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81 Venice Dolce Berry

My favorite - very disappointed when it was discontinued!

All time favorite scent. Wish they would bring it back

I love this for summer wish they would bring it back!

My favorite! Please bring it back!

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82 Night Blooming Jasmine

I love this scent, it has been discontinued which has made me sad, it was the best smelling body spray and lotion I loved it!

Best scent ever. Fell in love immediately in the store and wore it all the time. Was crushed when it was discontinued.

Is there a replacement for night blooming jasmine.

Please please please bring this one back!

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83 Black Cherry Merlot

THE MOST wonderful scent I've ever smelled in my lifetime. Dark and delicious and intoxicating and slightly sweet. I use the hand cream and I'm wishing for a body spray in this scent soon!

I wish every year that you have this that you would have body wash, lotion and body spray in this scent and also your Honolulu Sun scent too.

I love Black Cherry Merlot and have used it for the last couple of years. I liked it much better than the Japanese Cherry blossom.

Such a sexy scent of a cherry! Just give me one More taste!

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84 Oahu

Smells sweet but no overpowering.

Love love love this smell! Reminds me of summer, being on the beach laying on the sand tanning!

Sweet sweet sweet... Super creamy...delightful... Just perfect 10stars all the way...

85 Sweet Magnolia & Clementine

I think that it smells SO GOOD it contains the perfect amount of sweetness and sourness. Try it I really recommend it.

It's my absolute favorite scent

Just got it and love it

Love the smell

86 Pineapple Coconut

Please consider bringing this lotion and body mist back as a signature's the best pinnapple combination B&BW has had and It's definitely Waay better than the one in the Hawaiian line.

87 Plum Cider Warmth

The very first BBW product I have ever had was this one as I fell in love with it and just sprayed away to my hearts content

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88 Merry Berry Christmas

This is my new favorite scent. I have the fine fragrance mist which lasts long and lingers on pillows and sheets. I absolutely LOVE Merry Berry Christmas!

I love this sweetness but it not too sweet like vanilla bean Noel, it smell like a candy sweet, not bakery sweet

I used to like it but now I do not. I had sniffed it for too long. Now I like it if I stop smelling it.

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89 Green Clover and Aloe

Green Clover and Aloe was my favorite lotion for years, I wore it every single day, so light and fresh. No harsh undertones. I got so many compliments on it. I was crushed when it was discontinued even online. I still haven't found anything I liked as much as that and it's been almost 5 years since I used up my last bottle of lotion.

Also my favorite wish they would bring it back...

Best scent they ever made!

So clean and fresh

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90 Tiki Mango Mai Tai

This scent is AMAZING! It's floral yet musky and it's great I can't put it into words!

This has been my favorite scent so far. I miss it and wish they would bring it back!

I love this scent! It's very refreshing and smells great

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91 Fresh Picked Tangerines

Smells so fresh- slightly tart fruity smell that is so comforting! Love the scent!

Ihave a handsanitizer and everyone begs for somthing out of it I prefer this even more than carribean escape and dancing waters combinend hope it helps

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92 Velvet Tuberose

I can't believe no mentioned this in the top ten this smell is amazing! You should try it...

Yes please bring this back! Such a wonderful scent.

Absolutely love this and always get compliments when I wear it!

My all time favorite! It's the perfect scent.

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93 Peony

This was a classic fragrance and a favorite of mine for years. I gave not seen this fragrance since 2007 when they bought it back shortly for a spring classic promotion and is still on the retired list, I would really like it if the Peony fragrance would be added back on a permanent basis.

Please pkease bring this one back. So classy!


94 Orange Ginger

Smells really nice and refreshing. It's my mom's favorite as well.

95 Stress Relief

I think it smells divinely... Very long lasting soft and sophisticated... The best vanilla lavender mist I have ever had

Awesome with a long day of work stress just dab some on and you will get some minty relaxation on your hands!

Doesn't help with stress, but it is a pleasant scent.

96 Watermelon Lemonade

I love the candles and soap of watermelon lemonade this is one great home fragrance. Had to buy it as gifts for several people

The best scent ever I bought everything you can buy with this scent! AMAZING!

Amazing as a hand cream...But why not a body wash?

This is the absolute best scent! I'm in love with this. absolutely smells like watermelon lemonade this is my favorite scents of all

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97 Champagne Sparkle

Love this sour and sweet scent of peaches and champagne reminds me a day in Paris!

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98 Pumpkin Pecan Waffles


This stuff smells great, so yummy and fall!

Lol, I love it! I guess people have different tastes. I think its really fun to smell like Pumpkin Pecan Waffles. Also, my Husband hates scents that have a more "traditional" perfume smell. Years ago I tossed my expensive, musky scents in the trash. I have never looked back. I adore all the fun unusual B & B scents.

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99 Leaves

It still breaks my heart that they discontinued the body spray to this. At least they still have the candles...I will start shopping for more than just the leaves candles if they bring this scent back in the body spray and bath products.

This is the only scent I love at Bath & Body works. I wish they still sold the oil. It was the best

I like this one and it isn't smokey either.


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100 Peach Bellini

This is my favorite they have but it's only available in a soap and candle. Bring on the body spray PLEASE! Don't let this one go.

I wish bath and body would have never done away with Peach Nectar that was my other favorite.

My absolute favorite! It smells like peaches with a hint of citrus
I have never met someone shoo doesn't like this scent,
Highly recommend it to everyone

It smells so good, and the smell lasts quite a long time!

It smells really good and is quite strong

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