Top Ten Battlebots and Robot Wars Bots with Saws, Hammers or Axes

A new list of both shows' bots with cutting saws, pounding hammers or chopping axes.

The Top Ten


It made the top 8 in 2019 and the top 16 in 2018 even though it hasn't won a championship it is the best saw bot on this list. - FireFinch297

2018 has been a year for SawBlaze thus far and along with the saw and armored wedge has a touch of green flames. - TechnicallyIDoComics

The best flame ever


The best hammer on this list and almost beat Tombstone for crying out loud! - FireFinch297

A hammering bot with a powerful heavy blow, but remember the base of the hammer is Beta's weak spot. - TechnicallyIDoComics

Adding a wedge to a hammer makes it the perfect design since hammers have a weakness to spinners

It withstood Tombstone


The predecessor of Beta and might be slightly worse but it beat Carbide who is the #4 best robot on the best Battlebots and Robot Wars robots. - FireFinch297

A neat bot with a sharp axe like a rampaging Viking. - TechnicallyIDoComics


The wedge can get under almost anything, it's a really powerful axe and is better driven. - FireFinch297

Thor is my personal favourite axe bot from Robot Wars. On paper Terrorhurtz may be more powerful, but Thor just seems so much more controlled and acurate. It also has a nice dustpan wedge on the front to hold the opponents and rain down the full force of the axe. - SuperSonic17

Red Devil

A reddish bot with a small saw and grippers to tackle its enemy. Just be aware that Red Devil has a weakness to strong spinning bots including Monsoon and Tombstone (that time will soon come). - TechnicallyIDoComics


The best Super heavy weight in my opinion it has jaws to ram you into the wall and hammers to pound the heck out of you also it won 2 championships which Sawblaze couldn't even get 1 and it went 16-3 - FireFinch297

A fascinating and classic bot with 2 hammers plus gripping jaws and a 2-time Battlebots champion. - TechnicallyIDoComics


The bot that mostly wins by controlling the fight isn't as powerful as a Sawblaze or Diesector it is still a good saw bot and is the best wedge ever. [except for Original Sin] - FireFinch297

A bot with a sharp saw and even if the saw brakes it's wedge can be turned into a battering ram. - TechnicallyIDoComics

Dominator 2

A classic robot from Robot Wars and is the most iconic hammer from series 4-6, killed a robot in 2.6 seconds and went 18-6. - FireFinch297

The Judge

The only hammer bot in Battlebots reboot history to make the top 16 and it has a really neat design. - FireFinch297

Another fascinating bot with a flaming hammer, but keep in mind that spinning bots will try to tear the hammer off. - TechnicallyIDoComics

The Contenders


the winner of Usa vs. the Uk and is the most diverse on this list. - FireFinch297


I would say Beta, but Chomp needs to be higher than this. It's so complex and has extreme destructive power.

Sorry all you fans of TerrorHurtz and company, but...
Battlebots rules, Robot Wars drools (oil, I guess.)


The coolest hammer on this list even though it isn't really successful it is one of the most powerful - FireFinch297

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