Top Ten Best Batman and Spider Man Movies


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1 The Dark Knight The Dark Knight

How on earth is this masterpiece of filmmaking below the amazing spiderman this is simply put one of the greatest films ever made

The Dark Knight filled the audience with happiness and thrills and charisma...

This should be at the top and how is it not in the top 3 because this movie is beast and how is it lower than the amazing spiderman

2 The Dark Knight Rises The Dark Knight Rises

I agree, this is the best movie between the both but, WHAT CLASS OF LIST IS THIS? The amazing spiderman above the dark knight? This already is how the list need to been

1- The Dark Knight
2- The Dark Knight Rises
3- Batman Begins
4- Spider-Man 2
5- Spider-Man
6- Batman Returns
7- The Amazing Spiderman
8- Batman
9- Spider-Man 3
10- Batman Forever

3 The Amazing Spider-Man The Amazing Spider-Man V 1 Comment
4 Batman (1989) Batman (1989)
5 Spider-Man Spider-Man
6 Spider-Man 3 Spider-Man 3
7 The Amazing Spider-Man 2 The Amazing Spider-Man 2
8 Batman: The Movie Batman: The Movie
9 Spider-Man 2 Spider-Man 2

Because Spider-Man 2 is such a creative, audience-pleasing, epic and adorable movie!

I love this favorite Spider-Man movie - SuperMan2003

V 1 Comment
10 Batman Returns Batman Returns V 1 Comment

The Contenders

11 Batman Begins Batman Begins

Batman Begins behind that godawful Bvs? And personally I think Batman Returns is overrated.

12 Batman and Robin Batman and Robin V 1 Comment
13 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

I love this movie, I watched it at the cinema the day it came out with my dad and I Probs will get the DVD (I don't know though(lol)) - SuperMan2003

14 Batman Forever Batman Forever

This movie is bad as Batman and Robin

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