Top 10 Batman: The Animated Series Episodes

The Top Ten Batman: The Animated Series Episodes

1 Almost Got 'Im

I just didn't like it's ending, but everything else in it was good, specially joker! - ShahryRKnoT

It was a BIG rock. - MJfan119

I Love This One - BeatlesFan1964

"Oh, come on, Crockers, didn't I say there's more than one way to get someone? Even as I speak, Catwoman is being trussed up at the Pussykins Pet Food factory. First thing tomorrow, I'm sending a lovely case of cat food to Batman." - Mark Hamill

Just the best! - asantalo

2 Two-Face

It's a really hard choice for me. I really considered some others, but I can't deny that this is my favourite episode. It's such a smart re-imagining of Two-Face's story (of course, Heart of Ice's was even better), and it's a great dynamic for Batman to deal with. It spawned another phenomenal episode (Second Chance), but even on its own it's enthralling, emotional, suspenseful, striking, and near-perfect. - FuzzySlippers

The 'Second Part' is very Heartbreaking so it is when we see 'Harvey' losing the plot, and his 'Partner' has try and comfort him.

3 Heart of Ice

How is this not #1?! This is the story that made Mr. Freeze himself today!

So touching

4 Trial
5 Perchance to Dream
6 Baby-Doll
7 Mad Love

Poor Harley. - asantalo

It revealed one of the most beautiful origins of all times. I love Harley Quinn

8 The Laughing Fish
9 Over the Edge
10 Harlequinade

The Contenders

11 The Man Who Killed Batman
12 Second Chance
13 Joker's Favor
14 Harley's Holiday
15 Judgement Day
16 Read My Lips
17 Harley and Ivy
18 Birds of a Feather
19 Beware the Gray Ghost
20 Pretty Poison
21 Christmas With the Joker
22 The Demon's Quest
23 Dreams In Darkness
24 The Cat and the Claw
25 Mad As a Hatter
26 Zatanna
27 Robin's Reckoning
28 If You're So Smart, Why Aren't You Rich?
29 On Leather Wings
30 The Last Laugh
31 Joker's Wild
32 Nothing to Fear
33 His Silicon Soul
34 Lock-Up
35 Fire From Olympus
36 Feat of Clay
37 Deep Freeze
38 Heart of Steel
39 P.O.V.
40 Shadow of the Bat
41 Never Fear
42 Mudslide
43 The Lion And The Unicorn
44 Joker's Millions
45 Beware The Creeper
46 A Bullet For Bullock
47 Cat Scratch Fever
48 The Terrible Trio
49 The Strange Secret of Bruce Wayne
50 What is Realty
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