Top Ten Battle Themes In the Mario & Luigi Series

This list only shows my opinions of the top ten battle themes are. Boss themes are also included. 1 to 5 will be the normal battle themes and 6 to 10 will be boss themes. So think of it as two Top 5 lists. These won't have comments because I wanted to see what you guys thought.

The Top Ten

1 Try, Try Again / Victory in the Dream World (Dream Team)
2 Come On! (Superstar Saga / Paper Jam)
3 Mixed-Up Scramble (Paper Jam)
4 Okey Dokey!! (Bowser's Inside Story)
5 Attack the Enemy (Partners in Time)
6 Never Let Up! (Dream Team)
7 Big Bang! (Paper Jam)


8 Come On, Again! (Superstar Saga)
9 They're Pretty Tough, Should We be Careful!? (Bowser's Inside Story)
10 Crisis of the Red and Green! (Partners in Time)


The Contenders

11 The Final Antasma Battle (Dream Team)
12 Showtime! (Bowser's Inside Story)
13 Cackletta Battle (Superstar Saga)
14 Last Battle (Superstar Saga)
15 Rookie & Popple (Superstar Saga)
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