Top 10 Battle Themes from the Pokemon Sun and Moon Ost

The Top Ten

1 Vs Elite Four

Oh, I loved that song. It sounded AMAZING! It just makes you get pumped up for the battle. The best!

2 Vs Guzma
3 Vs Mother Beast
4 Vs Aether Foundation
5 Vs Aether Foundation President Lusamine
6 Vs Gladion
7 Vs Island Kahuna
8 Vs Tapu Guardian Deity
9 Vs Plumeria
10 Vs Team Skull Grunt

The Contenders

11 Battle Royal
12 Champion Title Defense
13 VS Solgaleo, Lunala, and Necrozma
14 Vs Champion Red and Blue
15 Vs Totem Pokemon
16 VS Hau
17 VS Ultra Beasts
18 VS Wild Pokemon
19 Trainer Battle
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