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101 Island Margarita

Love it...Truly wonderful & refreshing scent!

I got this scent in a hand sanitizer and it is absolutely one of my favorites!

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102 Peach Nectar

My favorite by far! The best fragrance they ever made and sadly stopped selling it. My favorites were the All Day refresher, the bath powder, the bath crystals and the body mist of this scent. The soap and lotion didn't smell like the other products did. Hardly any smell to them.

Love it. Available only on eBay on occasion but sadly too expensive. Please bring it back in stores. No they attempts of peach smelled like it.

Love this. Scent smells beautiful


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103 Jingle Bellini

I absolutely LOVE Jingle Bellini! I found my first container, body wash, at a yard sale and fell in love. Unfortunately, it's not being made anymore, but if they ever bring it back, I'll be stocking up BIG TIME!

Wonderful scent. Closest smell to the Peach Bellini for a body scent. The one with the shimmer mist is the best.

104 Pearberry

So disappointed pear berry was discontinued. This has always been my favorite. It is fresh, lasts all day but not too strong. Pear berry should come back and be on the list of 10 best!

One of the best originals, so sad that it was discontinued. What a shame!

I've had this sent since I was a teenager so it's a bit nostalgic buuut I still use it! It's my go to sent. I buy it in bulk every time they bring it back for the sales! My closet is full of sprays, lotions, and the gels! I always get compliments. They discontinued it so eearly into my discovery that nobody else had it and still to this day when my friends smell it they know it's me!

Love this scent! My go to!

105 Cup Of Warmth Vanilla Chai & Biscotti


This is a really warm and yummy scent and is really good to wear during the cold months! It reminds me of a cozy sweater and warm blanket feeling once you put it on! I bought 3 of the cozy lotions but the Vanilla Chai and biscotti is by far the best!

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106 Copacabana Coconut

It smells very good, It always reminds me of the beach in Mexico every time I smell it

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107 Pink Diamond

So sassy! Makes me feel so confident and flirty, and it gives off such a girly smell, too! It's not distracting, either, but so pleasant to intake on a bad day! For me, this is my "stress relief" lotion. :D

108 Island Nectar

Please please bring this back! I look for it every year. My neighbor got me the wallflowers in this scent when my son was born. I bought all they had at the store. I love it. It's so fresh and summery.

Why is it not on the list?!?! This smells amazing. I love it. Smells like fresh fruits, as if you just came out of a shower smelling all nice. I absolutely love this scent. I wish BBW had this complete set.

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109 Winter Spice & Vanilla

Smells like a yummy hot toddy, not too sweet though.

110 Hawaii Passionfruit Kiss

I got this scent on sale, having not smelled it before I was concerned, however it is amazing, very floral, other favorites of mine are sweet pea, used to like Japanese cherry blossom but I got bored with it laugh out loud, secret wonderland, pink chiffon, and sensual amber for a real sweet smell

This scent smells amazing I can't believe bath and body discontinued this scent please bring it back

I LOVE this smell it's AMAZING! Every always ask me what do I have on...

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111 Winter Cranberry
112 Lush Pink Dragonfruit

They need to bring this one summer lotion smell ever

Love this, but it's discontinued

It smells good. last for long period of time. I really love this scent aside from sweet pea and white citrus.

113 Maui Mango Surf

I love this one! I have it in the body lotion, shower gel, fine fragrance mist, body scrub, and aloe gel lotion.

I love this scent my friend has it in diamond shimmer mist spray and a mini lotion and big lotion

I can't find this anywhere. The scent is simply amazing. I wish your company would bring t back ASAP! I have looked everywhere for it. This should have been your top seller!

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114 Georgia Peach

It smells so yummy like a fruity peach splash. I am in love with it

My friend has it it smells so good

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115 Orchard Frost

Love it! They need to make a room spray.

116 Pink Sugarplum

Another Wonderful Scent. They tried to replace it with the Sugar Plum Dream. Trying them side by side. Pink Sugarplum was far better. People are paying $50 per bottle on this once it left stores. Bring it back!

117 Dazzling Diamond

I want this in a body spray so bad!

So good! Fruity smell. Do buy it.

I love this one so badly

I used to like my hand sanitizer, but after awhile it gets this weird peanut butter smell

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118 Lemongrass Sage

Anyone who has the lemongrass sage shower gel and lotion for sale please contact me at This is the only fragrance I can use because I suffer from migraine headaches. This is so hard to find. I appreciate anything anyone cam do for me. Thanks

Loved this scent, bought all I could while it was available! Keeps mosquitoes away too!

119 Sugar and Spice

And all things nice!

120 Pumpkin Latte & Marshmallow

The best one yet! Outside of my dark kiss that I love!

I love this scent I have it in the pocket bac I love it so much one of my favorited

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