fresh. Smells just like mandarins, sweet fresh fruit. Wish they would keep this one around or at least offer it in the semi annual sale.

This will have you feeling energized and frisky, I wish they had it all year!

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39 Magnolia Blossom

Love it & they should bring it back! Even if it's a limited time, I'd but a huge amount so when they take it away! Such a clean scent! Just love it!

My favorite of all the scents, I always get complements on good I smell every time I use it. Its refreshing and can be used all day.

Wish they would bring it back. It would help with Christmas shopping too, since I know so many people who want it.


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40 Dancing Waters

Reminds me of my summer romance in a surf beach in the Philippines.

Wonderful scent, so underrated. Smells so fresh and so clean.

I love dancing waters. I do not see it at the store where I shop as often as I once did.

This one reminds me of the ocean. It smells so good! Whenever I'm on a beach I use it!

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