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61 Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin

My favorite scent of all time. I'm Halloween crazy. The yearly return of Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin means my favorite time of year is just-around-the-corner. I love, love, love it!

This is the most beautiful scent. It has the gorgeous B+BW scent to it, they all seem to have that scent whatever fragrance you try. Its such a winter holiday smell, sweet, yummy, warm, gorgeous. I have the set and only use it on special occasions because I don't want it to run out. I adore it. I love the warm scent of cinnamon

I did not like this scent seems it smells like a man scent I recommend this for guys.

This is the absolute best scent in the world to me. If you've never tried this scent, I urge you to try it..

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62 Rice Flower & Shea

My favorite scent in the whole world! So very disappointed it is no longer available... Please reconsider!

Please bring this one back! Also jasmine and orange. Frosted snowberry great scents

Most awesome! Best lotion formula ever!


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63 Vanilla Noir

Absolutely my favorite scent. Ever!

Loved this one! It'll always be my favorite. Wish it hadn't gotten discontinued. :( Please bring it back!

64 Nectarine Mint

This scent sounds AWESOME!

65 Sparkling Limoncello

This scent is very fruity and sweet smelling. It smells like a fresh-squeezed cup of lemonade, and is noticeable but not overpowering. After walking through the whole store and trying out almost every scent, this one was my favorite. - quirky

Can't wait to try it

66 Pure Paradise

Pure paradise is a tropical scented scent. It smells amazing and I think they discontinued it but you can order it. But, if you do go in stores the closest scent to it is endless weekend. Personally I think pure paradise smells better but that's my opinion...

This is my favorite scent and I hate that its discontinued! I bought 6 bottles the last time they brought it back and am on the last one! It's a beautiful tropical scent that is great year round!

I have always found the scents at Bath and Body to be too strong but this one I can wear all day long. The problem is I found it too late because now I can't buy it anymore unless I go on eBay.

My son's favorite

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67 Eucalyptus Spearmint

Wonderful aromatic scent! First smelled it on my adult daughter who then showered me with lots of this scent at I'm really hooked!

Invigorating scent! My absolute favorite! I have never got tired of this scent!

It is a clean scent. I love anything minty!

My favorite

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68 Honolulu Sun

It smells so good! Smells like the beach. This one is number one. My favorite!

So sad this is only seasonal. I stocked up this summer. Please make it a signature...

A girl in my gym glass had this and I fell in love! It reminded me of when I was little for some reason. I love it so much. I had never bought a fine fragrance mist from bbw until I bought this one. It's so amazing.

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69 Amber Blush

Capture the sensual warmth and luxury of a romantic getaway! Raspberry champagne & gardenia petals mingle with a seductive kiss of crystallized amber for an ultra-feminine scent.

This is a wonderful soft, warm scent, not over powering. So perfect, I get a lot of compliments.

I love it, but the spray is so much better than the shower gel.

So nice! Smells amazing and long lasting

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70 Snowkissed Sugar

Even though this is a coconut scent- I live in Florida so I can wear tropical scents all year round. But somehow it works! It is not an overwhelmingly powerful coconut scent it just smells so clean, fresh, and girly. I love the body cream and it is the perfect light and airy "I just got out of the shower" scent. I love fresh and clean scents so this is one of my new favorites. I only have the body cream but the next time I am in the store I am picking up the fine fragrance mist. I am usually not a huge coconut fan either but I might hoard this when it goes on sale at the semi-annual sale. It is so light but makes you smell tropical but wintery at the same time. It is perfect. One of the best new seasonal scents I have found lately.

How is this not on the list yet? its amazing! I layer it with amber blush and its just so unique and amazing! so sweet and attractive guys always say they want to lick me haha

Wish this wonderful scent would come back to the shelves and out of retirement. It is my favorite! Soft coconut, clean and fresh.

Love this stuff. Wear it all year long

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71 Rio Rumberry

This scent is absolutely amazing it is so fruity and cheery! I buy it for all my friends birthdays! Definitely would recommend this scent!

At first I hated this scent because I thought it smelled too much like a fruity candy like starbursts but once it's on your skin for a while it smells amazing!

