Nerdy Geek Review : Batman Arkham City (GOTY Edition)

Skullkid755 Today I'm doing a game review of the most popular game in the Batman Arkham series, and most popular Batman game overall, Arkham City (it might be Arkham Knight but I haven't played that one). Instead of the original version though, I'm reviewing the game of the year edition, which includes all of the DLC along with the main game. That's all for the intro. Starting the review now!!!

First I'll review the story. It is one of my favorite stories in gaming. It's suspenseful, original, has good plot twists, is well paced, and is interesting all the way through. Not gonna give any spoilers because doing that would cause me to get Super Triple Ebolaids. It also has summaries of the story in the loading screens if you missed anything or forgot some stuff, or if you want to refresh yourself before the ending. I give the story a 10/10.

Next, I'll review the characters. They are well developed, written, and are interesting. My favorite is obviously, Batman. Other main standouts include Mr. Freeze, Joker, and Harley Quinn. I don't want to give spoilers and I don't know what else to say aside from them. So gonna go ahead and give the rating. I rate the characters a 10/10.

Now for the graphics and soundtrack. This will be brief. The soundtrack, is good but isn't highly memorable and doesn't play most of the time. The graphics are great and well detailed. I did notice a few small things flickering though but my Xbox 360 is dusty. Not sure how it would like without the dust in the console though. So graphics = 9 and soundtrack is 8. Gonna average that so I have to do less math later. Average = 8.5, but that's not the overall game's average.

Almost finally, the most important aspect of any video game, the gameplay!!! And I've got to say, it's basically perfect. The combat is very fast paced, fluid, and strategy based. The gadgets all do something different and useful from faster traveling to puzzle solving. It also has well done puzzles too that usually involve gadgets. The boss battles are epic and fun to play, especially Mr. Freeze and Clay face. There is also a lot of content in and outside of the main story. So I give the gameplay a 10/10.

Finally, the DLC review. The graphics and soundtrack apply to the Catwoman Episodes and Harley Quinn's Revenge DLC's. So does the gameplay. The stories aren't as good for the DLC's though and are less suspenseful. Plus, there aren't side quests for the DLC's. Maybe a little extra stuff but nothing great. My rating is 9 for the DLC.

So, by doing the math, I get the rating. And my overall rating for the Batman Arkham City : Game of the Year Edition for Xbox 360 is 9.5 out of 10. There were flaws, but they weren't bad enough to prevent the game from getting a high A. It's one of my favorite video games of all time and I recommend it highly. I hope you liked this review, I enjoyed making it and I hope you enjoyed making it. I'll see you later just not a lot next week because of my vacation. Bye for now, I won't be gone forever.


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