"Bloom" Album Review

Alpha101 Oh, how I love this album. I'll reserve the rest of my opinions on the album as a whole in my closing paragraph.

"Myth" is a delightful track to open this glorious album with. It's mysterious, the vocals are superb, and the lyrics are some of the best that I've heard all year. "If you built yourself a myth, you’d know just what to give. What comes after this, momentary bliss, the consequence, of what you do to me." It's possibly my favorite on the entire album, and it's sad that most have never even heard of this song.

"Wild" is another interesting song. It's kind of nostalgic, and it immediately grabbed me with it's opening. I didn't expect to get emotional when I first heard it, but I did. It's simply beautiful! It's open to interpretation, but most agree that it is about death, and how it creeps up on you, and you don't realize that it's there until it's too late. Again, this is one of the best songs I've heard in recent years.

"Lazuli" is, yet again, a magnificent song. The vocals make me feel like I'm melting, literally. Apparently the song is about the Lapis Lazuli, which is a rare type of stone. It's very beautiful, and that's what the song is trying to express. Love is a rarity, and should not be cast aside for foolish reasons, for you never know if you will ever experience it again. That's the vibe that I got from the song. Of course, I could be completely wrong, but that's just what I believe. Either way, it's my second favorite on the album.

"Other People" is another perfect song. It really hit me on a personal level because, yes, I lost a few friends growing up. Neither of us did anything wrong, it's just that that's the way the world is. People get separated easily. But, if you lose a friend, you have the opportunity to make new ones, which I did. I could never really put my feelings about this into words, but this song does it perfectly.

"The Hours" is probably the most mature song on the album. It's said that it is about religion, and how even if you believe in it, there's still that small morsel of doubt that lurks within you. It also has some of the best lyrics on the entire album. "It's deeper than you and me. It's further than you could see. It's too much to ask tell me. It's all in a glance you'll see."

"Troublemaker" is, lyrically, a great song. The lyrics are outstanding, and it's finely written. Musically, it's good, but it's a lot weaker than the tracks mentioned above. It just didn't grab me like the others did. If I was just reading the words with no sound, then I would say that the song is perfect. But, with the sound, it's just a little disappointing. It's still a great song, but not as good as expected.

"New Year" impressed me. It's another beautiful written song about coming of age. It's really nostalgic, like "Wild." The vocals were obviously great, but I also loved the noises in the background. It added a kind of distorted vibe to the song, which fit perfectly. It sounds like the person singing the song can vaguely remember being young.

"Wishes" is probably the most nostalgic on the album. I'm starting to see a pattern here. I particularly love the line, "Wishes on a wheel, is it even real?" This is why I loved this album. Each song kind of tears me down, talking about death, fear, love, youth, and then, finally, the painful memories that remain. At this point, I'm holding back tears. This is probably my favorite. It's hard to choose, but I simply adore this one.

"On The Sea" makes me feel like I'm sinking on the inside. That's the only words that can be used to express how I feel about this song. "Out on the sea we'd be forgiven. Our bodies stopped the spirit leaving. Wouldn't you like to know how far you've got left to go?" Those are some of the most beautiful words that I've ever heard in my entire short life.

"Irene" does possibly the best job closing an album in history. It's sad, but hopeful at the same time. I can't really use words to describe it. You'll just have to listen to it yourself, won't you?

This is the only album that I've ever heard that makes it hard to describe it's songs in words. Yes, it's simply that good. Each and every one of the songs hit me on an emotional level, even "Troublemaker." Yes, it's the weakest on the album, but it's still a fine song in it's own right. My only complaint is that each song sounds almost exactly like each other. A little diversity would have been nice. If it wasn't for this, then it would revive a perfect score. Even though this is the case, this is an album that everyone who dares say that they love music should own. if you don't, then that tells me that you either cannot afford it, are too lazy to go out and purchase it, or simply have no heart.

9.6/10 - Great, great album.