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1 Batman: The Killing Joke

I love this movie so much. THIS DESERVES TO BE NUMBER 1! Because It has a better story, better adaption of the comic, better animation, and better cast. Who can forget about Conroy and Hamill's performance on Batman and Joker since 1992? - asantalo

This movie isn't even out yet! (Oh, and I didn't mean to dislike the other guy's comment, my bad buddy.)

I just saw it. And it was amazing. Yes! This deserves to be number one.

I love this movie more than ever. The scene with Batman and Batgirl is unnecessary, but other than that. It was pretty good.

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2 Batman: Under the Red Hood

This movie makes me feel depressed but I love it! - JasonTodd

This is such a good film and ten times better than killing joke

The greatest animated superhero flick of all time!

GUYS! THIS HAS TO BE NO1! red hood? come on guys! jensen ackles did a terrific job portraying red hood! great story and cast too

3 Batman: Mask of the Phantasm

The only animated Batman film to see release in theaters, this film presented to us an introduction to the Batman and Joker we know today. Not only did it boast great animation, stellar voice acting (who can forget Mark Hamill's iconic Joker laugh?! ), but it gave us above all one of the best Batman stories to date. That and it spawned the incredible animated series. This is my favorite animated Batman movie!

Better than Schumacher so I guess it is a good position but most animation suck so I go 1 for this

I forgot about this one! This film is awesome! - asantalo

4 Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

This great adaptation of the frank miller classic portrays the great story and its art style matches the tone of the comic perfectly.

Just finished watching it. Was great! - Alpha101

5 Batman vs. Robin
6 Justice League vs. Teen Titans

I love those teens together! Raven is cute and so is Starfire! - DynastiNoble

This is one is the best! Or maybe when the Killing Joke will be released

7 Son of Batman
8 Batman & Harley Quinn
9 Batman: Bad Blood

The best of the Damian Wayne trilogy.

10 Batman: Assault On Arkham

If only the suicide squad movie was as good as this animation

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11 The Batman vs Dracula
12 Justice League: Doom

Good mix of dark tones and light tones. Isn't too scary or too corny.

13 Batman: Year One

So underrated? Ought to be no. 1

14 Batman Beyond - Return of the Joker

Not just a great animated film, but a great film! Great twists and turns, great action, well paced and I love how it connected Batman and Batman Beyond. I show this movie to a lot of people.

15 Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders

Best batman movie of 2016!

16 Batman: Gotham Knight V 1 Comment
17 Lego Batman: The Movie
18 The Lego Movie
19 Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman
20 The Lego Batman Movie
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1. Batman: The Killing Joke
2. Batman: Mask of the Phantasm
3. Batman & Harley Quinn
1. Batman: The Dark Knight Returns
2. Batman: Under the Red Hood
3. Batman: The Killing Joke



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