Best Battlestar Galactica Episodes

A list over the best episodes from Syfy's famous T.V.-series, Battlestar Galactica (2004 reboot)

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1 Daybreak - Parts 1-3

From season 4
I know people are going to hate me for this, but I loved the ending! It was brilliant, and you got to think about lots of things. This show couldn't have ended better.

Ignoring that dumb ending, the journey to get there is awesome and resolves all the plotlines

2 The Oath/Blood on the Scales

From season 4
This is the two-parter where Gaeta seizes control over the CIC, causing a violent uproar on the Galactica.

3 Downloaded

From season 2
In this episode, we get to see how the cylons live on Caprica. The best episode of the second season, no doubt.

4 Exodus - Parts 1-2
5 Kobol's Last Gleaming - Parts 1-2

From season 1
Great ending to the amazing opening season. Starbuck and Helo's storyline on Caprica was great all the way.

6 Faith

From season 4
Many exciting things happened in this episode, but the president struggling with her cancer was moments of extraordinary T.V.. Mary McDonnell was the star in this episode, no doubt.

7 Sometimes A Great Notion
8 Resurrection Ship - Parts 1-2

From season 2
"Pegasus" was a good episode, but theese two that followed up was even better. Filled with action

9 Lay Down Your Burdens - Parts 1-2

Asks questions like: How far will you go for the greater good? When does one cross the line? Can you live with the consequences?

From season 2
Great final to a great season. New Caprica was a major plot-twist and the whole 1-year-later thing was a great idea.

10 Crossroads - Parts 1-2
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11 Revelations
12 Pegasus

The Pegasus is what the Galactica could have been, when a military crew is in constant danger and without civilians for a moral compass

13 Home
14 Occupation

A very realistic portrayal of war, specifically military occupation

15 Maelstrom
16 Unfinished Business
17 The Hub
18 Guess What's Coming to Dinner?
19 No Exit
20 He That Believeth in Me
21 The Hand of God
22 Someone to Watch Over Me
23 Rapture
24 Precipice
25 Scattered
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