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141 Strawberry Sparkler
142 Perfect Beach Day

This smells so good! It's a shame its not available

143 Crystal Blue Waters

So fresh and alluring! Could not get enough! Even when they started going out of stock I went to all the stores iI could find buying what ever I could find of this enchanting scent! I still have a small splash and whenever I use it people say they have never smelled anything like it. Alas, they may never get the chance again.

Really nice scent. Everyone would comment how nice it smelled. Wish they would bring it back even if it's only for a limited time...I'd stock up.

144 Honey Sweetheart

One of the best scents ever! I hope it comes back one day!

145 Fiji White Sands

Its really nicely scented, it's very coconut-ey and very summery its one of my all-time-favorites for sure even though I only have the pocketbac

146 Pink Peonies and Pears

This is one of my favourite pocket-bacs, although I'm not sure if they come in other things( such as shower gel) it is a strong scent and it smells very perfume-y although it's very fruity and floral at the same time, it is definitely one of BBW's best

147 Winter

This is by far my favorite scent from bath and body works. I have been using candles and wall flowers my whole life but as soon as I used the winter candles and wall flowers EVERYONE who walks in my home instantly ask what scent that is. They say it is the nicest they have smelt ever! Beautiful scent! Just wonderful!

One of my favorites!

I love the the hand soap, was wondering if there is a bodywash?

148 White Peach Chardonnay

All time favorite. SOOO GOOD

its good

149 White Citrus

This is one of the most freshest scents ever! Makes you feel sparkling clean!

So refreshing... I used to smell it specially when I have migraine and it kinda gives a relieving mood... So citrus!

It's a nice, clean scent that warms up quite nicely... - heather

I love fresh citrus scents. This is my favorite

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150 White Tea and Ginger

Smells fresh and clean one of my favorites wish you would bring it back I love it

Very nice, ladylike scent. Surprised it's not ranked much higher.

Oh so feminine and not too sweet. This is my favorite!

Fresh. The best by far.

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151 Black Amethyst

I love this smell! Since I last bought it, I've tried three other Bath and Body Works perfumes and Black Amethyst is still my favorite. I even chose to wear it over my Rue 21 perfume! It has a nice summer smell for the girl who is active and always on the go. You only need to wear a little though, otherwise, it might be too strong for you, as it sometimes was for me. The scent isn't too girly, but it still smells amazing and has a nice, musky touch to it. I would recommend this fragrance to everyone who is looking for a nice Christmas gift or just needs a to-go bottle for their purse!

What a shame this scent was discontinued. I had to purchase on EBay until it got to expensive. But at least I have 16 shower gels and 16 body creams. Should last me awhile if I pace myself. Love the Gingerbread Latte too. Have almost as much of it as I do the black amethyst. Can't understand why they don't have it where you can order the scents you like, at their online store.

Black Amethyst is a beautiful fragrance, it should be higher on the list and I think it would be if you brought it back.

Love this smell

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152 Cashmere Glow

Peaches amber musk this is the winter time sister to sensual amber summer... All fall &winter long can't stop spraying it my clothes hair pillow you name it I spray this on it ( my body too) lolol.. If they are ever going to get rid of this I'm gonna refinance my home take out a second mortgage something anything to buy every single set they have I want to be buried in it the smell is amazing reminds me being wrapped in a warm sweater stilling by a fireplace.. Very sexy and sophisticated love love love it everyone over 25 should own this love it

A wonderfully sweet, new holiday scent fresh off the shelf! With a mixture of smooth vanilla and a touch of fresh roses, this new perfume is one that will impress and add to the Christmas spirit this holiday season. I know I love it!

Bath and Body Works has stepped up their game so much lately. I LOVE this scent so much. It is a definite must in any woman's fragrance collection.

This is the best scent they have! Soft and sophisticated. Very disappointed that you can only get online now! Please add it back to the store shelves. I can't walk past it without buying two or three bottles.

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153 Wild Honeysuckle

This is one of my all time favorites. They really should bring it back. Great Spring/Summer scent. Always get compliments.

I wish they would bring this back. It smells so great!

Smells just like honeysuckle. takes me back to my childhood growing up in the country

A favorite

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154 Mohogany Teakwood

This smells like the inside of Hollister... Yum!

Great in a candle!

155 I Love Cake

I had it in the old pocket bac until they changed the design they took the scent away it was my first thing from bath and body works along with another pocket bac but I don't remember that scent. I used to only get the pocket bacs I only had 2 of anything there which were the 2 pocket bacs I got

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156 Cinnamon Buns

Warm and sweet scent of a cinnamon bun will start a day right!

I would die for a scent that smells like Cinnamon Buns!

157 Red Velvet Cupcake

I love this scent, it is just like the title. I love how you can smell the frosting on the top, its not too overpowering but still enough there. By the way this only comes in a candle.

158 Fireside

I personally don't like this scent. It is too overpowering, I don't like how much of different kinds of wood are mixed in this. In the description it say "an inviting reminder of warm embers in the fireplace, sweetened with notes of leather, sandalwood and rich amber." I don't think it is inviting or warm. Again I dotn like all of the different scents they put in this. It only comes in a candle.

I burned this candle in my room and it was WAY too overpowering. Like too much smoke, too many fragrant woods, and strong men's cologne. If you like all that stuff, plus a candle so strong I could smell it unlit and closed through my backpack, buy it. Like a cross between a smoky bonfire and nightclub, yuck.

Smells like a cozy fire and a yummy man's cologne.. as soon as the weather turns cold, on goes the heat and out comes this scent!

Warm and cozy LOVE it!

159 Ocean for Men

Just smell it next time you go in the store. I have bought 4 bottles of this cologne.

Would recommend this to all guys that love the beach and the ocean. Just like my dad.

160 Mandarin Citron

This sounds like one of the best scents ever!

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