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121 Cool Amazon Rain

Oh my Lord! I bought this entire set at SAS and fell in love! Buy this scent!

122 Fresh Brazil Citrus

I love how the innocent smell brings back the memories of my first love.

I LOOOVVVEEE this one it smells amazing and reminds me of something you would wear to the beach. It isn't too sweet or strong, but the lotion is amazing.

My absolute Favorite. The best scent ever. Reminds me of Dolce & Gabana light blue. I wish it was out this summer.

123 Lush Pink Dragonfruit

They need to bring this one summer lotion smell ever

Love this, but it's discontinued

It smells good. last for long period of time. I really love this scent aside from sweet pea and white citrus.

124 Tis the Season

Ugh I feel like I want to throw up everywhere when I use this one! Wish I never bought it-don't buy it

I love it's the season it's so fruity! '

125 Caramel Pumpkin Spice

It smells sweet and me and my friend have a bond over it. I cried when they took the lotion away from me at the airport. It's different from any other smell. They have to make it permanent!

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126 Fresh Picked Heirloom Cranberries
127 California Citrus and Sunshine

I JUST LOVE THIS SCENT! It reminds me of when I went to California! So yummy!

128 Cotton Blossom

As I reviewed on the B&BW site I imagine this is what heaven must smell like. Cotton Blossom is my favorite Bath and Body works scent. After my fiance took a shower with it he declared,

This is the best sent BBW has ever made. I get compliments on it all the time. Should be a regular in the store.

129 Violet Lily Sky

My daughter-in-law wore this and she always smelled great and she said she got tons of compliments every time she's wear it.

This scent is the scent that got me into loving BBW. Best dcent ever! Bring it back! It smells like fresh laundry with a hint of floral.

130 Peach Sparkle

I love this scent! My girlfriend wears it and it turns me on so much!

131 Pink Sangria

Loved this. Just wish it was available in a body spray.

132 Flip Flopped Fruit

It smells so Carribean-ish! It's the most fruity tropical scent, like, ever. I've gotten so many compliments from strangers and friends about how it smells!

133 Napa Autumn Blackberry

I stocked up because they are discontinuing it... :(

134 Winter Vanilla Latte

Nice rich vanilla caramel slight cinnamon scent.. Amazing! One of the few vanilla scents that's not too light

135 Tuscan Vineyard
136 Sweet Macaron

Who doesn't love a scent that smells like macaroons?!

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137 Tiki Beach

I have this in room spray and this reminds me the beach. I love this smell.

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138 Vanilla Berry Sorbet

LOVE LOVE LOVE this scent. my absolute favorite. it's sweet without being overwhelming and just do heavenly!

It's my favorite it has a very nice scent it has a mixture of sweet berry and vanilla the foaming soap and perfume is so nice...

This is a gorgeous scent, it smells a lot like strawberries and raspberries, it's a very soft scent and not too overpowering,it's one of my favourites from bath and body works

139 Merry Marshmallow Kiss V 1 Comment
140 Sugar Plum Dream

One of the best winter fragrances in my opinion! I love it and so do my friends and family! This is a must try!

They need to keep Christmas smells at bath and body works all year round like this one its awesome

Sugar plum dream is my all time favorite scent I hate how they don't have it all year round.

I use it all year round it is amazing it is also one of the only scents I use

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