Top 10 Battle for Dream Island (BFDI) Characters

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1 Leafy

She only took because he upset for all that she's done for fiery he refused to let her in because one ride which leafy disliked. She just left out and I really disappointed when some people saw that episode they made her onto the bottom of the list despite what others have done to each other. Sure it may be but, it was out of sadness. I don't believe that Leafy initially was planning to steal dream island. I believe had she did plan to steal the island she would've done it earlier, hacked the speaker box's results or done something a bit more dramatic. But that scene just looked like she blew bad fuse. I mean I may done the same thing and not just me lots of people would. I just don't get how little crime could make someone the worst character but

She (I thought she was a he) was really nice character in bfdi, sure shes the reason evil leafy exists and I feel bad for her being the only one excluded and she was feeling left out so she bought dream island, that's the reason shes not as happy in bfdia, idfb or bfb because of her 'best friend' firey (even thought firey doesny even respect her anymore)

I just love Leafy so much. She has such a two-faced personality, giving you gifts one second, and ending your friendship the next. She’s so interesting! I feel bad for her. Rage clouded her vision when she stole Dream Island from Firey, and everyone completely hates her for it. I think Leafy has the most character development out of the original characters form BFDI. Go LEAFY!

Leafy's just misunderstood. The only reason why she took dream island was because she felt betrayed that her best friend Firey didn't let her onto Dream Island, while he let everyone else onto dream island. Besides that, she's been nice and encouraging.

2 Tennis Ball

He's actually pretty funny when he's like "ahhh" cause it actually just sounds funny, his personality is being clumsy, funny, happy and more which is why I like him

He is pretty much me. I like the way he can be a jerk and funny at the same time and balance it perfectly. Definitely my favorite.

I like tennis ball to, but I would not put him in first place.

He's smart and funny. I live his friendship with Golf Ball

3 Pen

Pen is one of my favorite characters, he is cool, and has good moments like everyone else.

I love how he can raise ten kids with his wife after being in the army for twenty+ years

Pen tries in the game and deserves to be out of the TLC

He is better then literally anything on earth

4 Firey

People hate him just because he won dream island. Just because he won first season it doesn't mean that he is going to win BFB and people are rushing to vote him off. You say he turned bland, why not give him a chance to become a good character again. And I'm talking to you Fireafy shippers, you want Firey and Leafy to interact again, right? Then why do you want Firey eliminated early? At least give him a chance to have character development again. But don't worry, there's not a big chance that he is going to win this time. There are many more characters than they were in BFDI so what makes you think that he is going to win again?

Fiery is the best because he won BFDI and has not been eliminated yet but he might because his team lost in episode 6. Fiery is deadly but is still joyful and fun

I liked him but he sucked in episode 25 and he was the reason why the 3 other seasons happened (and nobody blamed him! )

I have wanted Firey to win throughout all the episodes he is the best character on Bfdi

5 Woody

I like Woody, he was once scared but I like the AhHHhh when he gonna get eliminated and the relief. I still like him, he turned brave

Why is he even on this list? He's annoying, his voice is annoying, and he screams all the time at the most stupid things.

Woody is cool in my opinion. I think he should of lasted more episodes though.

Woody is a funny character. He shouldn't have been eliminated early.

6 Rocky

Rocky is just awesome. His agreeing noise is awesome, his barf is awesome, his smile is awesome, everything about him is just awesome. I'm surprised that he almost always comes second to puffball in the prize competition!

Aw! He's cute! I love his barf! He has Great Friends (TB and Balloony). This Little One (Get it? Balloony calls him Little One) is the first random character. He should have won Dream Island! "

Rocky is adorable! He is the cutest character with his vomit! Even in season two, he was cute! BULLEH! *barfs on me.* Fan Favorite!

Eehh... Rocky is okay in my opinion. The barfing thing is kind of stupid but other than that, he is good.

7 Teardrop

I have loved teardrop since I was 5. She is so cute and friendly, full of mysteries and is overall a friend who you can trust.

Who care if she can't talk? Whoever voted woody or teardrop needs to be (something extremely tragic)!

I love this character because she is full of mysteries, due to trapping feelings in a bottle.

Even though she doesn't talk she is still cool

8 Bubble

Bubble has to go down as my favourite character. TB second. Bubble has by far the best voice and is full of YOYLECAKE! he also came 3rd in BFDI!

Bubble is in the top 3 of my tier list.

Alliance with pencil and match

Share your opinion...

