Best Battlestar Galactica Episodes

A list over the best episodes from Syfy's famous T.V.-series, Battlestar Galactica (2004 reboot)

The Top Ten

1 Daybreak - Parts 1-3

From season 4
I know people are going to hate me for this, but I loved the ending! It was brilliant, and you got to think about lots of things. This show couldn't have ended better. - SuperAdde

2 The Oath/Blood on the Scales

From season 4
This is the two-parter where Gaeta seizes control over the CIC, causing a violent uproar on the Galactica. - SuperAdde

3 Downloaded

From season 2
In this episode, we get to see how the cylons live on Caprica. The best episode of the second season, no doubt. - SuperAdde

4 Exodus - Parts 1-2

From season 3
A great two-parter that kicked off season 3 with a spark - SuperAdde

5 Faith

From season 4
Many exciting things happened in this episode, but the president struggling with her cancer was moments of extraordinary T.V.. Mary McDonnell was the star in this episode, no doubt. - SuperAdde

6 Sometimes A Great Notion

From season 4
This is the episode where the Galactica finaly finds Earth - SuperAdde

7 Kobol's Last Gleaming - Parts 1-2

From season 1
Great ending to the amazing opening season. Starbuck and Helo's storyline on Caprica was great all the way. - SuperAdde

8 Resurrection Ship - Parts 1-2

From season 2
"Pegasus" was a good episode, but theese two that followed up was even better. Filled with action - SuperAdde

9 Lay Down Your Burdens - Parts 1-2

From season 2
Great final to a great season. New Caprica was a major plot-twist and the whole 1-year-later thing was a great idea. - SuperAdde

10 Crossroads - Parts 1-2

From season 3
Baltar's trial was thrilling, and the of course (SPOLIERS AHEAD)... The return of Starbuck! - SuperAdde

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