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41 Forever Sunshine

Love this fragrance it is so flirty and smells like happiness! Honestly I'm more of a fresh floral person like the wild honey suckle and butterfly flower. But this I use when I'm going out with the girls or on dates! It's so fun and youthful!

LOVE this! I am super picky about my perfumes and have stuck with JCB for years now. I bought the travel size of this to try out and I'm going back for the bigger bottle! It's very spring/summer and just smells like fun.

Its been my favorite since it came out! Can't get much better!

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42 Black Pearl

Please make more products in this scent, it is AMAZING.

I agree please make more products of this scent. All year for stores.

I honestly think it smells like fruit snacks... I love it!

Jack Sparrow sweet mate.

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43 Caribbean Escape

I love this smell! It's sweet, gentle, and relaxing!

Wish they'd make a spray and lotion with this scent if they haven't already and I missed it! Lol

I applied it and could still smell it in the room sometime later... it smells lovely

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44 Aruba Coconut

Love love this scent! Bought 6 bottles during the semi annual sale! I'm glad I did because it's discontinued! Great summer smell!

I loved this scent and missed it so much that I bought the body mist, body wash and lotion on Ebay. It was a very popular product that many people had been bidding on. I wasnt gonna let it slip away. I got the final bid! So happy. Almost afraid Ill use it up too fast lol. I put my heart into getting it.

Please please bring this scent back! It is my favorite. I get so many compliments when I wear it!

LOVE IT. This is my all-time favorite, and yet it was a short-lived fragrance. Why?

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45 Cherry Blossom

My favorite scent! I can't believe it's discontinued. I try to stock up on it when I see it on line. Whenever I wear this I always get compliments from, not only friends, but strangers too. It is not the same as Japanese Cherry Blossom. Japanese Cherry Blossom is sort of overwhelming. Cherry Blossom is perfect! Please, please, please bring it back!

This is the one and only cologne that I consistently received compliments on. I cannot believe it was discontinued. I am very upset about this and have been online trying to find it anywhere. I cannot believe that it was not a huge seller.

The best BBW fragrance ever -- so fresh, clean and feminine. I haven't found any fragrance at ANY store that I like better than this and plan to stock up on this scent while it's available online. Too bad it's not regularly stocked and available in stores.

My favorite scent from Bath and Body Works - ever!

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46 Love Love Love

Best fragrance ever so sad they're discontinuing it hope they bring it back soon!

It's my favorite scent ever! Mysterious but sweet and with a hint of floral..hope they bring it back or at least make something good else similar!

Love love loved this one... Anything close to it?

I love this. Love love love I wish bbw bring it back, please.

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47 Wild Madagascar Vanilla

Smells more than just a generic vanilla. Sweet tones with many more. Definitely my favorite scent. Sad it's going to not be sold in stores offer this SAS

This is a nice scent that lasts a long time. Unfortunately, I heard that it's being discontinued so make sure you stock up on this wonderful fragrance. :(

This is by far my favorite scent ever! I get lots of compliments when I wear it, which is everyday! Please don't ever get rid of this scent!

One of the best scents EVER!

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48 Brown Sugar & Fig

My male math teacher used to hide this from us, like he'd put some on before class start so when we enter it's like this gorgeous smell and you never knew where it came from, but being the the scavengers we are we eventually found the lotion and I still remember it, and this smells good, and UNISEX. He was fine too. So definitely a buy

Lucked up on this during the semi-annul sale! It's a must have. It's warm, slightly fruity, and sweet. Not too much. Just right. One of my all time favorite scents. I wish they'd keep it in stores.

The best I ever used, only downside is it keeps getting discontinued and brought back... Frustrating

Love it

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49 Endless Weekend

I discovered this scent by accident in a public washroom. I have been crazy for it ever since and ended up buying the entire line because I like to layer. It takes me to a different place mentally because it reminds me of the beach, sunshine and seagulls. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! Everyone around me loves it too!

I got this at bath and body works and I absolutely fell in love with this fragrance I would recommend this to anyone really makes it feel like an endless weekend just the smell is so beautiful. by the way my sister comes in my room and she puts it on like if it were hers

I love it! I bought the pocket version just to try it and I fell in love! It's so fresh and perfect for summer. Fortunately I got the whole set in my birthday, perfect gift

Can't believe they're discontinuing Endless Weekend! Why? Let Bath & Body Works know how we feel.

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50 Sea Island Cotton

Best scent ever! Smells like a mix of a paradise island and clean laundry! Every day when I bring it to school, people will always ask me for some... And some would even try to steal it! It was just that good!

