Best Bath and Body Works Hand Sanitizers

The Top Ten

1 Hey Honey Bun

I honestly love this scent, it smells just like cinnamon buns, like there discontinued "i love cinnamon buns"

It smells so good my friends are always asking if they can use it.

2 Stress Relief

Me and my friends all love this scent, we put it on every day at school

3 I Love Bubblegum

This scent is discontinued, but it smells just like bubblegum, I believe its from the 2013 l heart collection.

4 Fruit Punch Vegas
5 Dancing Waters

It's absolutely amazing! It is sweet yet clean! I can't stop buying this smell! SERIOUSLY I LOVE IT!

6 Aqua Blossom
7 Fresh Strawberries
8 Warm Vanilla Sugar

This scent is so amazing. it gives a warm, cozy touch and I never want the scent to retire. It makes me feel happy and has a nice, creamy color. definitely recommend as it's a must-have!

9 Fresh Picked Pears
10 Peach Bellini

The Contenders

11 Island Margarita
12 Sweet Pea

It smells so good ���"

13 Mad About You
14 Vanilla bean Noel
15 Gardenia and Spring Rain

I work at BBW, this is one scent I never get tired of!

16 Mint to Be
17 Paris
18 Pumpkin Cupcake
19 Sweet Tangerines
20 Pink Chiffon
21 California Citrus & Sunshine
22 Shimmer and Champagne
23 Cozy Vanilla
24 Winter Spice and Vanilla
25 Eggs'Hausted
26 Winter Candy Apple
27 Twisted Peppermint
28 Strawberry Lemon
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