Top Ten Batman Villains

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61 False Face
62 Katana Katana V 1 Comment
63 Killer Moth

Killer moth is the opposite of everything batman stands for, now that's evil

He will be in the Justice League Part 1, I am calling it right now!

Killer moth is SO underrated!

101! he so cool

V 3 Comments
64 Scarface

Is this the same Scarface as the one "You wanna play rough? Okay. Say hello to my little friend! "

V 1 Comment
65 Clock King

Clock king is wicked underrated

Best green arrow villains

He good control time


66 Calendar Man

He is not the most memorable villain but deserves a place on this list

Definitely awesome in The Long Halloween.

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67 Kgbeast

KGBeast is someone who gave Batman a HUGE run for his money, had a gun for a hand, and killed 200 people in his first appearance... Enough said.

68 Magpie


69 Rag Doll

Ragdoll was funny. It fascinates me that he can bend his body any way he wants an not break anything.

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70 Rupert Thorne
71 Cluemaster
72 Roxy Rocket
73 Arkham Knight

Better version of batman with guns

The most mysterious of all I rate him second

Arkham knight is Jason Todd aka red hood

This is what batman should wear

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74 Electricutioner

This guy is a great villain for batman! He is like Electro from the spider man series, but on steroids! Too bad he got ripped off in Batman Arkham Orgins!

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75 Equinox
76 Ted Krosby

One of the most INSANE charactersof all. He killed and ate his dad. He also wore his dads face as a mask. Ripped hos eye out and killed 372 people in a hotel

77 MR Toad
78 Polka-Dot Man

He is very underrated and should at least be in the top twenty, only because he was able to capture robin, and defeat batman in the same day.

Lol, a lot like Condiment King, I am INSULTED that this guy got into the main game of Lego Batman 3 over Darkseid. - DCfnaf

I hate this guy

He can make a poka-dot force fild which give batman a hard time he is also in Lego batman 3 and that's one of his superpowers

79 Professor Milo
80 Humpty Dumpty

"And all the king's horse and all the king's men couldn't put Humpty together again." Humphrey Dumpler had mental issues, and liked fixing things. He tried to rip people apart and put them back together. Huh. - psychiclion

Like the name

He's creepy - DCfnaf

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