Makes me feel like I'm floating across a cloud pure happiness. Favorite thing I've ever smelled in my entire life! Wear it every single day and never get sick of it. Lasts all day. It's so fresh and clean! LOVE LOVE LOVE SEA ISLAND COTTON! - Lorax69

Smells so fresh and clean! I couldn't stop smelling my hands after using the antibacterial gel. Feels like I've just gotten out of the shower

Smells like bed sheets drying outside on a cloths line. Memories of childhood.

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51 Black Raspberry Vanilla

I Love the smell of this! The sweet smell makes me want to cover every inch of skin on my body with it! I love it! Nice way to smell good!

My absolute favorite scent. Not too fruity and just a hint of vanilla. The mix of the two is perfect! I wish it was available in a candle!

This scent is so soft and easy on my allergies. My grandson love to smell me when they visit. They claim it is MY SCENT.

Love it

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52 Be Joyful

I love it I spray in my bathroom and then when guest come they ask why does your bathroom smell so good

I just so love this scent its sweet and unique

I found a brand new bottle of shower gel at a yard sale. I fell in love with this. I have looked everywhere trying to find something similar to it. B&B are my all time favorites.


53 Pink Grapefruit

Whenever I'm at Bath and Body Works, I go around smelling all the hand sanitizers. This one is AWESOME!

54 Juniper Breeze

So fresh and invigorating! Wish they would bring this back! One of my favorites! Grabbed 3 body mists and 3 lotions during the SAS.

My all time favorite... So sad they discontinued it please bring it back asap!

My favorite scent. So sad it was discontinued! Please bring it back.

PLEASE, Please, please bring this back!

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55 Sweet On Paris

I've always liked not loved BBW's line of products. There is a few scents that are okay, a few that I dislike, and some that I always go back to if I pass a BBW store in the mall. I never truly became a fan until Sweet on Paris made its debut! I LOVE it! Please bring it back. I constantly stalk eBay in order to get my SoP fix! I get compliments from so many people when I wear it. It's a perfect amount of sweetness and perfect for all of the girly girls out there. I'm 42 and absolutely adore Sweet on Paris.

THE BEST! And this is coming from a perfume junkie. It didn't get any better than this. Wanted it to be my signature scent. BUT it got discontinued. It's 2015 now and I'm still crying for it back :(

I'm so sad they took this scent away! I am a fragrance fanatic and I love this scent more than any other. It last all day and I brighten the room with this lovely scent.

I love it so much

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56 Mad About You

I went through a bunch of scents & this one stood out. I don't like the design as much as I would like too but the smell makes up for it :) I was going to choose a different scent just because it didn't look as pretty as the others but that one struck me I have two bottles in my room I have 3 other scents but those are by far the best ones. It's just amazing year round anytime scent.

When I first went to Bath and Body Works, everybody told me to look at the Japanese Cherry Blossom scent and Mad About You was right next to it. I soon as I smelled it I knew it was going to be my future scent. I bought the whole set and I still use it. It smells very mature and I totally recommend using it!

I just love the fragrance when I bought a tiny bottle of toilette spray on clearance. Now I am after the big bottle and am waiting for the store to get it in. I got a travel bag with the lotion, body spray, shower gel and a small hand sanitizer. Smells a little like cotton candy and a little musk. Very faint.

I love the smell... it's sweet yet sophisticated... even my husband loves to smell it with me wearing it.

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57 Malibu Heat

Love love love love this scent so mad they discontinued

Favorite smell ever, I wear it all the time an constantly get compliments it's not to strong but not to soft lasts all day😍

58 Creamy Coconut

I love creamy coconut.on my last bottle. Please bring it back

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59 Exotic Coconut

Please bring it back. The best coconut fragrance ever!

Another fave that bit the dust!

My favorite. I don't even shop there anymore. If they would bring it back I would be in there all the time..they would sell out fast

PLEASE bring this back! 😪 I can't tell you how many times I've walked through a room and a random person said..."Somebody smells so good. It smells like the beach." EXACTLY! If I can't live at the beach, I could at least smell like it! My semi-annual purchases of 10 bottles each have been depleted. What am I to do? ðŸ˜"

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60 Orange Sapphire

I LOVE this scent! If you like Banana Republic Classic (for women), you will love this scent, because it is so completely similar. I bought it on a whim and now I am so glad that I did.

My favorite scent. It always smells so perfect, and I always get compliments whenever I wear it

I love the scent of orange sapphire!

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