72 Butterfly Flower

Butterfly Flower is my one of the only BBW scents that I truly love. It is so fresh and beautiful. If never has that horrible sharp smell that almost all of the new scents have or the vanilla. It stays lovely and doesn't fade to that same smell. Please bring it back, at least for the semi annual sales.

Seems really strong but once it sorta fades away it smells like heaven!

Lotion is good but spray is too strong and old lady ish

I love love love this scent & am kind of shocked to see that it is only #67 as it definitely stands out to me as probably my favorite B&B fragrance.It is actually kind of difficult to describe, I guess that I would call it feminine & elegant, floral & fresh & it just absolutely works for me- Iget so many compliments when I wear this. I prefer to let the lotipn serve as my " perfume" versus the body spray. I also really liked "Into the Wild"- supet clean & fresh smelling- hope that they bring it back! White Citrus & Enchanted Orchid also wprk very well for me. So grateful to B& Bfor making such lovely, affordable products for me to smell & feel lovely every day!

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73 Capri Seaside Citrus

This is part of thl new Italian Collection and it's one of Bath and Body Work's best scents. It has this fresh citrus feel that's very wearable for the summer!

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74 Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte

MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE! It smells like fall in a bottle. It's sweet but not too strong. Smells kind of mysterious which I love. Guys I know love the feminine sweet smell, they say I smell like candy.

This is my best Fall scent so yummy and warm and cozy like an fall day and sweet like latte it's a fine blend of pumpkin and latte.

How is this ranked 77! This scent smells so good! It's sweet but also fresh! Perfect for any time of the year especially fall.

This was amazing. My husband nibbled at my neck so much. Why was it only seasonal.

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75 Fresh Sparkling Snow

It has a very strong scent, kind of fruity almost. I love it. But not my favorite, in my opinion the scent keeps on smelling different overtime, but besides that it is pretty good.

My all time favorite. By a few of the cream bottles when it comes out each winter to last all year. Love it.

It has a very intoxicating, pure smell. With a hint a fruity sweetness, this scent is by far my favorite.

Love love love. Should be made a signature item.

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76 Coconut Lime Breeze

This is my all time favorite bath and body works scent. It smells like you should be in somewhere like Hawaii. It's absolutely amazing!

Put the lime in the coconut! Smells like a tropical paradise every day..

Coconut and bit of lime makes a great fit! Put this back in stores!

The best ever!

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77 Love & Sunshine

One of my best friends loves this. It smells like daisies, lemon, and strawberry. The body cream has a great lasting power. Her normal favorite is Cucumber and Melon.

Love and sunshine is the best way to start your summer also it smells like a flower if your very cold at wintertime you can look at your love and sunshine and you can look at the flowers and feel warm again I want to tell you all the my friends have this flavor of bbw bye

This is my absolute, infinity favorite. This is the bomb

I absolutely love this scent... I smelled it one time and bought the whole set

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78 Into the Wild

I purchased this several years ago at the semi-annual sale & absolutely loved it-it "packs a punch" but in the best way possible- super fresh & lovely- kind of fruity--' just absolutely perfect! I received many compliments when I wore this. They really need to bring this one back!

I've been looking for this scent but no stores have this anymore. This is really my favorite scent. And nothing has replaced it. Please bring it back

The scent stays so long... There is a "wow" factor every time I use it..

Love love it! Please bring it back!

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79 Plumeria

Please bring this gorgeous floral scent back - reminded me of Maui every time I used it. I haven't shopped at your store since you stopped offering it and now can't even find it on line. Please bring it back!

I would buy every body lotion and body cream in stock if Bath and Body would bring this back!

My favorite scent of all. Wish they would bring it back.

Yes please bring this sent back

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80 Tahiti Island Dream

My husband loves this one! It's a nice change from the other scents I get. I like just a little body spray or the hand lotion.

My boyfriend wanted this scent so badly, but after a few days, he decided he didn't want to smell like island anymore.

How do people not know about this scent this is like all the popular scents in one bottle of amazement

This is the best scent out of all the year round ones, definitely should be in the 20s for the ranking

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