Top Ten Battles That Should Happen


The Top Ten

1 Godzilla vs Mega Shark

If you don't know Mega shark. Look it up - Koolness88

2 The Lizard vs Killer Croc
3 The Hulk vs Doomsday
4 Bane vs Chuck Norris

The masters of muscles battle. - Koolness88

A fictional character against another very creative, I do not think it is bastard

5 Iron Man vs an Army of Upgraded Cybermen

If you don't know upgraded cybermen. Look up Nightmare in Silver. - Koolness88

6 Hawkeye vs Green Arrow
7 Goku vs. Superman
8 Metallica vs. Megadeth

I sort of added all this... This is so tough... - McKing1003

9 Heavy from TF2 vs Justin Bieber
10 PositronWildhawk vs Nicki Minaj

The Contenders

11 Jason vs Leatherface

Masters of chainsaws battle. - Koolness88

12 Jimmy Page vs. Jimi Hendrix
13 Spock vs Wesley Crusher
14 John Cena vs. Hulk Hogan
15 Medic from TF2 vs Nurse Joy
16 Justin Bieber vs Adolf Hitler

2 overrated people vs each other

17 Bohemiam Rhaspody vs. Stairway To Heaven
18 Princess Luna vs Nightmare Moon
19 Math vs. Science
20 Queen vs Led Zeppelin
21 Batman vs the Winter Soldier

Which is more skilled. We need them to battle to find out same goes to other battles. - Koolness88

22 Basketball vs. Football
23 Weird Al vs Bart Baker
24 Guns N Roses vs. Nirvana
25 Bart Simpson vs Al Gore
26 Kim Jung Un vs Hitler vs Isis

Which will be deadlier - Koolness88

27 Rock Music vs. Metal Music
28 George H. W. Bush vs George W. Bush
29 Krypto vs Bolt
30 Catwoman vs Black Cat
31 Harley Quinn vs Catwoman
32 9+10=21 vs. My Name Is Jeff
33 A Musical Pony vs Flash Sentry
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1. Goku vs. Superman
2. Metallica vs. Megadeth
3. Jimmy Page vs. Jimi Hendrix
1. Godzilla vs Mega Shark
2. The Lizard vs Killer Croc
3. The Hulk vs Doomsday
1. Heavy from TF2 vs Justin Bieber
2. PositronWildhawk vs Nicki Minaj
3. Spock vs Wesley Crusher


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