Best Battle Pass Fortnite Skins

Best skins from the battle pass from Season 2 onward.

The Top Ten

1 Omega

My favorite skin even though I don't have it LOLOLOLOLOL

I only got it to stage 4 sadly. But I still like using it at Stage 3 and Stage 5. - B1ueNew

And there goes my list idea ;-;. - MrCoolC

2 Black Knight Black Knight

I have it but I only like the shield not the skin lol

best one

I wish I had it. - B1ueNew

I’m glad he’s not #1. - MrCoolC

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3 Calamity Calamity

I like this skin! It looks good on all stages. - B1ueNew

4 Ragnarok Ragnarok

My favorite battle pass skin. My favorite skins are the Skull Trooper and Raptor. But this one comes close. - B1ueNew

5 Dark Voyager Dark Voyager

Its just awesome :P

Great but the neo lights SUCK. The character gives me a Tron vibe which is good. - B1ueNew

6 Rust Lord Rust Lord

I love this skin. It looks dope. It looks like Star Lord from Guardians of the Galaxy. The only reason people hate it is because of that "Take The L" Emote that people only used for like a week. It's now an underrated/underused skin. - B1ueNew

7 Valor Valor

It looks a lot like Wonder Woman which is why I like it so much. - B1ueNew

8 Sun Strider Sun Strider

I used to dislike this skin. But I actually really like it now. - B1ueNew

9 The Reaper The Reaper

John Wich yes papa. - B1ueNew

10 Sparkle Specialist Sparkle Specialist

Have this skin

I don't have it but it does look real good. - B1ueNew

That’s my favorite skin - LootLlama

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? Rox
? Hybrid

The Contenders

11 Drift Drift

Favorite battle pass skin besides the battle pass skins on season 4,3, and 8

12 The Ice King

He's the best Battle Pass skin of all time.

he's sick

Best One

13 Prisoner

By far the ugliest battle pass skin I've ever seen in this game since season 2.

He might appear 2 B in shackles, but unlock him completely and U have 1 of the best battle pass skins of all time. - POKEGAMERZ

14 Dire
15 Dusk Dusk

She's a cool skin. - B1ueNew

16 Rook Rook

Too Plan

17 Skull Tropper

Not a battle pass skin

18 Peely

I think Peely is the Best Season 8 Skin and I would like Peely even more if he was a gold rarity

19 Blue Squire

Cool skin. Really fits the knight stuff

20 Lynx Lynx
21 Royale Knight
22 Onesie
23 Zenith
24 Stratus

Love the purple also looks gangster

25 Vendetta
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1. Omega
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1. Omega
2. Ragnarok
3. Black Knight


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