9 Yellow Face

Personally I don't like him, I think he's annoying. Pencil's alliance, Rocky, Puffball, Leafy, and Snowball are better characters in my opinion

Every one loves Yellow face. He's an awesome character.

Yellow face is the best because it has no arms and legs.

He is amazing and awesome in any season in BFDI!

10 Spongy

Every time someone says fat and smelly to spongy it makes me feel bad for him but I did like leafy giving spongy a complement THANK YOU LEAFY!

I feel bad for him for sacrifices, people call him fat and smelly, Spongy doesn't deserve to be eliminated :( But at least he made it in finale 5. He sooo squishy and I like squishy things :3, what he says about himself is true

I feel bad for Spongy about everything. They call him fat and smelly, and they tell him to sacrifice himself WHEN HE DOESN'T WANT TO :( He so squishy and I like squishy things. AND WE NEED MORE FAT CHARACTERS

Spongy can be the oddball. He is helpful in most cases too. I didn't see him winning but he still is strong, heavy weight, and fast, he's just not energetic enough, but I still like him.

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11 Ice Cube

Eh. I don't really like Ice Cube. She is mean with the revenge thing.

For some reason, a picture of a person named Ice Cube is here.

Personally my favorite character.

Ice cube is boring

12 Golf Ball

Golf Ball is hilarious! Bossy, sure, but she's really funny, especially in BFDIA.

She is a huge character in BFDIA plus she manages team no name

Honestly, I'd rather choose Snowball.

Not Golf Ball! She is so bossy!

13 Needle

She did become bland in BFB, but she by far my favorite BFDI and BFDIA contestant.

14 Pencil

How is Pencil so low on this list? She's the best character in BFDI history. She killed it in so many challenges and she's 0% Mary Sue. She's not really all that mean either, though - she can be pushy, but a good character has flaws, and Pencil's really flesh out her character. Meanwhile somehow Spongy is on the list? I don't care if people "feel bad" for him, the fact stands that he's barely done anything worth mentioning in any of his time on the show. He's just a filler character... Anyway, Pencil deserves more respect on this list.

Can't believe she isn't in top ten but spongy and rocky are

She is cool but a little mean she should be in the top9

Finally someone who agrees with me on pencil.

15 Snowball

This guy is extremely underrated. Sure he's a jerk, but he just acts so stupid and goofy, he's bound to screw things up in the stupidest ways possible, that's what makes him funny.

And who can forget the most legendary line ever said in BFDI...


He was just putting the game into his head too much but, he nice outside of the game. I mean he helped rocky before the game started. I guess the game just got him

He's a jerk, but most of the time when he's being one, he just makes himself looks like an idiot, which I find absolutely hilarious.

Honestly, I'd rather choose Flower

16 Blocky

Blocky is kinda funny. The kicking Overrated Dude in BFB 17 was funny.

Don't call me stabable!

he's very funny XD


17 Fries

Fries you are cool

Yes my boy fries

The best one of my favourites

18 Coiny

During bfdi he was bland not gonna lie being only a firey slapper, but when bfdia came along firey became blander and blander giving coiny a chance to grow a big personality, we see most of that in bfb 7 (or 6) when he's talking to pin

I really like Coiny. He is NOT a "mary sue" and I... Just really like him

Why is Pen at the top? He doesn't have the charm and humor Coiny possessed in BFDIA.

Coiny is my fave character since I first watched bfdi

19 Loser

Honestly just voting a contestant because that contestant is good at contests doesn't mean you should and I don't get why Pen isn't voted out either I mean he's good at contests :/ its kind of undair or is it his name..

Super nice (or is he) we know in bfb 7 he lied, maybe he does it for attention... we'll never know

He is kind to all

His name is loser doy

20 Eraser

Needle is a pointless slapper, teardrop has no character, and well we know that David and Rocky are home characters. However,eraser is next level. Maybe he was supposed to be a kid of pen and snowball, but that didn't really work out, NOW DID IT! All he does is copy whatever his clique does and is SUCH a follower, making him THE worst character imao.

Hands down the best contestant on the show!

My favorite character in the show

Had a big improvement in BFB

21 Cake

I love the whole RADICAL idea in bfb 3.And I love his cute voice

22 Tree

He can be mature and sometime not, he's a balance character and I love it. Love his accent too.

His voice is just so good

23 Balloon

I like balloony

24 X

Wheres four? Both Four and X are adorable and they always look surprised and I love them for that

Funny best host ever

25 Taco
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