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161 Oceanside
162 Beach Cabana

Wonderful scent. Reminds you of a warm summer day. Heavenly!

It smells fresh and clean!

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163 Marshmallow Fireside

This. Fragrance. Is. The. Best.
It's so complex, it's sugary sweet, but also has noticeable masculine tones in it. The scent is just so unique and perfect. It's a seasonal only fragrance so I make sure to stock up every year (and ask for it as an Xmas gift from many people lol) it's the only home fragrance I can't have in my home, won't burn any other candle or wallflower!

It smells sweet; but, overpowering (in a good way)!

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164 Fresh Picked Crimson Plum
165 Raspberry Pink Peony

Such a sassy scent of a raspberry! It works great with summer and spring!

166 Market Peach

Your favorite peach scent. Perfect for thanksgiving and autumn.

167 Harvest Peaches
168 Dreamy Vanilla Woods

Sadly discontinued. Smells like nothing else, never get tired of it. Not too sweet, not spicy, vanilla and a sort of dark caramel that doesn't smell like food. Just got more from eBay, can't wait!

169 Mango Mai Tai

Smells rlly good, just like fresh sweet mangos and it is perfect for summer

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170 Summer Boardwalk

I cannot wait for this to come back out! I love the candles and the wall flowers!

171 Apple Wreath
172 Kiss Kiss Mistletoe
173 Lush Pink V 1 Comment
174 Strawberry Patch

Yum! Would love to have this in a body spray. It was only available in the candles, and home fragrances but was delightful. Please bring it back.

175 Pomegranate Citrus
176 Frosted Wonderland

Favorite one to use around Christmas! I use it around Christmas time every year. If the store has it that year.

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177 Wine Down

This fragrance is sophisticated and flew out of stores. Please bring this wallflower fragrance back for 2015 Spring and Summer. Thank you so much, Wine Down very smooth, relaxing and sophisticated!

178 Sicilian Mandarin
179 Breathe Happiness

The blue bottle! Loved this smell... Bring it back also!

Bring all Breathe products back.

180 Pretty In Pink

Smells like cupcakes I love this so much, it gives me life I'm surprised its not higher on the list

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