Best BBC Sherlock Characters

The Top Ten Best BBC Sherlock Characters

1 Sherlock Holmes

He is the best

Best detective ever! He's so strange yet likable. - Goku02

2 Jim Moriarty

I love him so much

The crazy Irish evil genius. Love ya Jim - Leaftail

3 John Watson

I know this is a very strange opinion but this is just such a fantastic role that I love and sympathise with so much!


4 Greg Lestrade


5 Mary Morstan
6 Molly Hooper
7 Irene Adler
8 Mrs. Hudson

How do I put into words how amazing Mrs. Hudson is? She is one of the toughest characters as well as being one of the sweetest. She has so much personality and is way better than almost everyone else on this list.

She's funny - WinchesterGirl26

9 Mycroft Holmes
10 Anderson

The Contenders

11 Eurus Holmes
12 Sally Donovan
13 Sebastian Moran
14 Charles Augustus Magnussen
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